Kumkum Bhagya 21st July 2022 Written Update Rhea’s suicide

Kumkum Bhagya 21st July 2022 Written Update Rhea's suicide

Kumkum Bhagya 21st July 2022 Written Update Rhea’s suicide Ranbir keeps appealing to Prachi to stop her home. Pallavi stops Prachi from leaving in a dramatic way. She tells that her bahu won’t leave the house. These words stun Prachi, Rhea and Ranbir. Pallavi does the unpredictable. Aaliya thinks her plan to brainwash Pallavi didn’t work. Rhea grows mad in anger when Pallavi stops Prachi from leaving the house. She angrily takes a knife to cut her wrist. Rhea threatens of a suicide. Pallavi stops Rhea and throws the knife away. She slaps Rhea to bring her to the senses. Rhea breaks down. Aaliya hugs Rhea and consoles her.

Rhea tells that she is deeply shocked by Pallavi’s word of acceptance towards Prachi. Rhea can’t believe that Pallavi has changed her stand. She is really upset. She blames Pallavi. Prachi gets the due respect in the Kohli family. She unites with Ranbir. Aaliya asks Pallavi how can she go on Prachi’s side. She wants Pallavi to support Rhea. Rhea threatens of leaving the house. She packs her bags and leaves the house. Pallavi doesn’t stop Rhea. What is Pallavi up to? Keep reading.

Prachi asks Ranbir not to act great, that he cares for the baby. She asks him if he didn’t guess about her pregnancy. He accepts his mistakes and apologizes. He asks her to forgive him once. She begs him to let her go. She tells that she had sworn to ruin him when she saw him marrying Rhea, she had hidden her baby’s news to make him yearn for the baby all his life, she wanted to take revenge on him. He tells that his Prachi can never do this. She tells that the Prachi he loved has died, he has not rectified any of his mistakes. She wants to rectify her mistake, so she removes his photos from her bag. Kohlis find Prachi leaving. Pallavi begs Dida to not stop her. Ranbir is devastated. Prachi thinks its too late now. Rhea and Aaliya get happy seeing Prachi at the door. Rhea wants Prachi to leave.


Kumkum Bhagya 21st July 2022 Written Update Rhea’s suicide:

Prachi decides to leave the house. Aaliya shows her the exit. Pallavi surprisingly stops Prachi from leaving. Shahana asks Pallavi if she wants to blame Prachi for the theft. Pallavi asks her to let her finish. She doesn’t want Prachi to go. She accepts Prachi as her bahu. The family is surprised and shocked at Pallavi’s change of decision. Aaliya asks Pallavi what is she saying and why. She wants Prachi to leave. Pallavi asks Aaliya to just shut up. She tells that she doesn’t know what’s happening in her house, she told the guests that her bahu Rhea is pregnant, and now she got Prachi’s pregnancy news.

She thinks Prachi is Ranbir’s wife and her bahu. Dida gets glad. Pallavi tells that its enough of the stupidity. Rhea questions her. Pallavi tells that they will talk later. She takes Prachi inside the house. She tells that she is really apologetic from her heart, so she wants to make an apology to her. She apologizes to Prachi and sheds tears. Ranbir is taken aback. Pallavi feels guilty. She tells that she has scolded and insulted Prachi a lot.

Prachi gets emotional. Pallavi tells that its her mistake that she came in Aaliya’s words, she got blind in her ego and anger. She wants Prachi to forgive her once. She tells that she wants to become a good mother for Prachi. She requests Prachi to not leave. She tells that a Saas can be wrong, but a Maa can never be wrong. She wants to look after Prachi in the pregnancy state. Prachi tells that she can’t do anything, she has to leave. Pallavi asks her to take time and think over. Prachi agrees to stay back. Dida hugs Pallavi happily and tells that the family got their old loving Pallavi back. Prachi is overjoyed with Pallavi’s apology. She shares her feelings with Shahana.

Ranbir watches Prachi. He is glad that she stayed back by listening to Pallavi. Rhea is too upset. Aaliya asks her to throw things and vent her anger. Rhea yells at her. She tells that its completely unexpected. She asks Aaliya if Pallavi really got Prachi inside the house. She doesn’t know why Pallavi stopped Prachi, when she never regarded Prachi as her bahu. She tells that Pallavi cheated her, she has done wrong knowing about the pregnancy. Rhea tells that she will decide what she will do with others. She can’t see Prachi getting more love and respect than her. She tells that she will leave the house.

Aaliya asks her not to get mad. Rhea tells that she isn’t going out of the house, she will pretend to leave, but the family will stop her. She wants Prachi to know her importance in the house. She asks her to come after her when she hears her scream. She shows her acting skills to Aaliya. Rhea takes her bag. Pallavi feeds the water to Prachi. She asks Prachi to forget the hurtful past. She tells that she knows Prachi’s pain. She wants to make a new start by understanding Prachi. Prachi tells that she knows Pallavi was never bad, she had no complaints with Pallavi ever. Pallavi blesses her. She feels guilty seeing Prachi’s goodness. Pallavi and Prachi bond like never before.

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  1. Fed up of all the negativity against prachi n ranbir .every new track is about rhea.wat new crimes now:
    killing prachi baby
    stealing kidnapping prachi baby
    kidnapping prachi baby for rhea.
    pallavi kiling someone n saying prachi did it so ranbir throw her out? why the facning obssession with rhea n ranbir as a coupke when they are in laws? disgusting writing n story.

  2. I am so sick and tired of this show never having a bloody good story everyone is always sad what d hell this is so much crap. Every since pragya this show has been a never ending sad story. So what No one deserves to be happy for 3 damn months of the bloody year. If I had to rate this show I would say it was being written by a very disgusting woman who really hates anyone being happy and lives to see others suffer. This show is getting very disgusting

  3. All that this KUMKUM BHAGGYA is teaching the YOUTH of TODAY is – “2ND MARRIAGES” – while “STILL “legally” MARRIED” to yr 1ST wife/husband – is “ABSOLUTELY FINE”…”DRUGGING” people is a “piece of cake” – calling GOONS to ‘KILL’ someone is…SOOO NORMAL…like calling for ‘GROCERIES’!! ‘SHAME ON YOU’…EKTA KAPOOR!!😳🤭😲

    Why can’t RANBIR & PRACHI – just BE HAPPY – TOGETHER???

  4. The show is horrific not suitable for siblings how can u put out a show between a twin sister of same parents and show too much hate, how can what happened to mother happened to child same character over and over again,the show is too dramatic


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