Udaariyaan 7th July 2022 Written Update Tough call

Udaariyaan 7th July 2022 Written Update Tough call

Udaariyaan 7th July 2022 Written Update Tough call Fateh brings Tejo back to Sandhu house. Satti feeds food to Tejo. Jasmine feels irritated and angry seeing Tejo back and everyone loving and caring for her. Rupy asks Fateh where he got Tejo. Fateh tells family each and everything how he saved Tejo from the goons/evil men. Everyone gets scared and worried knowing this. Lovely says this time Tejo got saved and asks what about her future safety. She asks Rupy and Satti to understand now what is good for Tejo. Gurpreet supports Lovely.

Jasmine feels a little light-weighted and happy. Fateh feels angry and starts walking away. He finds one of the evil men’s (Tejo’s kidnapper) news and a photograph in the newspaper. Fateh gets worried reading that the evil man who kidnapped Tejo was a runaway criminal from prison. News also reads that this evil man kidnaps girls and sells them in other countries and cities. Harman and others also read the same news. Jasmine uses the opportunity and indirectly instigates everyone. She makes many family members believe that Tejo isn’t safe and should be sent to a mental asylum for treatment. Everyone gets worried for Tejo’s safety.

Khushbeer asks everyone to not worry as nothing will happen to Tejo till Fateh is with her. He says Fateh found Tejo today because both Fateh and Tejo’s hearts are connected to each other. This irks Jasmine. Fateh leaves from there. Khushbeer goes behind Fateh. Fateh cries profusely and hugs Khushbeer. He asks Khushbeer, what if something would have happened to Tejo. Khushbeer tries consoling Fateh. In her room, Jasmine walks here and there in anger. Being angry with Tejo’s return, Jasmine says ill about parlor girls’s work on her nail art. She sits to remove her nail art. Lovely comes to Jasmine’s room and Jasmine immediately starts pretending to be crying.


Lovely tells Jasmine that whenever something bad happens, it brings out something good too. Jasmine asks Lovely what she means. Lovely tells Jasmine that she heard Rupy and Satti deciding to send Tejo to a mental asylum. As Lovely leaves, Jasmine starts dancing and jumping in joy. She enjoys thinking that now Fateh will become hers. Fateh on the other hand, is seen making Tejo sleep. Satti and Rupy witnesses this and cries. Fateh notices them and asks them to leave as he is with Tejo. Later, Fateh meets Rupy and Satti. Rupy and Satti tell Fateh that they can’t take any risk with Tejo’s life. They also tell Fateh that they have taken the decision of sending Tejo to the mental asylum with very much difficulty. This shocks Fateh.

He asks Rupy and Satti how they could even think of sending Tejo to a mental asylum. Rupy tells Fateh that he and Satti made this decision by keeping a stone at their hearts. He also tells Fateh that the final decision will be his as he is Tejo’s caretaker, parents, sibling, savior and everything at present. Fateh cries thinking that he will have to make the toughest decision of his life. He leaves for his home. At Virk house, Khushbeer tells Fateh that he finds Rupy’s decision for Tejo as right. He asks Fateh to think about Tejo’s safety and well-being. Fateh hugs Khushbeer and cries profusely. Khushbeer tells Fateh that he can understand his feelings. He says a person’s heart breaks brutally even thinking about sending their love away.

Khushbeer asks Fateh to have courage for Tejo’s safety. Fateh leaves towards his room in a tense condition. Gurpreet overhears father-son’s conversation. She tells Khushbeer that he did the right thing by showing the right path to Fateh. Gurpreet says this was the most necessary thing to be done at present. She says that she can understand Fateh’s present condition too. Khushbeer tells Gurpreet that he loves and cares for Tejo a lot and thus is agreeing to send her to a mental asylum by keeping a stone at his heart. He leaves asking Gurpreet to stop considering Tejo as a stone in Fateh’s way.

Gurpreet says even Khushbeer isn’t understanding her that she understands her son’s pain. She wonders how to explain to Khushbeer that Tejo is not Fateh’s future. At Sandhu house, Rupy and Satti see Tejo sleeping peacefully. They cry and ask God why bad things always happen with Tejo. Rupy and Satti cry on each other’s shoulders. Everyone is seej worried and crying at Virk house too. Crying Gurpreet prays to God to bless Fateh. Fateh on the other hand is seen punching the punching bag brutally to scream out his anger.

He recalls how he met Tejo at the Barnala fair. Father also recalls all his moments with Tejo. He further recalls that Tejo remembers just him after the fire incident and still loves him a lot. “Hallaa” song plays in the background. When Fateh recalls Tejo burning in the past fire incident, he screams Tejo’s name. Fateh’s scream worries and scares everyone at Virk house. Everyone gets worried for Fateh. Fateh feels alone and very scared. He again starts punching the punching bag. Gurpreet comes and stops Fateh. She sees Fateh’s knuckles bleeding.

Gurpreet tells Fateh that pain doesn’t reduce by giving pain to oneself. She asks Fateh to realize soon what is right as time waits for none. Fateh tells Gurpreet that Tejo is his soul. He asks Gurpreet if she wants him to throw away his soul from his body. Gurpreet tells Fateh that he has to make a decision about what type of life he wants for Tejo. Fateh again starts punching the punching bag. Gurpreet leaves telling Fateh that he has only tonight’s time to make a decision. Fateh sees his soul. Fateh’s soul explains to him that if a person truly loves someone, sometimes he/she has to distance his/her love from himself/herself for the well-being of his/her love.

Fateh’s soul tells Fateh that he is being selfish and not thinking about Tejo’s well being. Fateh screams at his soul telling him that he can’t distance Tejo from himself. Fateh tells his soul that he won’t let Tejo ever go away from him and will spend each and every moment of his life with Tejo. He also tells his soul that he won’t let anything happen to Tejo ever. Fateh’s soul tells Fateh that even today he was with Tejo but still Tejo got alone even in between so many people’s presence. Fateh runs to punch his own soul in anger. Fateh’s soul disappears. Fateh breaks down into tears.

Worried, Mahi and Simran run to Fateh. Simran asks Fateh to handle himself. Fateh tells Simran that he isn’t able to tolerate this pain. He tells his sisters that he is feeling like a part of his body is going away from him. Mahi and Simran caress and hug Fateh. Gurpreet sees and hears everything. She feels relaxed thinking that it seems Fateh has made the decision to send Tejo to the mental asylum. Gurpreet fears that Fateh may break down badly after getting distanced from Tejo.

Next morning, Jasmine self praises her beauty and acting talent in front of the mirror. She thinks that now Tejo will be sent to a mental asylum while she will go to Virk house by becoming Fateh’s wife. Later, everyone at Sandhu house is seen preparing for a picnic. Lovely behaves rudely with Tejo. Jasmine and Lovely wonder why Fateh suddenly planned a picnic for Sandhus. Fateh arrives at Sandhu house. Tejo gets happy seeing him. Fateh sends Tejo inside to wear her slippers. As Tejo goes inside, Fateh requests everyone to not say anything bad for at least today which may make Tejo feel bad. He explains to everyone that today’s day must be like earlier/old days.

Tejo comes and everyone gets silent. Fateh ties Tejo and his hand together with a chunri. He asks Tejo to be with him for today, and not go away from him. Jasmine feels happy thinking that Fateh has made a decision to send Tejo to a mental asylum. Tejo notices that Fateh is upset. Thinking that Fateh is angry with her, she starts acting like a monkey to make him smile. Everyone gets stunned seeing Tejo’s behavior. Jasmine secretly laughs seeing Tejo. Tejo apologizes to Fateh and asks him to not be angry with her.

Fateh makes Tejo stand and tells her that he can’t ever be angry with her. He kisses Tejo’s hand and smiles for her. Tejo hugs Fateh. Jasmine feels angry. Lovely and Jasmine wonder what will be Fateh’s final decision. Seeing Tejo’s innocent love and care for him, Fateh gets more confused to make a final decision. In the next episode, Tejo will enjoy a family picnic with her family and Fateh. Jasmine will feel happy as Fateh will take Tejo back to Sharan Ashram, Barnala. At Ashram, Fateh will feel reluctant in leaving Tejo and going away from her.

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