Anupama 7th July 2022 Written Update Pakhi caught

Anupama 7th July 2022 Written Update Pakhi caught

Anupama 7th July 2022 Written Update Pakhi caught Anuj and Anupama are seen having tea at a tea stall. Anuj tells Anupama that Shahs and Kapadias have got tied in such a way that it will be very difficult to handle the situation now. He tells Anupama that even this time she will be accused and blamed for everything, like always. Anuj also tells Anupama that he will always be standing with her, becoming her shield. He further tells Anupama that he has no rights to talk in between the matters related to her children as they are her and Vanraj’s children, not his. Anuj tells Anupama that only she has the right to fight for her children.

At Shah house, Vanraj caresses a sleeping Pakhi and apologizes to her for screaming at her. He says a few days tears are better than crying for a whole life. Vanraj tells sleeping Pakhi that she doesn’t have knowledge of right and wrong. He also tells Pakhi that she doesn’t like Adhik but his lifestyle. Vanraj realizes that he is at fault for Pakhi’s current behavior and stupidity. He says his fault is that he made Pakhi see big and rich lifestyle’s dreams. Vanraj decides to work hard and give the best education to Pakhi. He says he will also find a nice guy for Pakhi. Vanraj says Adhik, his family and Pakhi’s age for falling in love isn’t right.

He says he can accept Pakhi’s relation with Anupama, but not with Anupama’s in-laws, at any cost. Vanraj leaves, kissing Pakhi’s forehead. Pakhi opens her eyes and seems worried. Anupama tells Anuj that times have changed a lot and even people’s thinking. She says these days children become mature at a very early age. Anupama also says that children fall in love easily at this age. She tells Anuj that they will have to handle the situation with care. Anupama says children will go more wrong, as much as they will try to stop them. She tells Anuj that even these days parents have got indulged in status competition and tries giving best stuff to their children by comparing them with other children’s stuff.


Anupama says to show off their open mindedness, these days parents allow children to do anything or go anywhere. She says not only children but even parents are at fault. Anupama tells Anuj that these days children are very well aware of what they want to do with their life but because of age, they go astray and choose the wrong path. Anuj tells Anupama that it’s their duty to show the right path to their children but with love, not by forcing or scolding them. Anupama and Anuj decide to anyhow explain to Adhik and Pakhi to keep patience till they complete their studies.

Anuj tells Anupama that everyone will understand the situation but not Vanraj. He says Vanraj is the root cause of this problem. Anuj says everything will get managed, once Vanraj understands the situation and keeps calm. Anuj and Anupama tell each other that they both have rights on both Adhik and Pakhi. Anuj convinces Anupama to talk to Adhik. He tries to make a tense Anupama smile. Anupama and Anuj return home. At Shah house, Samar gives tea to Vanraj. Samar reminds Vanraj that their relations were getting better in the last few days. He tells Vanraj that today he was totally wrong. Samar tells Vanraj that today he became old Vanraj.

He also tells Vanraj that if he will argue or fight with Anuj and Anupama and increase the problem instead of solving it, then he won’t be able to support him. Vanraj asks Samar what if Anuj and Anupama would have done the same thing with him (Vanraj). Samar tells Vanraj that his mother has taught him to always support the right thing or person. He tells Vanraj that he won’t see the person or relation but the one, who is right. Vanraj thinks that Anupama is only thinking about her in-laws, not what/who is right or wrong.

At Kapadia house, Anupama tells Adhik that she has noticed his and Pakhi’s inclination towards each other, earlier too. She also tells Adhik that she didn’t talk to him and Pakhi because she thought them to be just friends. Anupama asks Adhik to honestly answer her about his intentions and feelings towards Pakhi. Barkha comes and tells Anupama that she has already talked to Adhik. She says that she has explained to Adhik that he won’t meet Pakhi ever again. Barkha asks Anupama to tell Shahs about this. Adhik tells Barkha that he won’t listen to her wishes. He says he likes Pakhi and it’s the truth.

Adhik tells Anupama and everyone that he and Pakhi till now only have met each other at family gatherings. He says he and Pakhi chat on phone, have talked to each other on call and video call. Adhik reveals that his and Pakhi’s alone meeting plan at coffee failed. He says his and Pakhi’s bond has grown well and thus they want to know each other more. Adhik says for now, he and Pakhi just like each other and they have no idea about their future bond. Anupama asks Adhik why he took Pakhi alone in a room, if he just likes her. This scares Adhik.

Adhik stutters and says that he just went to talk to Pakhi. Anupama asks Adhik what he will do if some guy takes Sara alone to a room to talk. Anupama asks Adhik to always think about his family before doing anything or taking any step. Anupama explains to Adhik to always think about what consequences his family will have to bear/face with his further step or decision. She asks Adhik to always first give priority to his career and family before anything or anyone. Anupama asks Adhik to realize his responsibilities and prioritizes as soon as possible as time doesn’t wait for anyone.

Barkha feels irritated. Anupama asks Adhik to not lose his focus from over his career. Barkha gets shocked when Anupama asks Adhik to make Ankush and Barkha happy and proud by becoming something in his life. Anupama says they want Pakhi to also become something in her life and give priority to her career first. She tells Adik that after begging for money from her husband for 25 years, she understood how important it is for a person to earn his/her own money by working hard and creating his/her own identity. Anupama explains to Adhik that he won’t ever reach his destination if he will lose his focus.

She asks Adhik to have a slow and careful relationship with Pakhi. Anupama tells Adhik that now Pakhi won’t listen to anyone, except him. She asks Adhik to talk to Pakhi and explain to her the right thing, if he is a true friend to Pakhi. Anupama asks Adhik to help Pakhi to become something and do something in her life. She also asks Adhik to give a little time to him and Pakhi, then life and its decisions will be theirs only. Adhik hugs Anupama and thanks her for understanding him and Pakhi. Barkha gets worried seeing that now even Adhik is liking Anupama more than her. Ankush notices Barkha’s tension.

Adhik promises Anupama that he will explain the right things to Pakhi. He tells Anupama that he will firstly tell her, if his and Pakhi’s friendship and liking for each other grows stronger in future. Adhik tells Anupama that he and Pakhi won’t do anything wrong, which can bring problems in their families. He also tells Anupama that he and Pakhi will always meet each other with any one of the family members only. Anupama thanks Adhik. Sara, Anuj and Ankush show support to Adhik. Everyone except Barkha feels happy with Adhik and Anupama’s growing bond. Later, Pakhi secretly talks to Adhik by hiding inside her bathroom.

She tells Adhik that her Baa is sleeping in her room as her family doesn’t trust her. Pakhi calls her family old school. She asks Adhik if his cheek is fine now. Adhik asks Pakhi if she cares this much for him. Pakhi says yes. Adhik tells Pakhi that he also cares for her equally. Baa wakes up in the middle of the night and wonders where Pakhi went. Pakhi gets worried, when Adhik tells her that they need to talk. She requests Adhik to not go away from her. Baa suspects that Pakhi must be talking to Adhik by hiding in some corner of the house. She fails to stand up due to knee pain.

On the other hand, Anuj finds Anupama tired, stressed and suffering from neck and shoulder pain. He goes to Anupama and they hug each other. Adhik tries explaining to Pakhi that it’s not good to lie to their families. Pakhi tells Adhik that they already faced bad consequences by revealing the truth to everyone. She says that they shouldn’t tell anyone the truth about their meeting plans. This stunns Adhik. Baa gets up from bed to find Pakhi.

In the next episode, Pakhi will inform Kinjal and Bapuji that she is going to college. Vanraj will drop Pakhi to college and tell her that he will also come to pick her up in the evening. This will irk Pakhi. Anupama will get to know about this. Later, Anupama will get shocked seeing Adhik giving a rose to Pakhi. She will get angry seeing Adhik and Pakhi hugging each other, holding each other’s hands and having a date at a cafe. Adhik and Pakhi will also get shocked seeing Anupama at the cafe.

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