Bhagya Lakshmi 20th July 2022 Written Update Lakshmi panics

Bhagya Lakshmi 20th July 2022 Written Update Lakshmi panics

Bhagya Lakshmi 20th July 2022 Written Update Lakshmi panics Rishi catches Balwinder. He tells that it was his plan to stop Balwinder. He adds that Balwinder didn’t run away by the fear of police, so he stayed back. He asks Balwinder to just tell them the truth, because the fate is also on their side. Blwinder pushes him and tries to run away. He picks a knife from the bar counter and asks everyone to get back. He takes Rishi at the knifepoint to threaten the family. Lakshmi panics for Rishi’s life and visualizes this moment as the Markesh conquering Rishi’s stars. Balwinder warns everyone. Lakshmi shouts to Rishi. She tries to find a way to protect Rishi. What will Lakshmi do to protect Rishi, and also prove to Neelam that she is really Rishi’s protector? Will Lakshmi succeed in fighting Rishi’s Markesh? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Lakshmi and Rishi sense some movement outside. Lakshmi asks Rishi to call the police and alert them to stop Balwinder. Balwinder and his friends hear the police siren. He tells that police won’t come inside the house. They think that Rishi might have called the police now to catch him.


Balwinder tells that he won’t go. He asks his friends to go. Neelam wakes up Virender and asks him to check if the police has come to their house. Virender thinks Rishi has called the police. He finds his door locked from outside. Lakshmi unlocks the door. She asks Virender to come, she will unlock the other doors, Balwinder has tried to escape, but won’t succeed. Neelam is worried for her son. She blames Lakshmi for the mess. Rishi catches Balwinder.

Bhagya Lakshmi 20th July 2022 Written Update Lakshmi panics:

Malishka tells Sonia that she will go and check who has called the police. She finds the door locked. Sonia calls Ayush to get help. Lakshmi opens the door. Malishka asks her did Balwinder escape. Lakshmi asks did she want Balwinder to run away. Malishka tells that she is concerned to know about him. Lakshmi and Malishka get into an argument. Malishka wants to know if Balwinder fled. Dadi asks Ayush to wake up. Ayush tells that he is busy dreaming. Dadi fakes a call from Shalu and wakes him up. She pulls his ear. She beats him that he didn’t woke up on her call, she faked Shalu’s call. Ayush tells that he was dreaming of bashing up Balwinder. She tells that someone has locked the door from outside.

Ayush goes and opens the door. Lakshmi tells that she has opened the door, Balwinder’s friends have locked the door, they had come to free Balwinder. Ayush tells that he will beat Balwinder. She informs that Balwinder is still in the house. Dadi tells that Rishi might have caught Balwinder. Rishi tells Balwinder that he played the sound of the police siren to scare him. Ayush praises Rishi for his smartness. Rishi plays the siren sound and tells how he fooled Balwinder. He adds that he operated the sound system and lights by his phone via Bluetooth. Balwinder makes a sad face.

Virender asks Rishi why did he use the siren today. Rishi tells that Balwinder’s friends have locked the doors, Lakshmi unlocked the doors, she has failed their plan, she has saved the family respect once again, Balwinder couldn’t escape. He recalls that Lakshmi had given him the idea to stop Balwinder. He tells that Balwinder got scared and didn’t run away. Ayush calls Lakshmi really smart. Dadi tells that Lakshmi got an amazing idea. Karishma argues with Dadi. Rishi asks Balwinder to tell him the name of the person who told about Lakshmi’s pregnancy. Balwinder sees Malishka again.

He blames Lakshmi this time. He asks her to accept her crime. Rishi asks him to stop the drama and say the truth. He tells that it was Lakshmi’s drama, she wanted to win Rishi’s heart, she has become a Devi in front of them, she is cunning, she wanted to impress the family. He tells that she has paid him the money. She shuts him up. She asks him not to say any nonsense, she was silent because of Ahana, she is nice but not weak. She tells him that nobody will believe his nonsense. Rishi beats him further and asks him to just say the truth. Neelam tells that maybe Balwinder is telling the truth. Lakshmi defends that she is innocent. Ayush tells that he believes her. He asks Balwinder to stop lying.

Rishi tells that Lakshmi has saved the family respect. He warns Balwinder. The family asks Balwinder to name the culprit. Balwinder thinks they aren’t believing when they told Malishka and Lakshmi’s names. He wonders whose name should he take now. He blames Neelam. Lakshmi angrily slaps Balwinder. She shows her faith on Neelam. She tells that Neelam is the soul of the family. She slaps him and asks him to not make such a mistake again. She asks Rishi to call the police, she will get Balwinder punished. Balwinder thinks Lakshmi has gone mad. He tries to run away. Ayush runs to catch him.

Balwinder, Ayush and Dadi have a funny scene. Dadi blesses Balwinder to stay well and succeed in running away. Balwinder threatens them by catching Rishi at knife point. Lakshmi throws something at Balwinder’s head. She saves Rishi. Balwinder runs to some room and locks the door. He tries to find a window to escape. He recalls Malishka’s words. Malishka had bribed him to name Lakshmi and Neelam if he got caught. He feels he has come in a wrong room, instead the guest room. The door gets jammed. Rishi and Ayush reach him.

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