Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th July 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th July 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th July 2022 Written Update Pihu returns home. Kanchan asks Pihu why she is upset. Pihu tells Kanchan that she is very confused. She says that Armaan told them about how Rudra used to torture Prisha. Pihu tells Kanchan that earlier at the police station, she saw truth and love in Rudra’s eyes for Prisha. She says even today at college, Raj told her how badly Rudra searched for Prisha last year, when Prisha disappeared suddenly. Pihu says Raj even told her how much Rudra was yearning and suffering for Prisha last year in her absence.

Pihu says something is wrong. She asks Kanchan why Rudra will torture Prisha, if he loves her a lot. Digivijay overhears Pihu’s doubts and questions. He angrily asks Pihu how she even thought of trusting Rudra. Digivijay says Rudra is very cunning and is trying to fool her too by his sweet talks. He also says that Rudra shows himself as a caring and loving husband in front of the world but is a monster behind closed doors. Digvijay further says that Prisha is just like a trophy for him. He tells Pihu that Rudra can go to any extent to acquire her. Digivijay angrily asks Pihu why she is suspecting her own brother for Rudra.


He tells Pihu that he won’t ever tolerate his daughter betraying her own brother for Rudra. Digivijay angrily leaves asking Pihu to stay away from Rudra and his matters. Next morning, Rudra tells Mrs. Khanna that he is paying her double the amount for buying her house as she did him a huge favor. Mrs. Khanna tells Rudra that she will sign the agreement after loading her remaining stuff. Rudra takes his kids to a window to surprise them. Rudra opens the curtains. Ruhi and Saaransh get surprised and happy seeing Prisha in a nearby house and visible from this window. Rudra explains to his kids that he purchased this house. He tells his kids that now they can watch Prisha’s all activities through this widow.

Rudra also tells his kids that they can also keep a watch on Armaan and if he is still giving any wrong medicines to Prisha or not. He explains to his kids that whenever Prisha will go outside, they will follow her and pretend that they are seeing her for the first time. Rudra further explains to his kids that they will slowly try to remind Prisha about her past moments, so that she regains her memory. Ruhi and Saaransh like Rudra’s plan. Ruhi kisses Rudra and tells him that this is the bestest surprise from all the surprises that he gave her and Saaransh till now. Saaransh agrees with Ruhi.

Ruhi tells Rudra that she can’t see Prisha clearly because of the distance. Rudra gives binoculars to Ruhi. Ruhi and Saaransh sees Prisha through binoculars and gets happy. Saaransh takes Ruhi to see their new house. Rudra starts seeing Prisha using binoculars. He recalls how he used to help Prisha in getting ready in past years. Rudra also recalls a lot of his and Prisha’s past moments. He thinks that once Prisha comes back to him, he will again groom her and love her a lot and never let them get separated again. Armaan snatches binoculars from Rudra.

He recalls seeing Rudra watching Prisha through binoculars from his house’s balcony. Armaan also recalls clicking Rudra’s pictures while watching Prisha through binoculars. He further recalls his neighbor, Mrs. Khanna, telling him that she sold her house to Rudra at double the value. He also saw Ruhi and Saaransh in his neighboring house. Flashback ends. Armaan tells all this to Rudra. Rudra asks Armaan what he will do now. He reminds Armaan that Prisha is his wife, not his (Armaan). Armaan grabs Rudra to the living room. He complains to Mrs. Khanna that Rudra was watching his wife through binoculars, through her house window, while she was changing clothes.

Armaan asks Mrs. Khanna how she can sell her house to such a cheap man. Rudra tries defending himself saying that Prisha is his wife. Armaan tells Rudra that Prisha is his (Rudra) ex-wife, his (Armaa) current wife. Armaan tells Mrs. Khanna that Rudra is obsessed with Prisha. He also tells Mrs. Khanna that he has even sent Rudra behind bars many times because of his actions. Armaan asks Mrs. Khanna to check police records, if she doesn’t believe him. He says Rudra got bail being a celebrity.

Armaan says that Rudra can do the same with other girls, which he is doing today with Prisha. He asks Mrs. Khanna if she wants to ruin the atmosphere of their neighborhood by selling her house to a cheap man like Rudra. Rudra gets angry at Armaan. Mrs. Khanna tells Armaan that Rudra asked her to sell her house to him as it’s made on his ancestral land. Armaan tells Mrs. Khanna that Rudra is lying and she has also seen Rudra’s behavior. He asks Mrs. Khanna, to now make a final decision, if she wants to sell her house to cheap Rudra or not. Mrs. Khanna picks up the house selling agreement and tears it. She apologizes to Rudra and refuses to sell her house to him.

This shocks Ruhi, Saaransh and Rudra. She asks Rudra to leave, otherwise she will call the police. Rudra leaves with his kids. Armaan stops Rudra outside. He threatens Rudra to stop whatever he is doing, otherwise he will take Prisha away and won’t let him know where. Later, Ruhi, Rudra and Saaransh return to Khurana Mansion. Rudra asks Saaransh to not be sad and tense. He tells Saaransh that they will find another way to get Prisha back. Angry Saaransh lashes out at Rudra and blames him for separating Prisha from him (Saaransh) and Ruhi.

In anger, Saaransh expresses his fear that Armaan may take Prisha away from Khuranas forever. Saaransh tells Rudra that Prisha left him and went to Armaan because of his anger. He also tells Rudra that Armaan is much smarter than him. Saaransh further tells Rudra that he doesn’t deserve Prisha/ is not worthy of Prisha, because of which Prisha won’t stay with him. Angry Rudra raises his hand to slap Saaransh but stops in between. Ruhi gets shocked and scared seeing all this. Saaransh asks Rudra why he stopped in between as he already had hurt him earlier, by not considering him as his real son.

Ruhi feels very sad and disturbed with whatever is going on. She thinks of doing something to go to Prisha. Next morning, Digivijay gets angry, when Armaan tells him how Rudra was purchasing Mrs. Khanna’s house to keep a watch on them and Prisha. Digivijay tells Armaan that he already warned him. Armaan tells Digivijay that Prisha isn’t ready to go anywhere outside of Delhi. Digivijay asks Armaan to take Prisha anywhere nearby to keep her children and Rudra away from her. Later, Armaan convinces Pihu to help him take Prisha on a family trip to Shimla. Digivijay tells Pihu that they will join Armaan and Prisha later as he has an important meeting in Delhi. Pihu agrees to convince Prisha. Armaan and Digivijay grins evilly.

In the next episode, Khuranas will get worried seeing Ruhi missing from home. Prisha will start leaving for Shimla with Rudra. Saaransh will get shocked seeing this. In Shimla, Prisha will ask Armaan why he didn’t book 2 rooms. Armaan will ask Prisha why they, being husband and wife, need to book 2 rooms. Rudra and Saaransh will make a decision to go to Shimla together to get Prisha back home.

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