Anupama 12th July 2022 Written Update Evil Adhik

Anupama 12th July 2022 Written Update Evil Adhik

Anupama 12th July 2022 Written Update Evil Adhik Suddenly, the mirror breaks into pieces due to air pressure. Anupama and Anuj get worried about each other. Scared and worried, Anupama hugs Anuj tightly. Anupama’s just thumb is seen bleeding a little. Anuj feels pain and thus worried Anupama checks his back. She gets shocked seeing glass pieces stuck inside Anuj’s back and neck at various places. Anupama gets scared to death seeing all this. She gathers courage and takes out glass pieces from Anuj’s back and neck one by one. Anupama feels scared seeing Anuj bleeding.

Her hands shake while taking out the glass pieces. Seeing Anupama crying and worried, Anuj tells Anupama that he is fine. Anupama helps injured Anuj to take out his blazer and waistcoat. She makes Anuj sit and starts treating his wounds. Anupama cleans Anuj’s wounds, applies medicine and bandages on them. Seeing angry Kavya making noises by throwing files here and there, Vanraj asks Kavya to speak up. Kavya tells Vanraj that it’s of no use to talk because he doesn’t want to listen to her. Vanraj tells Kavya that he is already very tense. Kavya tells Vanraj that he himself is the biggest problem of his life.

Vanraj asks Kavya why she never tries to understand his problem. He gets angry when Kavya tells him that she can’t understand his nonsensical words. Kavya tells Vanraj that anger is not the solution to every problem. She asks Vanraj to think what if Pakhi gets irritated with his anger and starts living with Anupama. Vanraj gets tense by even thinking about it. Kavya explains to Vanraj that Pakhi is an adult and thus he can’t stop her from living with Anupama. She also explains to Vanraj that he can’t stop Pakhi from going to Anupama by even making her emotional as she is already angry with him.


Kavya reminds Vanraj that he always calls himself a good son. She further reminds Vanraj that he keeps saying that now he only has his parents and children left with him. Kavya asks Vanraj to not make his children or parents go away from him. Kavya tells Vanraj that whatever arguments and fights happened between them, she still cares for him. Kavya stops while telling Vanraj that she still loves him. This stunns Vanraj. Kavya leaves, asking Vanraj to sort out the differences between him and Pakhi. Vanraj feels something unusual. At dance academy, Anuj tries calming down a crying, worried and scared Anupama.

Anuj hugs Anupama and tells her that she just saw that there is no guarantee of life. He tells Anupama that anything can happen at any moment. Anuj tells Anupama that she will have to keep the promise he asked her to. Scared Anupama hugs Anuj and cries. Anuj keeps explaining to Anupama that she has to understand that human lifetime isn’t guaranteed. He tells Anupama that he knows that she won’t let anything happen to him but still a person has to be prepared for everything in advance. At Shah house, Pakhi is seen writing a gratitude note and request to the universe. She wishes that her and Adhik’s family let them keep meeting. Pakhi also wishes that she and Adhik remain friends and connected to each other.

Vanraj comes from behind. Pakhi closes her diary. Vanraj apologizes to Pakhi for his aggressive and wrong reaction. He explains to Pakhi that every father gets overprotective when his daughter grows up and sees every boy around her with suspicion. Vanraj tells Pakhi that he won’t repeat his overprotective and aggressive reaction. He also tells Pakhi that she can meet Adhik with either him or Anupama. Vanraj further tells Pakhi that she will always tell everything to her parents.

Pakhi feels a little happy and light. She agrees to Vanraj’s conditions and requests him to not send her away from home or Ahmedabad. Vanraj hugs Pakhi and tells her that no father wants to send their child away from them. Hs leaves asking Pakhi to study. At the dance academy, Anuj and Anupama are seen cleaning the glass pieces. Anuj asks Anupama if he should talk to Barkha and Ankush. Anupama tells Anuj that Barkha and Ankush will themselves tell them, if they wish to. Anuj tells Anupama that he can understand Ankush’s reluctance as no elder brother will tell his younger brother that he failed.

Anupama explains to Anuj to not let Ankush and Barkha know or feel that he knows about their condition and helplessness. She also explains to Anuj that if Ankush and Barkha will get to know that he is aware of their true condition, they will feel like he is doing favors for them by helping them. Anupama further explains to Anuj that this affects relations badly. Anuj tells Anupama that it is said that something good or auspicious happens when glass breaks. At the same time, Anuj gets a call from the orphanage.
Abhay congratulates Anuj by telling Anuj that the medical reports and financial papers sent by him are considered okay.

He also tells Anuj that even the adoption procedure has almost completed. Abhay makes Anuj and Anupama happy by telling them that they can now adopt little Anu and take her to their home. Anuj and Anupama happily hug each other. They recall meeting and hugging little Anu at Mumbai. Anupama hugs Anuj and tells him that he was absolutely right when he said that breaking of glass is considered good and auspicious. Anuj suddenly feels tense. At Shah house, Kavya keeps Kinjal distracted to make her forget her pain and family issues. Vanraj feels happy seeing Kavya and Kinjap happy together.

At the dance academy, Anuj explains to Anupama that their world has many evil and bad people too. He tries explaining to Anupama that the government has made many rules for the adoption of orphans. Anuj says the government checks all details and documents of a couple and family whoever wishes to adopt innocent children. Anupama tells Anuj that she still didn’t understand why they can’t adopt little Anu. Anuj explains to Anupama that according to government rules a couple should have at least completed 2 years of marriage, to adopt a child. He also explains to Anupama that this rule is made to ensure that an orphan child is going to a house with no or less issues.

Anuj further explains to Anupama that if a couple indulges in argument or decides to separate in the initial years of their marriage, their child gets affected the most by all this, be it the couple’s biological child or adopted child. Anupama tells Anuj that he is absolutely right. Anuj explains to Anupama that they still can adopt little Anu but will have to live as her foster parents. Anupama asks Anuj what he means by foster parents. Anuj explains to Anupama that foster parents are ones who take care of a child but aren’t considered the child’s legal parents. Anupama asks Anuj when they will be able to become little Anu’s legal parents.

Anuj explains to Anupama that according to government rules, they will have to take care of little Anu for at least 5 years. He says if everything goes fine, they will be allowed to legally adopt little Anu. This 5 years rule shocks Anupama. Anuj asks Anupama to clear the doubts regarding adopting little Anu if she has any. He tells Anupama that he doesn’t want her to agree for adoption just for his happiness. Anupama tells Anuj that adopting little Anu is a boon for her. She tells Anuj that she is very happy knowing that little Anu’s dream of having parents got their faces. Anuj and Anupama hug each other happily knowing that their daughter is coming home soon.

At Shah house, Vanraj makes coffee for Kavya. He thanks Kavya for understanding him and making him realize his mistake. Vanraj also thanks Kavya for supporting him even after facing his anger and frustration. Kavya tells Vanraj that she understands his worriedness about Pakhi. At the dance academy, Anuj, Anupama, Sara and Samar dance happily. Anuj and Anupama tell Sara and Samar that they will soon surprise everyone by revealing the reason for their extreme happiness. Anuj and Anupama leave happily from the dance academy.

At Shah house, Vanraj shares his worries with Kavya. Vanraj tells Kavya that he feels some fakness in Ankush, Barkha and Adhik. He also tells Kavya that he doesn’t like Anuj but knows that he is a nice person but can’t say the same thing about Adhik, Ankush and Barkha. Vanraj says that he has no doubts regarding Sara as she is a child and seems innocent. He tells Kavya that something is fishy about Barkha, Ankush and Adhik. Vanraj says Anupama doesn’t find anyone bad as she is herself so good. Kavya agrees to Vanraj and adds that Anupama never even doubted her, a stranger in the past.

Kavya and Vanraj discuss that it will be difficult for Anupama to doubt her own relatives. They discuss that Pakhi is only influenced by Adhik’s looks and lifestyle. Vanraj tells Kavya that Ankush, Adhik and Barkha can fool Pakhi and Anupama but not him.

In the next episode, Anuj will restrict Anupama from telling about little Anu’s arrival to anyone. Anuj will tell Anupama that he won’t let anyone question his life’s two biggest happiness, first Anupama and second little Anu. On the other hand, Adhik will tell Barkha that by marrying Pakhi, he will get his wife and she (Barkha) will get Anupama’s remote control. Sara will overhear all this and will run to tell Anuj and Anupama about Adhik and Barkha’s evil plan. Worried, Barkha and Adhik will run behind Sara to stop her. Anuj and Anupama will get confused seeing Sara tensed.

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