Udaariyaan 14th July 2022 Promo Update Fateh ousted

Udaariyaan 14th July 2022 Promo Update Fateh ousted

Udaariyaan 14th July 2022 Promo Update Challenge for Fateh Gurpreet lays a challenge for Fateh. She asks him to prove his love for Tejo, who is good for nothing for the family now. She asks him to prove that he can take care of Tejo all alone, without the help from the family, he has to manage his expenses as well. She asks him how will he earn and make a living, without the support from anyone. She tells him that she will not keep him in the house if he isn’t ready to leave Tejo and marry Jasmin. Fateh tells that he won’t stay in the house if there is no respect for his wife Tejo. He declares that he will accept the challenge and leave the house, he will prove that he is capable enough to take care of Tejo. Fateh and Tejo leave the Virk mansion.

Virks break down after Fateh leaves. Gurpreet hopes that Fateh will himself forget Tejo in some days, once he faces the hardships. Fateh takes Tejo with him to some old house. He looks after her well and tries to keep her happy. Fateh and Tejo have a dance. Tejo takes rounds and gets reminded of the past moments with Fateh. The past flashes come in front of her eyes, and she faints down in his arms. Fateh worriedly shouts her name. Tejo is gradually getting her lost memory back.

Aarohi vents her anger on Akshara that the latter didn’t save her from the termination from Birla hospital. She lectures Akshara. She tells that Akshara doesn’t know about dreams, because she has no dreams to follow. She angrily ousts Akshara from her room. She tells Akshara that she doesn’t want any career advice from losers. She asks Akshara to mind her own business and her husband Abhi. Akshara grows worried to know about Abhi’s MRI test. Anand is equally worried for him. Anand and Akshara go to Abhi to ask about the MRI test results. Rohan gets the reports to Abhi. Abhi tells that everything is okay, its just a formality. He checks the reports himself and appears really shocked.


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