Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd July 2022 Written Update Rishi Lakshmi back

Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd July 2022 Written Update Rishi Lakshmi back

Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd July 2022 Written Update Rishi Lakshmi back Rishi tells Lakshmi that he doesn’t know if they will be together or not in the future, but he will always protect her dignity, he will not let the family members insult her. Rishi and Lakshmi have sweet moments. She loves him. Malishka asks Rishi how can he defend the characterless Lakshmi. Rishi calls it enough. He tells her that from now on, she won’t say a word against Lakshmi. He wonders how does Balwinder know about Lakshmi’s pregnancy. He doesn’t understand this. He wants to find out who has leaked the news. Ahana tells Gautam that she is pregnant and the matter is really serious. Anjana hears this and is left shocked. She tells that its her past, it will always be past. Anjana confronts Ahana. Keep reading for more.

Earlier in the show, Gautam asks Naresh and Anjana to please agree. Rishi also asks for forgiveness. Virender tells that they shall forget everything and get ahead with the engagement. Anjana asks Ahana if she is sure to get engaged. Ahana gives her nod. Neelam stops Lakshmi to know about the divorce. She tells that she will tackle Lakshmi after the engagement. Rishi stands with Lakshmi. Rano goes mad that she got insulted in the Oberoi house. Shalu tells that its not Lakshmi’s mistake. Rano blames Lakshmi and Shalu. She asks Shalu to cook food for her and not show any attitude. Rano yells at her. Balwinder enters the Oberoi mansion with an evil intention of kidnapping Lakshmi. He hides from Dadi and Ayush.

Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd July 2022 Written Update Rishi Lakshmi back:


Balwinder hides from Dadi and Ayush. Ayush tells her that his heart was missing her a lot. He asks her to find a nice girl for him. She tells that she isn’t free, she has much work to do. Lakshmi and Rishi get ready for Ahana’s engagement ceremony. Lakshmi feels glad that Ahana’s engagement got saved and Ahana saved her/Lakshmi’s marriage also. She wants to be with Rishi and protect him from Markesh. Rishi goes to Lakshmi to talk to her. Ayush asks him why is he with Lakshmi, is he falling into her trap again. He tells that Lakshmi has used them a lot. Rishi asks Lakshmi is she okay.

She tells that her acidity problem is over, she is okay. He tells that he isn’t asking about her acidity. Malishka finds him with Lakshmi. She rebukes Lakshmi. She asks Rishi to come with her. Rishi tells that he is with Lakshmi, he has to talk to her. She tells that Lakshmi is soon going to become his ex-wife. She asks him to be with his would be wife. She takes him to the room. He asks her why did she drag him there. She asks why is he going back to that characterless girl.

He calls it enough. She tells him that he is misbehaving with her for the sake of that characterless girl who ruined his family respect. He asks her to stop it. He tells that Lakshmi didn’t ruin the family respect, she has actually saved the family respect. She asks him if she saved the respect by getting pregnant by a driver’s child. He tells that Lakshmi isn’t pregnant, Ahana is pregnant, Lakshmi isn’t a liar, she never lied. She is shocked to realize that he knows the truth.

Rano and Neha wonder what is Balwinder doing at Oberoi house. She remembers what he threatened her. She gets scared of him. She asks Neha not to speak bad things and scare her. Malishka tells that Lakshmi is lying to him, he is again falling in her lies. Rishi tells that Ahana is pregnant, he knows the truth. He asks her to not trust Lakshmi. He tells that Lakshmi didn’t tell him anything, Ahana came to the court and told the pregnancy truth to the judge. He tells that Lakshmi will stay with them in the house for two months, they got an extension from the court. He asks who has informed Balwinder about Lakshmi’s pregnancy, someone from the family has informed him, so he came home to claim the baby.

He wants to find out the person. He tells that he is still Lakshmi’s husband, he is feeling bad that Lakshmi is blamed and humiliated by his family. He feels guilty that they are wrong, Lakshmi is right. He asks her not to say anything against Lakshmi now. Malishka feels Lakshmi always gets saved. She doesn’t want Balwinder to tell her truth to Rishi. She thinks to go and stop him. Ahana asks Gautam to talk to his parents before engagement. He tells that it will look odd. He promises to talk to them once the engagement happens. Lakshmi gets busy handling the work again. Anjana apologizes to her that she has hurt her feelings.

Lakshmi tells that Anjana is like Neelam for her. She asks Anjana to forget it. Anjana tells that she doesn’t know her truth, but she finds peace whenever she meets Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks her to just bless her. Anjana blesses her. Dadi asks for sweets. She does an emotional blackmail and asks Lakshmi for sweets. Dadi drops the sweets over Gautam’s clothes. Lakshmi apologizes. Dadi tells that it’s a good omen if sweets fall down. Gautam goes to clean his clothes. Ahana asks him to come with her. Sonia jokes that Ahana is being possessive. Lakshmi goes to the kitchen. The lights go off.

She gets worried that the inverter didn’t start till now. Rishi reaches there with a candle in hand. She asks him did he switch off the lights. He tells that he didn’t do anything, lights got off, its easy for him to talk to her. He apologizes to her. She asks why is he saying sorry. He thanks her for doing so much for Ahana and family. She tells that there isn’t any need for sorry and thanks. He feels she is really amazing. Gautam asks Ahana to think of him.

Ahana tells that she can’t make a relation by hiding a big truth, its totally wrong. She doesn’t want to do this. She tells that he wanted to stay honest and told her past, she also wants to be honest. He tells that he doesn’t mind her past. She tells that she can’t lie to his family. Anjana hears them. Ahana tells that if anyone knows the truth, then they can’t do anything. Rishi tells that they would have got divorced if the truth didn’t come out. Lakshmi tells that divorce will happen after two months also. He tells that the family misunderstood her, when she got selfless and took the blame on her. He remembers that she tolerated a lot. He feels sorry that he broke her trust.

He knows that she asked him if he trusts her, he didn’t keep her trust. He tells that he was feeling what she was feeling, he cares for her even now. He expresses his feelings to her. Ahana tells Gautam that his parents trust her a lot, she can’t lie about her past, it’s a big truth that she was into a relationship with someone else, he should tell them the truth. Gautam refuses. Ahana tells that her past will always stay with her, she is pregnant, she wants to keep the baby. Anjana is shocked to know this. Ahana tells that his parents won’t like to accept someone else’s child. She asks him not to lie to them. Gautam doesn’t want to lose Ahana. Anjana breaks into the room and confronts them.

Lakshmi asks Rishi not to spoil his mood by thinking of the past. He asks her if she can forgive him for his mistakes. He tells that he didn’t support her. She tells that Ahana means to her, she is like her sister, she did this for Ahana, she doesn’t know what will happen in their future. She asks him to go out, he is needed outside. He asks her if she is okay. She tells that she is okay. She sets his hair and they get into a moment. She tells that he told sorry to her, but she wanted to thank him. He asks the reason. She thanks him for supporting her in front of Balwinder, when everyone was against her. He tells her that he is able to stand in front of her. He is glad that things are getting fine. On Rishi’s leaving, Balwinder jumps inside the kitchen and catches Lakshmi. Rishi hears her scream and stops.

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