Yeh Rishta 20th July 2022 Written Update Truth for Akshu

Yeh Rishta 20th July 2022 Written Update Truth for Akshu

Yeh Rishta 20th July 2022 Written Update Truth for Akshu Akshara convinces Abhimanyu to go to hospital. Abhimanyu kisses Akshara’s forehead and wishes her “All the best”. Akshara herself leaves for the audition. Abhimanyu reaches the hospital and meets Dr. Singhal. Akshara also reaches Birla hospital after learning that her phone’s battery is not charged and she even has forgotten her wallet at home. She thinks Abhimanyu will scold her knowing all this. Abhimanyu wonders why his text is not getting delivered to Akshara. He leaves for his tests thinking that competition staff would have got contestants’ phones switched off.

Akshara thinks to get money from Abhimanyu or Neil quickly. Abhimanyu’s tests start. He opens his eyes and finds Dr. Singhal and Anand disappeared. Abhimanyu finds Dr. Singhal and Anand talking to each other outside the test room. Dr. Singhal explains to Anand that Abhimanyu’s hand nerve is severely damaged. Dr. Singhal also tells Anand that because of nerve damage, communication between brain and organ is getting affected. He further tells Anand that this will grow with time and Abhimanyu’s hand won’t work according to his own brain’s command. Dr. Singhal says Abhimanyu won’t even be able to hold a glass and that can lead to serious accidents.

Abhimanyu overhears all this. He gets shocked and breaks down when Dr. Singhal tells Anand that Abhimanyu won’t be able to perform surgeries anymore. Abhimanyu gets hurt, when Dr. Singhal asks Anand to not let him (Abhimanyu) do any work like driving, workout and other works in which risk is involved. Dr. Singhal says if Abhimanyu will do something in which risk is involved, any mishap can take place. This shocks Anand as well as Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu walks out of the test room and seems lost in his own thoughts. “Aye Khuda” song from the film “Rocky Handsome” plays in the background. Abhimanyu recalls performing surgeries.


He also recalls how his hand nerve got damaged and how he started losing his hold on things and people. Abhimanyu further recalls Dr. Singhal saying that he can’t perform surgeries anymore. Abhimanyu and Akshara pass by each other, but fail to see each other. Abhimanyu enters the OT and recalls performing a lot of surgeries. He imagines that his hand stopped performing surgery and his patient is sinking. Abhimanyu in the imagination starts breaking down realizing that he isn’t able to work any step of the surgery’s procedure.

He breaks and falls down on the OT bed. Akshara also falls on a stretcher at the same time. She wonders why she is feeling weird. Akshara gets worried thinking if Abhimanyu is fine. She reaches the OT room but a staff member stops her from entering. Akshara meets Anand and asks him about Abhimanyu’s whereabouts. Anand asks Akshara why she didn’t go for the audition till now. Akshara tells Anand that she forgot her wallet at home, so came to take some cash from Abhimanyu. Anand understands that Abhimanyu didn’t tell Akshara about his nerve damage till now. He tells Akshara that Abhimanyu is busy at present.

Anand himself gives some money to Akshara. Akshara asks Anand if Abhimanyu is fine. Anand asks Akshara why she is questioning weirdly. He changes the topic and wishes “All the best” to Akshara. Akshara leaves for her audition. Anand feels worried about Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu on the other hand, hugs his surgical instruments box and cries his heart out. Akshara eats a toffee and prays to God to take care of Abhimanyu. She opens the cab window to ease out her weird tension in fresh air. Akshara still feels tensed and tries calling Abhimanyu. When Abhimanyu doesn’t receive her calls, Akshara feels that something isn’t right.

Abhimanyu on the other hand, recalls his patients, their families and many people praising him for saving lives. He also recalls people referring to him as the best surgeon, best doctor and godly figure. Abhimanyu further recalls receiving the award and honor of the best surgeon in the state and also making the record of performing the most number of and most successful surgeries. He recalls Akshara addressing surgery as his first love. Akshara calls Manjiri. She tries to calm herself by talking to Manjiri. Akshara tells Manjiri that she is feeling very weird. Manjiri explains to Akshara to perform thinking that she is doing all this for Abhimanyu.

She tells Akshara that it’s Abhimanyu’s dream to see her as a big and successful singer. Manjiri asks Akshara to think how happy Abhimanyu will get if she wins the musical competition and becomes successful in life. As the call gets disconnected, Akshara wonders how to explain to Manjiri that she is feeling tensed for Abhimanyu, not herself. On not finding Abhimanyu anywhere, Anand understands that Abhimanyu would have heard his and Dr. Singhal’s conversation about his nerve damage results report. He searches for Abhimanyu, being worried about him. On meeting Neil, tense Anand asks him to send Abhimanyu to meet him whenever or wherever he finds him.

Seeing Anand tense, Neil feels that something is wrong. At Goenka house, Aarohi behaves rudely and insolently with Kairav, when he asks her where she is going. Akhilesh tries to defend Aarohi, but Manish asks him to not side with the person making a mistake. Aarohi rudely asks her family if she can go or any family drama is left. Akhilesh asks Aarohi to keep her phone switched on and go wherever she wants to go. Goenkas scolds Akhilesh for giving freedom to Aarohi to be insolent with her elders and family. Akhilesh asks Goenkas to understand that Aarohi is upset at getting brutally punished for a small matter.

He says Aarohi will feel good by meeting her friends. Kairav and Manish say that they are also worried for Aarohi but won’t tolerate her insolent behavior. Kairav in his thoughts asks Aarohi to not create any new problem for herself as otherwise life will get more difficult for her. At Birla hospital, Dr. Rohan reaches near OT but gets busy on call before entering. Aarohi angrily leaves Goenka Mansion. She thinks that she can’t tolerate everyone’s lectures and scoldings anymore. Aarohi decides to meet Rudra’s father and sort out her medical licence issue with him. She also decides to get a job at Rudra’s father’s hospital.

Aarohi thinks after this she will prove to Abhimanyu and Akshara that she always wins. Akshara reaches Sanskriti Bhavan (her audition venue). She feels like visiting Birla hospital again. At the audition venue, the person who told Akshara about “India’s Magical Voice” meets her. Abhimanyu on the other hand seems to be fully broken. Akshara waits for her turn outside. She recalls Abhimanyu motivating her. Akshara wonders why she is feeling weird even before going to the stage.

In the next episode, Akshara will get shell shocked when Anand will tell her that Abhimanyu won’t be able to perform surgeries anymore due to his injured hand. While driving, Abhimanyu will keep seeing his injured hand and will meet with an accident. He will fall unconscious.

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