Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th July 2022 Written Update Rudra hunts

Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th July 2022 Written Update Rudra hunts

Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th July 2022 Written Update Armaan and Rudra keep on arguing. Armaan screams and calls his guards to oust Rudra and his family. Saaransh runs to Rudra and tells him that they should leave as Ruhi would have told everything to Prisha till now. Sharda tells Rudra that Saraansh is right. She says they will meet Prisha some other day. Rudra leaves with his family asking Armaan to send his daughter outside immediately. Pihu, Prisha, and Ruhi reach downstairs. Armaan rudely asks Ruhi why she went to Prisha. Prisha asks Armaan if he has any problem with little Ruhi meeting her.

Armaan tells Prisha that she had to rest. Prisha asks Armaan to not again and again ask her to rest. She says she will rest whenever she wishes to. Armaan stops Prisha when she walks forward to drop Ruhi to her family outside. Prisha tells Armaan that she wants to meet Ruhi’s family. Armaan stops Prisha by asking her to have rest for now and meet Ruhi’s family some other day. Prisha wonders why Ruhi’s exit is affecting her so much. She feels like her own part is going away. Ruhi keeps on seeing Prisha helplessly. Prisha feels like she has some deep connection or relation with Ruhi.

She also feels like stopping Ruhi and hugging her. Ruhi frees herself from Armaan, runs to Prisha, and hugs her tightly. This scares Armaan but confuses Pihu. Flashbacks of Ruhi and Prisha’s past are shown. “Yeh Hai Chahatein” title song plays in the background. Ruhi addresses Prisha as “Mumma” and requests her to not go as she will miss her a lot. Prisha touches her forehead with Ruhi’s forehead. She tells Ruhi that she will reach her whenever she will keep her hand on her heart and miss her. Ruhi asks Prisha if she can make a God promise about it. Prisha promises Ruhi.


While Pihu smiles seeing the deep bond between Ruhi and Prisha, Armaan’s worries increase. Ruhi tells Prisha that she wants her to be with her. She also tells Prisha that she can’t live without her. Ruhi starts crying. Prisha calms a crying Ruhi. She again tells Ruhi that she will reach her whenever she will keep her hand on her heart and miss her. Prisha also tells Ruhi that she will also keep her hand on her heart whenever she will miss her. Armaan gets scared by Prisha and Ruhi’s deep bonding. Prisha hugs Ruhi and the latter smiles.

On Armaan’s sign, Pihu takes Ruhi outside to her family. Ruhi runs to Rudra and hugs him. Rudra asks Ruhi if she met her mother. Ruhi addresses Rudra as “Papa” and tells him that she met Prisha and she is leaving Delhi the next day. This shocks Khuranas. Pihu feels confused. She scolds Rudra for trying to meet Prisha in the name of making Vidyut apologize to her. Rudra asks Pihu to say anything to him but not to his children. He says his kids have the whole right to meet Prisha. Rudra tells Pihu that Prisha is Ruhi and Saaransh’s mother. He says no power in the world can stop Ruhi and Saaransh from meeting their mother.

Pihu gets shell-shocked. Rudra tells Pihu that she doesn’t know what all Ruhi and Saaransh have done to meet their mother. She sees Rudra and Prisha’s kids crying faces. Rudra tells Pihu that Ruhi and Saaransh are his and Prisha’s kids. Pihu gets another big shock knowing this. Later, Pihu asks Armaan why he lied to her about Saaransh and Ruhi being Rudra’s elder brother’s children. Armaan gets shocked and scared when Pihu tells him that Saaransh and Ruhi are Rudra and Prisha’s kids. Pihu says now she understood why Ruhi and Saaransh always yearned to meet Prisha as they used to miss their mother.

She tells Armaan that they may be wrong about Rudra’s character and behavior. Scared Armaan fools Pihu by lying to her. He tells Pihu that Rudra lied to her and is using and fooling her to reach Prisha through her. Armaan also lies to Pihu that Rudra is pretending to be nice and this brought Vidyut to apologize to her. He shows Saaransh’s bio on the internet to Pihu. Pihu reads that Saaransh is Rajiv Khurana’s son. She gets trapped in Armaan’s lies and gets instigated against Rudra. Armaan convinces Pihu to stay away from Rudra. At Khurana Mansion, Saaransh, Ruhi and Rudra plan to wait for Prisha the next morning at the airport and stop her from leaving Delhi.

Ruhi asks Saaransh and Rudra to not take any tension as she will make Prisha remember everything. Rudra also takes out an album to make Prisha remember everything and believe him. After this Rudra, Ruhi and Saaransh play with each other and fall asleep together. Rudra misses Prisha playing with them in the past. In his thoughts, Rudra thanks Prisha for uniting him with their children after a long time. Next morning, Ruhi, Rudra and Saaransh wake up together early in the morning. They tell each other that they didn’t sleep the whole night in excitement to meet Prisha.

Ruhi, Rudra and Saaransh leave to freshen up and get ready quickly. At Thakur house, Kanchan performs veneration of Armaan and Prisha. Prisha wonders why she is seeing and missing Ruhi again and again. In a low voice, Digvijay asks Armaan to take Prisha away from Rudra and never return to India. Armaan in a low voice tells Digvijay that he won’t ever repeat his mistake of returning to India. He says Rudra won’t ever get Prisha. At Khurana Mansion, Sharda feeds curd and sugar to Rudra, Ruhi and Saaransh. She asks Rudra, Ruhi and Saaransh to bring Prisha back. Armaan and Prisha reach the airport.

Armaan notices a tense Prisha looking for someone. He takes Prisha inside. Prisha wonders why she is feeling bad about leaving Ruhi. She also wonders how she will live without Ruhi in Mumbai. Prisha wonders what is her relation with Ruhi that she is getting affected by going away from her. She also wonders what kind of attachment she has with Ruhi. Ruhi, Rudra and Saaransh get worried about getting stuck in a big traffic jam and heavy rain.

In the next episode, Raj will bring a bike. Rudra, Ruhi, Raj and Saaransh will ride the bike to get saved from a heavy traffic jam. Their bike will skid due to a pit on the road and all 4 of them will fall brutally from the bike. Prisha will get shocked, knowing that she and Armaan are going to London, not Mumbai. Rudra will get worried seeing his children injured. Prisha will show reluctance in going to London. Rudra, Ruhi and Saaransh will cry thinking that till now Prisha’s flight would have taken off.

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