Kumkum Bhagya 25th July 2022 Written Update Prachi tricked

Kumkum Bhagya 25th July 2022 Written Update Prachi tricked

Kumkum Bhagya 25th July 2022 Written Update Prachi tricked Ranbir tells Prachi that he knows that she doesn’t need any support, but he likes to support her, so she will always find him lending a hand to help. He forwards his hand to Prachi. She holds his hand and reciprocates his feelings. Dida is really happy seeing them. She expresses her happiness to Pallavi. She is grateful to Pallavi that she accepted Prachi as her Bahu. Pallavi tells that Prachi will get what belongs to her, and even in future, she will get what she deserves. She gets cunning and deceives the family. She cheats Vikram, Dida and Ranbir by concealing her real motives. She hates Prachi to the core, and feels like dying when she has to turn sweet towards Prachi. She wants to snatch Prachi’s child, the heir of the Kohli family. She plans to throw out Prachi once the baby comes in the world. Keep reading.

Rhea asks Pallavi why did she stop Prachi from leaving. Pallavi tells that she stopped the family’s heir from leaving. She adds that she just wanted Ranbir’s first child, Ranbir was helpless to stay with Prachi, but she won’t let the heir grow in any poor family. She tells that she can’t let Prachi raise the baby in poverty. She asks Rhea not to worry, Prachi will stay in the house until the baby is born. She plans to claim the custody of the child, and throw out Prachi from the house. She tells that it was difficult for her to stop Prachi, she will pretend and be nice to Prachi, just for the sake of the baby.

Kumkum Bhagya 25th July 2022 Written Update Prachi tricked:


Pallavi tells Aaliya that she has to take care of Prachi and give her full attention. She asks Aaliya to take care of Rhea and make sure that Rhea is alright. She goes away. Rhea asks Aaliya if she believes Pallavi is saying the truth. Aaliya tells that she can’t believe that Pallavi can be so clever, that she can plan such a big thing. Rhea tells that its Pallavi’s suppressed anger. Ranbir is happy. He shares his joy with Shahana. He hugs her. He tells that he is really happy. She asks him not to cry with joy. They talk of Prachi. Ranbir jumps happily and goes to hug Dida and Vikram.

He tells Dida that he feels happy knowing about the family’s good response towards Prachi’s pregnancy, Prachi isn’t going anywhere now, she will stay with them. Dida is glad that Pallavi has stopped Prachi from leaving. Ranbir tells that he loves his mom. He hugs Pallavi and thanks her. He tells that she has accepted Prachi, and gave him a big happiness. He adds that he has understood that his happiness completed because of his mom. He thanks her for supporting his dreams. She tells that she has done this for herself, she has accepted Prachi and completed the relations. Ranbir thanks her a lot. He apologizes for getting rude to her and hurting her heart. Rhea and Aaliya wonder what’s happening.

Pallavi suggests that they keep a puja and party for Prachi’s baby news. She asks the family to help her. The family agrees happily. They are happy to help. They promise Pallavi. She turns sweet towards Shahana also. She wants everything to happen as she wants. She thinks the family chose the wrong side, so she is cheating them. She asks them to wake up early and help her in arrangements. Ranbir tells that he won’t sleep all night. Next morning, Ranbir goes to see Prachi. He finds her sleep getting disturbed by sunlight. He blocks the sunlight. Shahana watches Ranbir’s sweet gesture and wishes that every girl gets such a lover. She falls down and screams. Prachi wakes up. Shahana apologizes to her. She asks Ranbir what is he doing. Ranbir tells that he got a glass of juice for Prachi.

Prachi doesn’t take the juice. Shahana asks Prachi to just drink the juice. Prachi finds it very sugary. She tells that she doesn’t like sugar in the juice. Ranbir notes it down. Shahana asks Prachi not to criticize Ranbir’s efforts. Prachi tells that she didn’t stay back for Ranbir, but for Pallavi’s sake. She asks Shahana about the party organized. She isn’t interested in the party. She thinks to get blessings for the baby. Shahana tells that the guests will bless her and give her best wishes. Prachi tells that Aryan is coming in the party. Shahana tells glad that Aryan is coming. Ranbir overhears them. He wants to win Prachi’s love and faith back. He promises to win her love.

Rhea meets her friend Shaina. Aaliya tells that she has invited Shaina. She asks Shaina to stay with Rhea. Shaina asks about the puja. Aaliya tells that she will tell her everything. Shaina meets Ranbir. She congratulates him for becoming a father soon. Dida asks pandit to bless the bahu and the coming baby. Shaina asks Rhea if the puja is happening for her. Rhea tells that the puja for her has already happened. Ranbir tells that Prachi is pregnant, Dida was talking about Prachi. Shaina gets confused. Ranbir goes to talk to Prachi. Vikram asks Ranbir to go to Prachi.

Ranbir runs to her. Shaina asks Rhea what’s happening. Shahana leaves Prachi with Ranbir. Ranbir tells Prachi that everything will get fine. Prachi and Ranbir take Pallavi’s blessings. Pallavi hugs them. Ranbir asks Prachi to hold his hand, he would always lend a hand to help her. Prachi looks at him. Pallavi goes to the kitchen for some work. Dida follows her to thank her. Pallavi acts that she wants everything perfect in Prachi’s puja. Dida tells that nothing wrong will happen now. She praises Prachi’s positive side. Pallavi asks her is she happy. Dida tells that she is really happy that Pallavi accepted Prachi. Pallavi tells that Prachi will get what she deserves. Dida gets worried hearing her.

She keeps an eye on Pallavi. She wonders what’s going on in Pallavi’s mind. She gets suspicious. Ranbir and Prachi sit together and perform the puja. Shaina asks Rhea if her fake pregnancy flopped. Rhea twists her hand in anger and asks her not to mention her fake pregnancy. Aaliya asks Rhea to leave Shaina’s hand. Rhea asks them to stop teasing her. Shaina tells that she is upset for Rhea. Rhea feels Prachi lucky. She doesn’t know what’s happening in her life. Aaliya asks her to behave well like Prachi is acting. Rhea tells that Prachi is the center of attraction today. Aaliya asks her to be good.

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