Udaariyaan 19th July 2022 Written Update Tejo memory back

Udaariyaan 19th July 2022 Written Update Tejo memory back

Udaariyaan 19th July 2022 Written Update Tejo memory back Tejo starts making food for Fateh. Satti starts helping Tejo. Everyone feels happy seeing Tejo preparing food for Fateh. Satti tells Tejo that she will make food. Tejo tells Satti that only she will prepare food for Fateh as she is his wife. She reminds Satti how she herself prepares food for Rupy. Satti convinces Tejo to at least let her help a little. Initially, Satti helps Tejo in cutting vegetables. She teaches Tejo how to cut vegetables. Jasmine feels angry seeing all this. She thinks about how her plan will succeed if everyone will stay with Tejo.

Lovely walks to the terrace to dry clothes. Satti and Tejo start preparing vegetables and chapatis. Tejo’s grandmother tells Rupy that their Tejo is now understanding the duties of being a wife. She says now Tejo is starting to fulfill her duties as Fateh’s wife. Grandmother also says that soon Tejo will learn to fulfill her responsibilities towards her home. Rupy smiles hearing this. He feels happy seeing Tejo behaving maturely even being mentally unstable. Jasmine on the other hand, tells Lovely that she is feeling bad as Rupy and Satti are not able to visit Gurudwara like they always visit on their anniversary.

She also tells Lovely that Rupy and Satti in this age are taking care of Tejo and not being able to do anything for themselves. Lovely tells Jasmine that she is also feeling bad but can’t do anything. Jasmine asks Lovely to request Rupy and Satti to visit Gurudwara. Lovely tells Jasmine that she can do this. Downstairs Satti and Tejo are seen preparing food for Fateh. Tejo asks Satti to call Fateh. Satti calls Fateh and tells him that Tejo herself is preparing food for him today. Fateh gets worried for Tejo. Satti understands Fateh’s worriedness and asks him to not worry as she is with Tejo and using the induction cooktop he brought.


Fateh relaxes hearing this. Tejo asks Fateh to return home early as she is herself preparing food for him today. Satti tells Fateh that Tejo made Dum Aaloo, Bhindi, Chane ki Dal and his favorite Aaloo Gobhi too. Fateh says then he will have to bring Shagun too for his wife. Tejo gets excited hearing this. Fateh asks Tejo what she wants as shagun. He also asks Tejo if she wants “Jhumkas”. Tejo says no. Fateh asks Tejo if she wants to have Jalebis. Tejo gets happy and says that she wants lots of jalebis. Fateh disconnects the call telling Tejo that he will bring jalebis for her while returning home.

Lovely comes downstairs and asks Satti and Rupy to visit Gurudwara like they always visit on their wedding anniversary. Rupy and Gurpreet refuse to do so. They tell Lovely that they can’t leave Tejo alone. Other family members convince Rupy and Satti. Rupy and Satti agree to visit Gurudwara asking everyone to take care of Tejo. Family members agree to do so. Before leaving the house, Rupy texts Fateh that he and Satti are going to Gurudwara. He also texts Fateh to return home early. Jasmine gets worried hearing this. She runs to Rupy and Satti and stops them.

Jasmine hugs Rupy and requests him to pray for her and her child. She also asks Rupy to pray that Yash turns out to be a nice person for her and her child. Rupy happily says yes, unaware of Jasmine’s evil intentions. While hugging Rupy, Jasmine deletes the texts that Rupy sent to Fateh, before Fateh could read them. She smartly keeps Rupy’s phone back in his pocket. Satti and Rupy leave for Gurudwara. Later, Tejo tells her grandmother that she finished preparing food for Fateh. She also tells her grandmother that she will hold a hand fan and give air to Fateh while he will be eating the food she made for him. Tejo’s grandmother blesses and kisses her. Tejo feels happy.

Lovely brings Lassi for everyone. Harman asks Lovely to put some ice in it. Jasmine goes to the kitchen with Lovely with the excuse to help her. When Lovely’s focus is on taking out the ice, Jasmine smartly mixes something in the Lassi. Harman receives a call and leaves for some work without drinking Lassi. Jasmine grins in happiness. Lovely also goes to the terrace to dry some more clothes. This makes Jasmine even more happy. Fateh on the other hand starts purchasing Jalebis and flowers for Tejo. Jasmine on the other hand starts playing carrom with Tejo. Tejo’s grandmother feels sleepy after drinking the adulterated Lassi that Jasmine served her.

As her grandmother sleeps, Jasmine starts pretending to be in pain. She asks Tejo to take her to the hospital. Tense Tejo tells Jasmine that she can’t go outside as Fateh has asked her not to. To convince Tejo to go outside with her, evil Jasmine uses her baby. Jasmine pretends speaking like her Baby is asking her Tejo Maasi that he/she is in pain. She again and again used her baby to convince Tejo. Tejo finds no one for help and her sleeping grandmother, not waking up. Tense Tejo walks out of the house thinking that Jasmine’s baby is really in pain. Jasmine secretly grins evilly.

Tejo and Jasmine sit inside the auto with Jasmine’s planned goon sitting as a driver in it. Jasmine secretly signs her goons to drive. Fateh and Tejo’s auto passes from near each other. Fateh fails to see Jasmine taking Tejo away. He suddenly sees Rupy and Satti outside the Gurudwara. He gets worried about Tejo and asks Rupy and Satti where Tejo is. Rupy and Satti ask Fateh to not worry as Tejo is at home, with the whole family. Fateh recalls Jasmine’s old tricks to make Tejo seem evil, dangerous and mental in front of everyone. He gets more worried knowing that even Jasmine is at home with Tejo.

Fateh tells Rupy and Satti that they shouldn’t have left Tejo alone with Jasmine. He says he is having weird feelings. Fateh, Rupy and Satti sit inside the auto and quickly run towards Sandhu house. Jasmine on the other hand keeps fooling innocent Tejo. Tejo sees that the auto driver is taking her and Jasmine to the wrong side. She asks the driver why he is taking a wrong turn. Jasmine lies to Tejo that her and her baby’s clinic is on another side. Worried, Tejo asks the driver to quickly take her and Jasmine to the clinic. Fateh on the other hand reaches Sandhu house.

They find Tejo’s grandmother sleeping and Tejo-Jasmine missing from home. Worried Fateh searches for Tejo in the whole house. Lovely tells Rupy, Satti and Fateh that Tejo and Jasmine were carrom board playing downstairs a while ago. Satti asks Lovely how she could leave Tejo alone as she left her at home, on her responsibility. Fateh says Jasmine would have taken Tejo outside intentionally. He runs outside the house to search for Tejo. Rupy and Satti run behind Fateh. Jasmine and Tejo on the other hand, takes Tejo to the place where she faced a big fire incident 6-7 months ago.

Entering this place, Tejo starts getting flashes of her past. She recalls how she got burned in the fire and lost her child. Tejo keeps on getting flashbacks. She feels weird. Jasmine keeps grabbing Tejo inside. She tells Tejo that a doctor will come and fix her problem. Tejo understands that Jasmine fooled her and has an evil plan ready against her. She tries to run away but Jasmine and her goon (auto driver) stops Tejo. They don’t let Tejo run outside and escape. Jasmine lights a stick with fire. She scares Tejo with it. Tejo gets very scared. Through a man, Fateh learns which way Tejo and Jasmine went.

He gets worried, understanding that Jasmine took Tejo to the same godown where Tejo faced the fire incident 6-7 months ago. He runs to save Tejo from evil Jasmine. Jasmine on the other hand lights the godown stuff to scare Tejo and make her suffer an attack. She asks Tejo if she really thought that she would easily snatch Fateh from her. Jasmine screams and tells Tejo that Fateh will always be hers. She tells Fateh that she always comes in between her happiness snatch Fateh. Jasmine also tells Tejo that she came in between her and Fateh, when she was normal and even when she lost her mental balance.

She asks Tejo why Fateh is mad behind her only even though she is mentally unstable. Jasmine tells Tejo that Fateh should have been with her as she is much more beautiful than her. She also tells Tejo that she has got fed up repeatedly hearing “just Tejo” from Fateh’s mouth. Jasmine screams and tells Tejo that she is mental. She leaves Tejo in a godown surrounded fully by fire. Tejo keeps on screaming “save me” “help me”. Jasmine from outside the godown sees Tejo getting scared and helpless. Tejo keeps on getting flashbacks of the fire incident she faced 6-7 months ago. She also recalls how Fateh and Jasmine didn’t save her.

Tejo falls unconscious suffering all this. Jasmine thinks that this much attack is enough for Tejo to get mental. She thinks that now Tejo will grow more mental and no one will be able to stop her from going to a mental asylum. Jasmine also thinks that now she will get Fateh for her.

In the next episode, Tejo will be admitted to a hospital. She will get normal and get her memories back. As Fateh will come near her, she will point a knife at Fateh. Tejo will accuse Fateh of trying to kill her twice. This will shock Fateh. Later, police will arrest Fateh. They will tell Rupy and Satti that Tejo filed a complaint against Fateh for trying to kill her by burning her inside the godown. This will confuse and shock Satti and Rupy.

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