Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd July 2022 Rudra learns the truth

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd July 2022 Rudra learns the truth

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd July 2022 Rudra learns the truth Vanshika convinces Prisha to take her to the doctor. She secretly signs Rudra and his kids about the completion of their plan’s first step. Ruhi and Saaransh praise Rudra for making an excellent plan. Flashback shows Rudra calling Vanshika to his home. As Vanshika arrives, Rudra tells her that he found Prisha. Vanshika happily asks Rudra to make her meet Prisha. Rudra explains to Vanshika about Prisha’s present mental condition and seizures. Vanshika agrees to help Rudra. Rudra explains his plan to Vanshika. He asks Vanshika to help him by bringing Prisha to Dr. Awasthi’s clinic as he trusts him in such matters.

Vanshika asks Rudra if he thinks that something wrong is happening with Prisha. Rudra says yes. He tells Vanshika that the way Prisha behaved angrily, his Prisha isn’t like this at all. Rudra also tells Vanshika that at the police station, Prisha told him that he tortured her a lot and wants to kill her. He says he never did all this with Prisha. Rudra says he loves Prisha more than himself and can’t even think of torturing Prisha or hurting her physically. He also says that according to him, Armaan is behind all this. Rudra further says that Armaan must have put all wrong things in Prisha’s mind against him.


Saaransh, Ruhi and Rudra explain to Vanshika what she needs to do according to their plan. Vanshika happily agrees to help Rudra and his kids. Flashback ends. At Khurana Mansion, Sharda defends Rudra in front of her brother. Vidyut’s father (Sharda’s brother) tells Sharda that he also thought that Vidyut is a nice person but he made everyone reach the police station by his wrong doings. Vidyut stops his father from taking him away from Khurana Mansion. He tells his father that he made a mistake in anger and won’t repeat it ever.

On Vidyut’s requests, Sharda convinces her brother to give one chance to Vidyut and not let his studies get affected. Vidyut’s father agrees to give one chance to Vidyut and allows him to stay with Khuranas. He tells Sharda that he is leaving Vidyut at her house, by trusting her and Rudra. Vidyut’s father asks Sharda to take care of Vidyut and not make him regret his decision. Sharda promises her brother that Vidyut won’t do any misdeed from now onwards. As his father leaves, Vidyut hugs and thanks Sharda for helping him. He apologizes to Sharda when she scolds him for increasing family and Rudra’s tensions.

Raj feels guilty thinking that he increased Rudra and Khuranas tensions. Later at college, Pihu thanks Raj for courageously helping and supporting her. Raj starts walking away after telling Pihu that it’s okay. Pihu stops Raj and asks him to walk together with her. Raj apologizes to Pihu and tells her that they can’t be friends ever. Raj tells Pihu that Rudra and Khuranas did a lot for him. He says whatever or wherever he is today, is only because of Rudra and his family. Raj tells Pihu that Rudra and his family gave him space in their hearts as well as house. He also tells Pihu that Khurana house’s atmosphere ruined because of him today. Raj reveals to Pihu that a big argument took place at Khurana house today.

Raj tells Pihu that if today he befriends and supports her, it will be like a big slap on Khuranas face. He leaves telling Pihu that it will be good for everyone if they stay away from each other. Pihu feels confused and bad. On the other hand, Prisha and Vanshika reach doctor Awasthi’s clinic. Rudra, Ruhi and Saaransh also reach the same clinic behind Prisha and Vanshika. Vanshika leaves for check-up, requesting Prisha to wait for her outside. A nurse comes and gives an injection to Prisha. Prisha falls unconscious due to this. At Thakur house, Armaan searches for Prisha at home. Security guard tells Armaan that Prisha went to some hospital to help a girl, who fell and got injured outside Thakur house.

This information shocks Armaan. At the clinic, Dr. Awasthi tells Rudra that Prisha will remain unconscious for next 1 hour because of the injection which they injected her with. He also tells Rudra that he will try to perform all tests of Prisha within 1 hour. Rudra asks Dr. Awasthi if Prisha’s problem will get diagnosed with the tests. Dr. Awasthi says mostly yes. Rudra asks Dr. Awasthi to investigate and examine Prisha. He also asks Dr. Awasthi to find out why Prisha isn’t able to recognize her own kids, why she is hating him and why she is getting seizures. Dr. Awasthi tells Rudra that brain matters are very complicated, still he will try to find out what has happened with Prisha.

Armaan, on the other hand, tracks Prisha’s location through the tracker he has already fitted in Prisha’s phone. He runs towards Dr. Awasthi’s clinic to get Prisha back. At Dr. Awasthi’s clinic, Dr. Awasthi starts performing Prisha’s MRI scan. He keeps on explaining to Rudra that through the MRI they will get to know the real condition of Prisha. Dr. Awasthi tells Rudra that after the MRI, their hospital’s specialist neurologist will perform Prisha’s brain mapping. He explains to Rudra that through brain mapping, they will get to know if Prisha’s brain has got injured or something wrong has happened. Dr. Awasthi also tells Rudra that Prisha won’t remember anything about the test they are performing on her.

He sends Rudra to not worry and wait outside. Rudra feels apologetic towards Prisha. He says this way he will find out what has actually happened to Prisha. Rudra thinks this way he will find out some way to bring Prisha back to him and their kids and family. Rudra determines that he won’t leave Prisha’s support this time and their love will surely win over every situation/everyone. Armaan wonders why Prisha is staying at the clinic with the girl she went to help. He suspects some issue and calls Prisha. Nurse gives Prisha’s jewelry and phone to Saaransh, Ruhi and Vanshika. Rudra comes out of the MRI room.

Everyone gets shocked seeing Armaan calling Prisha. They decide to not receive Armaan’s call. Armaan calls Prisha again. This time, Vanshika receives Armaan’s call on Rudra’s insistence. Vanshika lies to Armaan that she is Prisha’s friend Priya and they are having coffee in the coffee shop. She disconnects the call telling Armaan that Prisha is in the washroom and she will inform her about his call, after she returns. Armaan wonders who Priya is and why she is addressing herself as Prisha’s friend. As his tracker shows Prisha’s location as Awasthi clinic, he wonders why Priya lied to her that she and Prisha are in a coffee shop.

At the college canteen, Vidyut and his friends scolds Raj for putting Vidyut in trouble. They leave the canteen, refusing to sit or have lunch with Raj. Pihu witnesses and overhears all this. Seeing Raj tense, Pihu goes to him. Both Raj and Pihu’s heads collide, when they bend down to pick-up a salt dispenser. Pihu tells Raj that she thought of giving him company seeing him sitting alone. Raj angrily leaves from the canteen, asking Pihu to not try to befriend him. At Awasthi clinic, Rudra gets shocked seeing Armaan asking for Prisha. He wonders how Armaan got to know about Prisha’s real location, when Vanshika lied to him about her being with Prisha at a coffee shop.

Vanshika, Saaransh and Ruhi also get shocked seeing Armaan. Rudra tells everyone that Armaan must have put a tracker in Prisha’s phone. This shocks everyone. Ruhi and Saaransh ask Rudra what they should do now as Prisha’s tests are still going on presently. Receptionist tells Armaan that no Prisha Thakur has visited Awasthi clinic. To fool Armaan and keep him away from Prisha, Rudra sends Vanshika outside with Prisha’s phone. He also asks Vanshika to wander here and there with Prisha’s phone and not let Armaan return to Awasthi Clinic. Saaransh and Ruhi pray to God to send Armaan away from Prisha and Awasthi clinic.

Armaan finds Prisha’s tracker moving out of the clinic and follows it. Rudra relaxes w little. Vanshika runs away from Armaan using a bike. Armaan follows Vanshika. Dr. Awasthi completes Prisha’s all tests at Awasthi clinic. Doctor tells Rudra that Prisha’s case seems very different. He also tells Rudra that he found anti-seizure medicines in Prisha’s body system. Dr. Awasthi also tells Rudra that this medicine is given to the person who suffers seizures. He further tells Rudra that if this medicine’s high dose is given to someone, then that person can lose his/her memory. Dr. Awasthi tells Rudra that according to Prisha’s reports she is being given anti-seizures medicines daily.

This shocks Rudra. He understands that Armaan is giving anti-seizures medicines to Prisha to make her forget her family. Rudra asks Dr. Awasthi how Prisha remembers him and why she hates him. He asks Dr. Awasthi why Prisha told him that he used to torture her like a monster. Dr. Awasthi tells Rudra that to get answers to his questions, they need to monitor conscious Prisha for 24 hours in front of him. He tells Rudra that someone may have filled such wrong things in Prisha’s brain/mind, which made Prisha hate him. Rudra feels angry realizing that Armaan stooped so low to keep him away from Prisha.

In the next episode, Ruhi and Saaransh will get shocked to know about Armaan’s misdeeds from Rudra. Kanchan and Pihu on the other hand, starts wondering why Rudra will torture Prisha when he loves her so much. To know what Armaan actually did with Prisha; Rudra, Ruhi and Saaransh will shift to a house in front of Thakur house. Kids will get happy seeing that they will live near Prisha now.

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