Yeh Rishta Abhi in danger 21st July 2022 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Abhi in danger 21st July 2022 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Abhi in danger 21st July 2022 Written Update Akshara wonders why she is feeling weird even before stepping on the stage. Akshara imagines Abhimanyu calming her down. They sing and dance to the song “Kaun Tujhe” from the film “M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story”. Akshara’s imagination breaks and she gets tense. She again imagines Abhimanyu wishing her “All the best”. Abhimanyu disappears again and Akshara is called on stage. At Birla hospital, Abhimanyu wakes up from his breakdown. He realizes that he should empty the OT as some patient has his surgery in some time.

Abhimanyu fixes the OT stuff and linen. Abhimanyu wonders where he should go where no one will be there. On the other hand, Anand feels worried about Abhimanyu and his whereabouts. He thinks that Abhimanyu might not be able to share his problem with anyone, but he has to share it with the whole family, especially Manjiri and Akshara. Abhimanyu drives off to some alone place. He questions God why he is doing all this with him. He asks God what mistake he made that he has to bear all this. Abhimanyu requests God to not do this with him. He requests to at least keep Akshara fine and happy.

Suddenly, Abhimanyu starts imagining Akshara making him smile. “Kaise Hua” song from the film “Kabir Singh”, plays in the background. Abhimanyu feels a little cheered up, imagining Akshara around him. His imagination ends. Abhimanyu thinks that Akshara would be at her audition and singing well. He also thinks that at present everyone would be clapping for Akshara and praising her. Abhimanyu starts humming “Kaise Hua” and falls asleep in his car only. Akshara leaves her audition and reaches Birla hospital. She meets Anand. Anand asks Akshara what she is doing at Birla hospital, at the time of her audition.


Akshara tells Anand that she returned from the audition. Anand asks why. Akshara tells Anand that she will explain to him later. She asks Anand why he hid such a big truth from her. Anand feels confused and looks at Abhimanyu’s reports. He tells Akshara that he wanted to tell the truth but Abhimanyu stopped him. Akshara asks Anand if she doesn’t have the right to know. Anand tells Akshara that Abhimanyu didn’t want to trouble her or make her tense. Akshara asks Anand if she doesn’t seem tense to him now. She also asks Anand if Abhimanyu’s pain isn’t her pain. Anand tells Akshara that Abhimanyu’s pain, pains everyone.

He says Abhimanyu is their child and the most capable doctor of Birla hospital. Anand tells Akshara that Abhimanyu won’t ever be able to perform surgery because of his hand injury. This news makes Akshara shell shocked. Anand gets shocked and confused seeing Akshara’s shocked expressions. He wonders if Akshara didn’t know about it. Akshara recalls the hospital fire incident that she and Abhimanyu were stuck in. She recalls how Abhimanyu’s hand got pressurized with heavy furniture weight while saving both of them. Akshara asks Anand if Abhimanyu will never be able to perform surgeries anymore.

Shocked, Anand asks Akshara if she tricked him to spit out the truth. Akshara apologizes to Anand and says it was important for her to know the truth. She tells Anand, if anything or any way that takes a person to the truth of their loved ones is not called a trick but God’s blessings. Akshara breaks into tears and blames herself for Abhimanyu’s hand’s present condition. She runs away in search of Abhimanyu. Anand fails to stop Akshara. Anand thinks that Akshara threatened him to spit out the truth. Akshara recalls the hospital fire incident. She also recalls after that fire incident, how Abhimanyu was in pain and was losing his hold in things and her.

Akshara further recalls Anand spitting out the truth to her. She imagines Abhimanyu performing surgeries and his love for his patients and surgeries. Akshara says that Abhimanyu gets happy with his patients and surgeries. She blames herself for snatching Abhimanyu’s happiness. Akshara feels apologetic towards Abhimanyu. She thinks why Abhimanyu hid his pain from her. Akshara also thinks that it’s not fair that a brilliant surgeon like Abhimanyu faced such an injury. She again blames herself for Abhimanyu’s hand’s present condition. Akshara wipes her tears and starts searching for Abhimanyu.

She stops at a place where her heart starts beating faster. Akshara understands that Abhimanyu is somewhere nearby. She sees Abhimanyu’s car standing outside the hospital and runs towards it. Anand on the other hand, feels low being tense for Abhimanyu. He wonders whom he should talk to and share his feelings. Anand calls Harsh and starts crying. Harsh asks Anand why he sounds tense and is crying. Crying, Anand tells Harsh that he failed to handle everything properly. He also tells Harsh that everything got ruined. Abhimanyu on the other hand, overhears two people discussing that a bomb is found at Sanskriti Bhavan, where auditions have been organised.

Abhimanyu gets worried for Akshara and drives towards Sanskriti Bhavan. Abhimanyu wonders where Abhimanyu went. She also overhears people discussing about the bomb suspicion at Sanskriti Bhavan. Akshara understands that Abhimanyu would have panicked hearing the same. She thinks that worried Abhimanyu would have driven to Sanskriti Bhavan to save her. Abhimanyu drives fast towards the Sanskriti Bhavan. Akshara gets tense about not finding any cabs and taxis. Aarohi on the other hand, apologizes to Rudra for getting late. She tells Rudra that she by mistake entered the wrong address in Maps App.

Aarohi asks Rudra to also apologize to his father on her behalf as she doesn’t want her first impression to get ruined in his father’s eyes. Akshara keeps trying to find an auto or cab. She prays to God to take care of Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu suddenly feels pain in his injured hand while driving. His and Aarohi’s car passes from nearby. To save Aarohi, Abhimanyu changes the direction of his car and meets an accident. Aarohi gets shocked seeing Abhimanyu. She gets worried and runs towards Abhimanyu’s car. Before helping Abhimanyu, Aarohi recalls how Abhimanyu terminated her from the Birla hospital. She also recalls how Abhimanyu refused to marry her and chose Akshara instead of her.

Aarohi further recalls the London doctor refusing to marry her because Abhimanyu suspended her from Birla hospital. She steps back, choosing not to help unconscious Abhimanyu. Akshara on the other hand gets an auto and asks the driver to take her to Sanskriti Bhavan. She in her thoughts asks Abhimanyu why he took such a big risk for her. Akshara feels guilty that she wasn’t with Abhimanyu when he needed her the most. She prays to God to take care of Abhimanyu. Aarohi feels guilty somewhere in her heart for leaving unconscious Abhimanyu in his car which may catch fire any time and blast. Abhimanyu and Akshara’s wedding rings sparkle together at different places. Abhimanyu’s car explodes at last.

In the next episode, Akshara will find a lot of people standing at a place. She will overhear people saying that the injured person is some big and famous doctor. Worried, Akshara will run towards the injured person and will get shocked.

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