Kumkum Bhagya 14th July 2022 Written Update Shaken Rhea

Kumkum Bhagya 14th July 2022 Written Update Shaken Rhea

Kumkum Bhagya 14th July 2022 Written Update Shaken Rhea Rhea learns a big truth that Prachi is pregnant. At first, she goes into disbelief. Aaliya pacifies an angered Rhea. Rhea asks her not to say anything nonsense like things will get fine. She tells that nothing will get fine, Prachi will have her baby, Prachi will bring her baby in the world, the baby will end her/Rhea’s existence. She adds that Ranbir wanted to become a father, he will get a baby from Prachi, and then nothing will be the same. She cries that her life got ruined, she isn’t pregnant and can’t keep Ranbir tied to her. She tells that Prachi will be fulfilling Ranbir’s dream of fatherhood and win him forever.

Earlier in the show, Dida asks Vikram what’s troubling him, why is he acting happy. Vikram tells that he is really angry on Ranbir, he is silent because of Pallavi’s birthday. He reveals that Ranbir ruined his dream project, he isn’t able to handle his personal and professional lives. Pallavi gets upset. Prachi tells that she will tell the truth if Ranbir tells the truth. She asks why did he spoil Vikram’s dream project.

Ranbir tells that it was really important. She tells that it was intentionally, she knows him well, he can’t get any loss in business unless he plans it intentionally. He tells that she shall trust him, he can’t leave her, she is his everything, he feels he has seen life when she is around, he lives when she is with him. Prachi tells that its his perception, she doesn’t feel so, they can walk together like the railway tracks, but they can never unite. She walks away when their conversation leads nowhere.


Kumkum Bhagya 14th July 2022 Written Update Shaken Rhea:

Pallavi tells Vikram that she is feeling strange by Vikram and Ranbir’s personal ties getting tense. She states that she can scold Ranbir, but Vikram never gets upset, why is he changing now. She asks Vikram to forgive Ranbir. Vikram tells that he can’t forget this, Ranbir has disrespected him and his dreams. She asks him to forgive Ranbir as her birthday gift. Vikram doesn’t listen. Ranbir asks Prachi to listen to him. He asks her not to forget to miss him. Prachi shouts on him in front of everyone in the party. She asks Ranbir not to talk such things to her when he is becoming the father of Rhea’s child. Rhea tells that it’s the right time to accuse Prachi. She asks everyone to come for cake cutting.

She goes to the kitchen and calls someone to attend the party. She tells that nobody knows the drama that will follow now. She takes the cake for Pallavi. Ranbir asks Prachi to just listen. Prachi asks Ranbir what is he doing when he wants to stay with her, what’s his attempt. He tells that he is hurting Vikram’s heart just to stay with Prachi. She asks him not to break the family members’ heart for her sake, since he already broke her heart. He tells that he told her the truth, she shouldn’t judge him. She asks him not to get anyone’s curse. She doesn’t want to ruin Rhea’s baby’s future.

She tells that she can never hurt the family’s sentiments. Rhea remembers telling her plan to Aaliya. Aaliya goes to send Prachi behind the wall in time, so that when the wall breaks down and falls towards Rhea, Prachi gets accused. Aaliya cleverly sends Prachi to fix the painting at the wall. Prachi goes to fix the painting, unaware that it’s a big trap. Rhea tells that everyone has come, so she will call Pallavi to cut the cake. She asks Pallavi to come on stage. Prachi goes behind the wall to fix the painting. Aaliya removes the nuts of the partition support. Prachi fixes the painting. Rhea asks for Prachi. Ranbir finds the wall suspending over Rhea. He runs to save Rhea.

Ranbir protect Rhea, thinking she is really pregnant. The huge accident shocks everyone. Prachi is seen behind the wall partition. She is shocked to see Ranbir and Rhea hurt. Rhea acts dizzy. Prachi asks someone to call a doctor. Aaliya pushes Prachi and asks her to stay away. She accuses Prachi for planning to kill Rhea’s baby. Ranbir and Kohlis are shocked. Aaliya tells that she has seen Prachi behind the wall. Prachi asks why would she do this. Aaliya calls her jealous of Rhea’s pregnancy. She tells that Prachi can’t see that Rhea is getting the family’s attention and love. Ranbir defends Prachi.

Aaliya asks him if he could find out Prachi’s feelings for him. Ranbir tells that her feelings for him don’t matter, what matters is Prachi’s feelings for Rhea’s baby. Rhea tells that Aaliya is talking about Ranbir and her baby, Ranbir should stop defending Prachi. She also feels Prachi is jealous of her, she has a problem with her baby. Prachi asks her not to say such a thing. The NGO ladies come on Rhea’s call. They ask Aaliya if everything is okay. Aaliya tells that nothing is alright, she called them to show that Ranbir and Rhea have moved on, but Prachi has just scared them by attempting to kill Rhea’s baby. She tells that Prachi made the decorated wall fall over Rhea. Ranbir tells that its not true.

Aaliya tells that she has a proof against Prachi, she knew it that nobody will trust her. She asks Mahua to bring the cctv footage of the living room. Ranbir tells that the cctv camera was for the family’s safety, she shouldn’t use it against Prachi. Aaliya tells that she wants to know who intended to kill Rhea. Shahana tells that she had seen Aaliya near the wall. Aaliya asks her to shut up. She asks them to check the cctv footage. Ranbir gets the footage and plays it on the big screen. He tells that there is nobody in the footage. Rhea thinks Aaliya won’t get captured in the camera.

The family is shocked to see Prachi behind the wall. She can’t believe it. Rhea tells that its Prachi, she was loosening the wall screws. Aaliya tells that she had seen Prachi there, Prachi has done this to harm Rhea and her baby. Prachi sheds tears. She denies the blames. She tells that she had gone to fix the painting on the wall. Rhea asks Prachi not to make an excuse when she is caught red-handed. Rhea and Aaliya accuse Prachi for the crime of killing an unborn baby.

She asks Prachi if she thought that its her right to become a mother first. She tells that Prachi wanted to kill the baby, just to get Ranbir’s love. She calls Prachi selfish and disgusting. Ranbir, Dida and Shahana feel bad for Prachi. They watch Rhea accusing Prachi. Rhea tells that she hates it, she can’t call Prachi her sister. The NGO ladies regret that they helped Prachi, who isn’t deserving at all. They call Prachi a devilish woman. Prachi tells that Rhea is her sister, she is happy that Rhea is pregnant, she was going to leave the house for Rhea’s happiness.

Rhea asks Prachi why didn’t she go, did she want to take revenge on her before leaving. Prachi asks her to believe her. Pallavi also rebukes Prachi for attacking Rhea’s baby. She tells that Prachi’s reality has come out in front of everyone. She calls Prachi a snake who will always bite them with her poison. Prachi cries profusely. She begs them to trust her. Dida asks Pallavi to listen to Prachi. Vikram also blasts his anger on Prachi. He doesn’t support her this time and stops Dida as well. Prachi tells that she didn’t harm Rhea. Pallavi asks her to stay away from Rhea. Ranbir feels terrible when Pallavi orders Prachi to leave the house. Pallavi asks Prachi and her supporters to get out.

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  1. When this facking shit arse attack on prachi ends n rhea crimes n lues exposed? viewers are fed up of rhea dominating the screen.


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