Kundali Bhagya 5th July 2022 Written Update Party track

Kundali Bhagya 5th July 2022 Written Update Party track

Kundali Bhagya 5th July 2022 Written Update Party track Karan makes a plan to enter the Luthra family. He misses the family, and gets emotional on meeting Sameer. He hates Rishabh and Preeta. He wins Karan’s stuff in the auction by making a remarkable bid amount, much to Rishabh’s surprise. Rishabh congratulates Arjun Suryavanshi. He hopes that Arjun values Karan’s bat as Karan would have done. Rishabh returns home to share about the amazing auction deal. He tells the family about Arjun Suryavanshi, a young NRI businessman who bought Karan’s bat for crores.

He tells them that Arjun is Karan’s big fan, and the bat has reached the right place. He adds that Arjun has organized a party to celebrate his auction win and he has invited all of them. Bani tells that she also wants to meet the person who valued Karan’s stuff so much. She decides that the entire family will go and meet Arjun, if the latter has invited them with love. Karan tells Anjali that he will remind Rishabh and Preeta that dark night when they murdered him. He further tells that he will take his revenge on Preeta for his death, its time.

Earlier in the show, Karan thinks Rishabh is just acting. Prithvi and Karan bid for the bat. Prithvi calls Arjun mad for Karan. The bidding amount goes high because of their close bidding. Prithvi thinks he will win the bidding at 2.5 lakhs. Karan quotes 3 crores. Rishabh is shocked. Prithvi tells that he wanted the bat, so that he burns the bat in front of the Luthras and hurt their sentiments. Karan feels disgusting. He shouts that the mad person wants to buy Karan’s bat and burn it. Rishabh doesn’t see Prithvi and gets him ousted. Karan wins the stuff. Rishabh and Sameer congratulate him, and handover the stuff to him. Preeta battles with Karan’s memories.


Kundali Bhagya 5th July 2022 Written Update Party track:

Karan gets emotional on getting his bat. He tells that he is the rightful owner of the bat now, he really deserves it, as Rishabh wanted the buyer to value the bat. He has paid a lot for the bat. He tells that he is a big cricket fan, he has bought the merchandise of his favorite cricketers, he is Karan’s fan too, he loves cricket, he has no time to waste so he has made such a bid that nobody could defeat. He tells that he is hurt that Karan isn’t alive now. He tells that Karan’s stuff is important for him, he is throwing a party to showcase his favorite cricket players’ collections, he is going to invite his business associates and media partners too. He invites Rishabh and Preeta too.

Preeta tells that she stays busy playing with Kavya. Karan asks her to stop playing games, with Kavya for a day and just come. Preeta agrees. He tells that he should rush and make some really important preparations. He takes their leave. He thinks to shock them by reminding their crime to them. He wants to bring their dark truth out. Preeta strongly feels that Karan is with her. She wishes to hold Karan’s hand and feel safe. She is tensed sensing an unknown danger. Prithvi returns home like a loser in drunken state. Sherlyn asks him did he lose mad. She attacks him with a knife. He asks her would she kill him in madness. She tells that she will never hurt him, because she loves him. He asks her to just listen to him.

He apologizes to her. She forgives him for the last time. He tells that she likes her solid avatar. He asks her why is she staying back when he informed her about the police. She tells that her mom didn’t give her an entry in the house. She has no place to go. She tells that the police came home to find him, but she tricked the police. She tells that Prithvi is missing, he is a nice person, he didn’t return home, someone might have kidnapped him. She sheds tears and fools the police and also the man who filed the complaint against Prithvi. The man gives her some money to help. He leaves with the police. Prithvi praises Sherlyn for changing the game. She tells that she could do this because she has a brain.

She asks Prithvi what did he do at the auction. Prithvi regrets. Rishabh and Preeta come home, and tell about the auction, Arjun has bought the bat for 3 crores, the academy will get good funds now. Mahesh is glad that someone valued Karan’s belongings to much. Bani tells that she was sure that someone would come to buy the things after valuing it. Rishabh and Preeta tell them about Arjun. Preeta tells that he is really arrogant and egoistic. Rishabh tells the incident, that Arjun saved Kavya from an accident yesterday. Preeta tells they have thanked Arjun a lot, but he rudely taunted them that they aren’t deserving to be parents. Rishabh tells that it was his mistake too, Arjun took Kavya to the clinic and got her treated in time.

Rakhi tells hat she feels Arjun is a nice person. Rishabh tells them that Arjun has invited them in a party where he is showcasing the cricket collection. The entire family is excited to meet Arjun. Karan comes home to meet Anjali. He tells her that he has organized a party, he loves cricket, he has won Karan’s cricket kit also, he has invited cricket fans and collectors, he invited Rishabh, Preeta and his family too. He wants to meet his family after 5 years. Anjali asks him what does he want to do. He tells that he wants to remind the night when they killed him, its time to take revenge on Preeta.

Preeta gets engaged in Karan’s memories. Karan is also occupied with her thoughts. Shrishti comes to Preeta and finds her tensed. Preeta runs to hug her. Shrishti asks what’s the matter. Preeta tells that she doesn’t know, she is feeling like she will go mad, she really feels Karan is around, after what the pandit told them. She tells that she isn’t able to do anything, she is just feeling Karan and thinking of him. She asks Shrishti to save her from losing her senses. Karan tells that she will lose her senses soon, she will soon meet someone who is heartless, ruthless, cunning by mind and have hatred in heart, he wants revenge, he is the Arjun Suryavanshi.

He doesn’t want Preeta to forget Karan. He promises that. Shrishti takes care of Preeta. She asks Preeta to remove the old memories from her mind. She asks Preeta to have water. Karan tells that he can never forget Preeta’s deceive, and will never let her forget her deeds. Preeta is still tensed. Shrishti asks her to divert her mind by attending Arjun’s party. Preeta refuses to go there. She wants to avoid Arjun. She tells that she doesn’t get good vibes from Arjun. She feels like an illusion, Arjun is not such that he appears, he is concealing his real personality. Shrishti hugs to console Preeta.

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  1. Karan character was very bad and loser before the leap and same after the leap he only trust his criminal girl friends whatever they guide him he listened and he never trusted Preeta before and now he even doesn’t trust his own brother what a loser, Preeta should teach him lesson and never go back to him she should stay with Rishab who respect and trust her good thing that Dheeraj left the show because his character was very bad


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