Kundali Bhagya 19th July 2022 Written Update Rishabh promises

Kundali Bhagya 19th July 2022 Written Update Rishabh promises

Kundali Bhagya 19th July 2022 Written Update Rishabh promises Anjali tells Karan that everyone in the Luthra family is just keeping an eye on him, they want to know everything about him, his background and his family roots. She advises him not to delay and just take his revenge on them, before they get to know his real identity. Rishabh promises Preeta that he will break all the connections with Arjun. Also, he assures that he will keep Arjun really away from Preeta and their family. He pacifies Preeta. The family cries for Karan and miss them a lot even more when they see Preeta so shattered. Rishabh blames Arjun for bringing sorrow in their lives. He holds Arjun responsible for disturbing Preeta so much. Preeta cries profusely. Rishabh wants to protect her because he feels answerable to Karan about her.

Earlier in the show, Preeta wakes up from this nightmare. She screams and runs out of her room. Rishabh hears Preeta’s scream. He stops Preeta. Preeta tells him that Arjun knows about Karan, he will take her to Karan. Rishabh asks her to come to senses. The entire family gathers in the hall on hearing Preeta’s loud cry. The lights get on. Preeta looks for Arjun. She tells them that Arjun told her that he will take her to Karan, he knows about Karan, he tricked her and stabbed her. She doesn’t see any blood on her hands. Rishabh tells that it was just her nightmare. Preeta comes to senses. He consoles Preeta. Preeta feels sorry. He tells that he is there to protect her, he won’t let anything happen to her, because he is answerable to Karan and family. He adds that Karan lives in their hearts. Preeta cries for Karan. Her pain brings tears in the family’s eyes too.


Kundali Bhagya 19th July 2022 Written Update Rishabh promises:

Karan remembers Preeta’s words. He thinks that she has really taken his life when he promised her that he will give his life for her. He stays disturbed. He gets flashes from the past, and wakes up remembering her slap in the party. Rishabh consoles Preeta. Rakhi hugs her and tries to calm her down. Shrishti cries seeing Preeta cry so much. She asks Sameer if Preeta will lose her mental balance. She grows worried. Sameer consoles Shrishti. Kareena tells that the problems came home since the day Pandit Vashisht visited them, he had spoken weird things and really disturbed their minds. Bani tells that Pandit shared what he felt, he didn’t lie to them, its not his mistake.

Bani asks Preeta not to think of Arjun. Rishabh tells that Arjun is stuck in her mind now. Preeta admits that Arjun is really stuck in her senses, his behavior is strange, she isn’t able to forget him. She asks Rishabh to not keep any relation with Arjun. He asks her to forget this as a bad dream, they are safe in their house, they will never interact with Arjun. She tells him that Arjun is a weird person, she dislikes him, all of his gestures and behavior were too wrong. She has sensed the anger and revenge in Arjun’s eyes. She tells that she is uncomfortable in Arjun’s presence. She doesn’t want to keep any connection with Arjun, who seems like a devil to him. Karan feels restless. He doesn’t get sleep and peace. He wants to get happiness back. He thinks he has troubled Preeta, so that he achieves peace, even then he is disturbed. He wishes that someone gets peace in his life.

Anjali finds Arjun crying. She thinks he is the same person who commands on everything, he has much anger and can break anyone, but he is so broken within, he is ruined by love, nobody can fix his pain. She wishes that she could have fixed his broken heart. She feels pain seeing Arjun in pain. She cries seeing the tears in his eyes. Anjali hides from him. Karan sits back and weeps. Preeta tells the family that they will not keep any connection with Arjun. Rishabh apologizes to her. He tells that he got very angry on Arjun when she told that Arjun crossed his limits, but now she is saying he just danced with her.

He wants to think from Arjun’s side too. Preeta tells that Arjun had shown them Karan’s life in the play, its not normal, he didn’t think of their sentiments, he knew that they will feel hurt seeing Karan’s end, even then he did this. He tells that Karan’s fans wanted to know about Karan’s life, so Arjun did this. Preeta tells that fans always want to know about the celebrity’s personal life, but Karan was their life, Arjun didn’t think once about their feelings, Arjun is playing a game with them, he has come in their lives with a motive, he hates them and wants to hurt her.

She doesn’t want Arjun to succeed. She asks Rishabh to promise her that he won’t deal with Arjun, they shall not meet Arjun again, Arjun is a bad person. Rishabh promises Preeta that he will cut off all the connections with Arjun and keep him away from her, and also from their family, Arjun will never come in their lives. She thanks him. He asks everyone to go and take rest. He tells Mahesh that he will keep Arjun away from their lives, its really important for them.

Next day, Anjali finds Arjun murmuring in sleep. Karan shouts Preeta on waking up. She tells that she is with him, Preeta isn’t around. She asks him what happened to him. He tells about the nightmare troubling his mind. She reminds him that he isn’t Karan now, he is a strong man, he is Arjun now, nobody can hurt him. She tells that she will protect him. She asks him to get ready and come downstairs. Other side, Rishabh surprises Preeta with the morning tea. She asks why did he make the tea. He tells that its not a big deal, he took the tea for Rakhi as well. He asks her how is she feeling.

He adds that he is always with her. She asks him if he finds her behavior weird. She still talks about Arjun and his bitter behavior. Rishabh understands her. He tells that he couldn’t sleep all night and thought of Arjun, he is an odd personality just like Karan, whoever met Karan first didn’t like him and then got to know him well. Preeta tells that it’s a wrong comparison. He explains that he wants to tell her that Arjun may not be so bad as they think. She asks him what is he feeling. He tells that maybe they are tagging Arjun a devil and being wrong themselves. She asks him if he will break the promise.

He tells that he will keep the promise. She tells him that she is scared that Arjun will cause them harm. He tells that Arjun can’t do anything to her, because he/Rishabh is with her, she doesn’t need to get scared of anybody. He asks her not to take stress. He wants her to stay happy. Snigdha gets interested in Arjun. Her Dadi offers him black coffee so that he gets rid of his hangover. Snigdha flirts with Arjun, and he shows her the ring. Karan is smart enough to keep the girls away now. Anjali tells that Arjun is a one woman man. She praises Arjun’s good character.

Dadi cares for Arjun with affection. Anjali asks him is he okay. Karan isolates himself. She thinks he isn’t okay. She asks him to share the matter. He tells that he was just thinking about the party. She is sure that Luthras are trying to find out about him. She asks him to take his revenge before they find out true identity of Karan Luthra. Karan doesn’t think he can take their revenge. She asks what does he mean. He tells that he got too drunk seeing Rishabh and Preeta, he angered both of them in the party, Rishabh won’t let him meet Preeta again, he couldn’t control his anger and messed up everything. She tells that it doesn’t matter, he should say sorry to Rishabh.

He tells that he won’t say sorry, after all Rishabh and Preeta did wrong with him. She tells that everyone is dual faced and has hidden agendas, he has to face their conspiracies, he should also become dual faced by wearing a sweet personality mask, he should say sorry just for his motives, he should become their friend and enter their lives, he should enter their past and then tackle them with the revenge. She asks him to conspire just like they did, he should control his emotions and work on his revenge plan. He doesn’t think he can do it. He tells that he didn’t get peace and good sleep after troubling Preeta. He feels guilty that he has hurt Preeta. He doesn’t know what he should do. She questions his love for Preeta.

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