Anupama Anuj strange move 9th July 2022 Written Update

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Anupama Anuj strange move 9th July 2022 Written Update Vanraj finds that Pakhi forgot her Id card. He says Pakhi is just like him in anger and stubbornness. Vanraj says if Pakhi wanted to be like him, she should have been hardworking and good at studies. He decides to return to college and give Pakhi her Id card. At the Cafe, Pakhi and Adhik get shocked seeing Anupama staring at them angrily. Flashback of Adhik promising Anupama that he and Pakhi will meet each other in front of/with family only, is shown. Anupama walks to Pakhi and Adhik and sits with them.

She asks the waiter to bring 3 cold coffees with ice-cream. Pakhi gets confused seeing Anupama staring at Adhik angrily. At Kapadia house, Barkha recalls Adhik asking her to influence Anupama using Pakhi. Sara comes to Barkha and asks her to talk to Adhik. She reminds Barkha about Adhik’s casanova lifestyle that he had in the USA. Sara asks Barkha if Pakhi knows that Adhik has many girlfriends and flings in the USA. Barkha recalls Adhik asking her to encourage Pakhi about his and her relationship for her (Barkha) own benefit. She asks Sara, how does it matter to anyone.

Sara tells Barkha that Pakhi would get affected by this. Barkha says it’s Pakhi’s problem, not theirs. She asks Sara why she is talking like Adhik did a crime. Barkha says that it was Adhik’s lifestyle. Sara tells Barkha that this doesn’t work or is accepted in India. Barkha asks Sara to stop talking like small town Shahs and Anupama. Sara tells Barkha that whatever Anupama talks about is right. She also tells Barkha that as much as dating is taken lightly in the US, it’s not the same case in India. Sara says Adhik will have to understand the difference between western and Indian culture.


She asks Barkha to stop Adhik, if he is casually just passing time with Pakhi. She says unnecessarily many people will get hurt. Sara warns Barkha that she will reveal Adhik’s past and truth to Anuj, Anupama and Pakhi. Barkha defends Adhik. Sara gives Barkha befitting replies. She asks Barkha how her take related to Pakhi changed suddenly in just one night only. Sara tells Barkha that she is understanding that some evil plan is going on in her and Adhik’s mind. She warns Barkha telling her that if Adhik would do anything unacceptable with Pakhi, then Anuj will badly react towards Adhik, that too before Anupama.

Sara tells Barkha that Anuj and Anupama consider them their family by heart. She asks Barkha to stop playing mind games with Anuj and Anupama. Sara asks Barkha to stop Adhik too. Barkha fears that Anupama won’t spare Adhik, if he does something wrong. At the cafe, Pakhi rudely asks Anupama if she doesn’t trust her and is keeping a watch on her. Anupama asks Pakhi to lower down her pitch. Anupama tells Pakhi that she saw her and Adhik while going towards her dance academy. She also tells Pakhi that she just came to talk to her and Adhik, nothing else. Adhik and Pakhi feel awkward and scared in front of Anupama.

When Anupama reminds Adhik of his last night’s promise, Adhik tells Anupama that he just came to talk to Pakhi about their promise only. He promises Anupama that he is meeting Pakhi alone for the first and last time. Adhik’s words shocks Pakhi. Anupama asks Adhik if he thinks that Pakhi will understand the right things, if he will explain to her by holding her hands in the middle of a restaurant. When Pakhi asks Anupama to stop, Anupama scolds her. Anupama asks Adhik and Pakhi why can’t they keep patience till they make a good career for themselves. Vanraj’s call is seen coming on Pakhi’s phone.

Pakhi asks Anupama what is the problem in meeting at a public place. Adhik pretends to be innocent. He asks Pakhi to try understanding Anupama’s point of view. Adhik tells Pakhi that Anupama is right as he has been explaining the same thing to her for a long time. From under the table Adhik signs Pakhi to pretend to agree to all his words in front of Anupama. Adhik tells Anupama that it’s good that she came as now Pakhi will understand things better. Vanraj keeps on calling Pakhi but she fails to check the calls as her phone seems to be on silent. At college, Vanraj meets Pakhi’s friend Sheena.

He gets shocked when Sheena tells him that Pakhi didn’t attend college today. She says Pakhi missed a very important lecture today. At the cafe, Adhik promises to Anupama that from next time he and Pakhi will meet each other at family gatherings only. Anupama tells Pakhi and Adhik that a mother trusts their children more quickly than required, but is not a fool. She asks Adhik and Pakhi to not let her trust in them break. Adhik offers to drop Pakhi to college and then Anupama to dance academy. They start to leave the cafe but get shocked seeing Vanraj in front of them. Scared Pakhi stands behind Anupama holding her arm.

Vanraj misunderstands Anupama and accuses her of encouraging and provoking Pakhi to continue her relationship with Adhik. Anupama keeps on telling Vanraj that they will talk at some other place, not at a cafe. Vanraj keeps on talking ill with Anupama. As Vanraj grabs Pakhi’s hand tightly, Anupama asks Vanraj to leave Pakhi’s hand. Adhik gets shocked seeing all this. Anupama makes Vanraj leave Pakhi’s hand. While Anupama caresses a scared Pakhi, Vanraj gives an angry glare to Adhik. Anupama makes Adhik leave the cafe. Anupama and Vanraj take Pakhi home.

Adhik on the other hand worries about why he wasn’t more careful as required. He wonders what drama will be going on at Shah house (mad house). At Shah house, Kinjal feels a little uneasy. Everyone at home suggests different ways for Kinjal to feel easy and calm. Vanraj, Anupama and Pakhi return to the Shah house. Everyone gets stunned and asks Anupama, Pakhi and Vanraj what happened. Vanraj asks the Shah family to ask their dear Anupama. On the other hand, Ankush notices Anuj getting worried while talking to someone on call. He asks Anuj, what happened. Anuj tells Ankush that everything is fine. He looks at Ankush with doubt.

At Shah house, Baa scolds Anupama for having cold coffee with Adhik and Pakhi instead of slapping them. Anupama tells Baa that boys aren’t always wrong. She says if Adhik came to meet Pakhi outside the college, even Pakhi on her own will had missed her college classes to meet Adhik. She says that both Adhik and Pakhi are equally wrong. Anupama and Vanraj argue with each other. When Vanraj says that Adhik should be slapped, Anupama says Pakhi is equally wrong. She asks when both Pakhi and Adhik are equally wrong, then why only one person should be punished.

Anupama asks Vanraj to slap his daughter too. She says it’s easy to slap other children, accuse others and question other parents’ upbringing, but only when one’s own children are fully right. Anupama tells the Shah family that their fully right daughter lied and deceived everyone to meet Adhik. Paritosh says this time only Adhik is clearly at fault. He also says that he will break Adhik’s bones whenever he sees him. Anupama asks Paritosh to stop his anger as he is going to become a father. She asks Paritosh to mend his ways a little or he wants to be like Vanraj for whole life.

When Paritosh addresses Anupama as “Mummy Yaar”, Anupama asks him to talk with respect to his mother. Kavya says Anupama is absolutely right. She asks Vanraj to explain both children, rather than slapping or scolding anyone. Vanraj taunts Anupama and Kavya for supporting each other like friends, even being his ex and current wife respectively. Kinjal feels unwell and stressed but chooses to stay silent for some time. Vanraj taunts Anupama for failing in making Adhik understand the right thing. Anupama reminds Vanraj that even he used his cruel way and kept Pakhi under his watch at home. She tells Vanraj that even after his way to stop Pakhi, Pakhi went to meet Adhik by lying.

She says anger is not the solution to anything. Anupama tells Bapuji that she has now got tired of explaining the same thing to Vanraj for years but Vanraj doesn’t understand anything. Bapuji tells Anupama that she is absolutely right. Irritated and angry Vanraj asks everyone to not interrupt him in between his talk. Kinjal’s condition of uneasiness increases. Vanraj announces that Pakhi won’t go to college from now onwards. This shocks everyone badly, except Baa. Kavya asks Vanraj if he has gone mad. Vanraj shouts and says that his decision is final. Pakhi starts crying in shock.

In the next episode, Anuj will meet Anupama at the dance academy. He will tell Anupama that life can take a big turn anytime. Anuj will tell Anupama that she won’t give her rights and signing authority to anyone, even if God asks her to. He will give his swear to Anupama. Anupama will get confused, scared and shocked with Anuj’s sudden step or move. Suddenly, the academy’s window mirror will break and fall down. Shocked, Anupama will scream Anuj’s name.

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