Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th July 2022 Written Update Prisha questions Ruhi

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th July 2022 Written Update Prisha questions Ruhi

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th July 2022 Written Update Prisha questions Ruhi Sharda gets shocked to know how Prisha is living in Delhi with Armaan and doesn’t remember her past even a bit. Vidyut comes and Sharda asks Rudra what happened with Vidyut. Vidyut arrogantly tells Sharda that the case ended as Pihu took her unnecessary complaint against him back. Vidyut’s crime and his casual attitude towards his crime makes Rudra angry. Rudra gives a tight slap to Vidyut. This stuns everyone. Rudra tells Vidyut that he will have to respect women if he wants to stay at Khurana Mansion.

He asks Vidyut if he would tolerate anyone harassing or humiliating Sharda. Vidyut says no. Rudra asks Vidyut if he can’t tolerate anyone troubling his aunt, how dare he put Pihu’s respect at stake. Vidyut tells Rudra that Pihu scolds and humiliates him publicly, whenever she gets the chance. Rudra tells Vidyut that Pihu scolds him because of his cheap behavior. He tells Vidyut that he has embarrassed him badly. Rudra says thankfully Raj saved Pihu’s respect on time and also revealed the truth. Rudra tells Vidyut that he will apologize to Pihu by falling on her feet. Vidyut feels angry as well as helpless.

Sharda confirms to Rudra that whatever he is doing is absolutely right. She takes Saaransh with her. Ruhi smiles and tells Rudra that she understood his plan. She tells Rudra that she knows why he is taking Vidyut to Pihu’s house. Ruhi also tells Rudra that she knows that he is finding opportunities to meet Prisha. Rudra smiles and tells Ruhi that she is partially right. He explains to Ruhi that he even wants Vidyut to apologize to Pihu for what he did with her. Rudra says he doesn’t want this matter to reach Vidyut’s college, so he is taking Vidyut to Pihu’s house. He accepts in front of Ruhi that meeting Prisha is another big reason for visiting Pihu’s house.


Rudra tells Ruhi that by visiting Pihu’s house, he will try to find out how Prisha actually lost her memory. He says he also needs to find a way to make Prisha regain her memory. Ruhi convinces Rudra to take her too to meet Prisha. Whole Khurana family leaves for Pihu’s house. At Thakur house, Digvijay and Armaan discuss how to take Prisha London away from Rudra and Khuranas. They also discuss how to handle Prisha when she will question or scold Armaan about taking her to London. At last, Armaan thanks Digvijay for thinking, planning and organizing so much for him. Armaan says that now he won’t let even Rudra’s shadow overcast Prisha.

At the same time, Thakur house’s doorbell rings. Pihu opens the door and gets shocked seeing Khuranas. Armaan and Digivijay get shocked, angry as well as worried seeing Khuranas at their house. They wonder how Rudra got free from prison. Armaan sends Digivijay to handle Prisha and make sure that she doesn’t come downstairs. On Rudra’s request, Pihu lets Khurana’s family enter her house. Ruhi, Saaransh, Sharda and Rudra try looking for Prisha’s whereabouts. Rudra makes Armaan understand how he got free from prison. He comes to the point and asks Vidyut to apologize to Pihu.

As Vidyut shows reluctance, Rudra grabs him by collar and throws him on Pihu’s feet. This move of Rudra shocks everyone. Vidyut apologizes to Pihu for whatever he did with her. He says he accepts what he did was very wrong. Vidyut says he is not this kind of person and did wrong in anger. Saaransh and Rudra use the situation to their advantage and secretly send Ruhi to look for Prisha. According to the plan, Ruhi secretly runs to find and meet Prisha. Pihu tells Vidyut that there is no apology for what he did to her. She warns Vidyut to stay away from her.

On the other hand, Digvijay finds Prisha sleeping. He leaves to get his laptop to work in Prisha’s room. As Digivijay leaves, Ruhi successfully finds Prisha’s room and runs to her. She caresses Prisha’s face and kisses her forehead. Prisha immediately wakes up and gets stunned seeing Ruhi near her. Ruhi tells Prisha that she came to meet her before she leaves Delhi. Prisha tells Ruhi that she is a very cute and lovely child. Ruhi requests Prisha to not leave Delhi as she will miss her a lot. She tells Prisha that she loves her a lot and can’t live without her. Ruhi mistakenly tells Prisha that she took birth from her tummy.

She realizes her mistake and changes her words. Ruhi tells Prisha that she feels that she has taken birth from her stomach in her previous life. She says this is why she loves her a lot and addresses her as “Mumma” sometimes. Prisha kisses Ruhi’s forehead and tells her that she feels a connection with her. She tells Ruhi that she keeps thinking about her only and feels happy with her being near her. Prisha also tells Ruhi that she gets bad feelings when she doesn’t remain near her. Ruhi and Prisha get emotional and hug each other tightly. Ruhi gifts a handkerchief with R initial on it to Prisha.

Prisha tells Ruhi that she does this kind of embroidery. She asks Ruhi how she got this handkerchief. Ruhi tells Prisha that she herself gave it to her. This stuns Prisha. She asks Ruhi when she gave this handkerchief to her. Ruhi asks Prisha to try to remember when she gave this handkerchief to her. Prisha tries but fails to recall any memory with a handkerchief. She asks Ruhi if they ever met each other earlier and if she knows her from the past. Ruhi gets confused thinking what to tell Prisha. Digivijay comes and gets angry at Ruhi for going near Prisha. He asks Ruhi why she came to meet Prisha. Ruhi tells Digvijay that she came to say bye to Prisha.

Digivijay angrily grabs Ruhi’s arms and starts taking her away from Prisha. Seeing Digivijay hurting Ruhi by pulling her hard, Prisha feels angry and bad for little Ruhi. Ruhi tries to be near Prisha but Digivijay keeps pulling her away from Prisha. Angry Prisha stops Digivijay and separates him from Ruhi. She asks Digivijay why he is behaving badly with a little kid. Digvijay tells Prisha that he wants her to have a proper rest. Prisha tells Digvijay that she doesn’t want to take a rest now. She says she will have rest whenever she wants to. Prisha asks Ruhi if she is fine or has got hurt somewhere. Ruhi tells Prisha that she is absolutely fine.

She tells Prisha that she came with her father. Ruhi convinces Prisha to meet Rudra. Prisha ignores Digvijay and leaves with Ruhi to meet her father. Tense Digvijay sends a text to Armaan informing him that Prisha is coming downstairs. Downstairs, Rudra makes Vidyut stand from Pihu’s feet. He tells Pihu that he understands that Vidyut’s deed isn’t worth an apology. Rudra and Sharda personally apologize to Pihu by folding their hands in front of her. Armaan reads Digivijay’s text and gets worried. He rudely asks Pihu to let Khuranas leave. Armaan also asks Pihu to inform him if next time, Vidyut repeats his mistake.

Armaan tries his best in a rude manner to oust Khuranas. He asks Rudra to get out of his house. Rudra also rudely tells Armaan that his family will leave but not without Ruhi. Hearing that Ruhi is Rudra’s daughter, Pihu feels confused. Armaan thinks of teaching a lesson to Ruhi for trying to make Prisha recall her past. Ruhi on the other hand feels happy thinking that she will now finally be able to make Rudra and Prisha meet each other.

Armaan tells Rudra that he very clearly understands that he is using Ruhi to meet Prisha. He also tells Rudra that he won’t let him torture Prisha anymore. Armaan and Rudra argue with each other. Armaan sends Pihu to get Ruhi downstairs. He asks Rudra to wait for Ruhi outside his house. Khuarnas gets worried seeing Armaan and Rudra’s argument growing. In the next episode, Ruhi, Rudra and Saaransh will get stuck in heavy rain and heavy traffic. At the Airport, Prisha will feel weird before stepping forward towards her flight.

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