Kumkum Bhagya 26th July 2022 Written Update Happy times

Kumkum Bhagya 26th July 2022 Written Update Happy times

Kumkum Bhagya 26th July 2022 Written Update Happy times Pallavi introduces Prachi as her bahu and Ranbir’s wife. She tells the guests that the puja is kept for Prachi, who is pregnant. The guest asks about Rhea, who isn’t coming to greet and stepping back. She asks if Rhea doesn’t want to meet them. Pallavi introduces Rhea as Prachi’s sister. Rhea cries that Pallavi didn’t introduce her as Ranbir’s wife. She tells Aaliya that they shouldn’t trust Pallavi from now, she seems determined to really unite Prachi and Ranbir. Ranbir is really happy that Prachi has given him a chance to prove his loyalty. He wishes to win Prachi’s love. Ranbir tries using his old charm on Prachi, hoping she will see the old Ranbir in him and forgive him. Earlier in the show, Dida tells that she is really happy that Pallavi accepted Prachi. Pallavi tells that Prachi will get what she deserves. Dida gets worried hearing her.

She keeps an eye on Pallavi. She wonders what’s going on in Pallavi’s mind. She gets suspicious. Ranbir and Prachi sit together and perform the puja. Shaina asks Rhea if her fake pregnancy flopped. Rhea twists her hand in anger and asks her not to mention her fake pregnancy. Aaliya asks Rhea to leave Shaina’s hand. Rhea asks them to stop teasing her. Shaina tells that she is upset for Rhea. Rhea feels Prachi lucky. She doesn’t know what’s happening in her life. Aaliya asks her to behave well like Prachi is acting. Rhea tells that Prachi is the center of attraction today. Aaliya asks her to be good.

Kumkum Bhagya 26th July 2022 Written Update Happy times:


Vikram tells Pallavi that he is really pleased with her decision. She tells that she is also happy seeing everyone happy, she should have taken this decision before and united Ranbir and Prachi. She talks sugary and tells Dida that she will always keep Ranbir and Prachi together. She promises to make everything like before. She will end the rift between Ranbir and Prachi, they will come close again, and everything will be alright. She tells that she likes to see the joy spread in her family. Vikram tells that he wanted to see such a good day since always. He thanks her.

Rhea watches Prachi giving her hand to Ranbir during the puja. Pallavi keeps Prachi’s hand in Ranbir’s hand. She expresses her happiness. Shahana is thankful that Prachi is happy. She goes to change the bucket seeing the water draining from the AC. She doesn’t want any problem. Prachi prays for the baby’s well-being. She doesn’t want any problem in her baby’s life. Ranbir prays that their lives become like before. Prachi smiles seeing Ranbir. He asks the pandit to do such puja every day, because Prachi has smiled seeing him today. He wants his love to show its effect. Prachi tells that her smile isn’t a big deal.

Ranbir tells that her smile is everything for him, it gave him big hopes. Rhea gets angry watching them. Shahana takes the water to throw outside. She throws it on Aryan. She swears that she didn’t throw it deliberately. She apologizes. Aryan refuses to take her help. She finds a girl coming along with Aryan. Aryan introduces his girlfriend Mili. Rhea tells Aaliya that she can’t tolerate the drama. Aaliya and Shaina ask Rhea to stay back. Dida welcomes her friend Vandy in the party. Pallavi and Vikram also greet Vandy and like her surprise entry. Dida asks Vandy to meet Prachi and Ranbir.

She call the family members. Pallavi introduces Prachi as Ranbir’s wife. She tells that they kept the puja for Prachi. She adds that Rhea is Prachi’s sister. Rhea feels upset. Aaliya asks Shaina to be with Rhea. Vandy tells that she finds Rhea and Aaliya weird. She asks Prachi not to become like them. She blesses Ranbir and Prachi to have many kids. She likes Ranbir’s choice.

Ranbir praises Prachi for having a beautiful heart, that reflects on her overall personality. Vandy blesses them with love. Aaliya and Shaina don’t see Rhea anywhere. They are shocked to find Rhea sitting inside the cupboard and crying. Rhea knows Pallavi has accepted Prachi, but asks them why Pallavi is giving much attention to Prachi. She tells that she can’t tolerate Prachi getting Pallavi’s love. Aaliya asks Rhea to not worry, once the baby comes, Prachi will be out of the house. Rhea tells that Pallavi is lying to them. Aaliya asks her to trust Pallavi. Rhea tells that Pallavi insulted her and made her feel like an outsider, Pallavi is doing a drama and fooling them, they shouldn’t trust Rhea. Rhea tells that she heard Pallavi promising Vikram and Dida of uniting Ranbir and Prachi.

She tells that they should find out the truth, Pallavi really wants to unite Ranbir and Prachi. Prachi sits for the rituals. Vandy cracks jokes on Vikram and Pallavi. Ranbir expresses his love for Prachi. They share a moment. Shahana and Mili argue, while Aryan asks Shahana to make way for him. He doesn’t like her irritating behavior. She stamps his foot. He calls her crazy. Pallavi meets Rhea. She tells that she knows its hard for Rhea to trust her now. She asks Rhea not to doubt her. She tells that she had seen Rhea hearing her, and even then she told all those things. Rhea asks her if she doesn’t care for her feelings. She tells that Pallavi’s words have hurt her. She asks if she has lost her value. She reminds Pallavi that she is also pregnant, but she doesn’t exist for anyone. Pallavi angrily rebukes Rhea.

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