Udaariyaan 25th July 2022 Written Update Tejo’s denial

Udaariyaan 25th July 2022 Written Update Tejo's denial

Udaariyaan 25th July 2022 Written Update Tejo’s denial Tejo apologizes to Fateh for beating him. Fateh tells Tejo that it’s okay as it’s not hurting him. He tells Tejo that she saw what was shown to her. Tejo tells Fateh that she should have also thought that whatever we see is not always true. Fateh tells Tejo that sometimes we see only what our brain tells us. He says many times, the heart’s voice gets lost in the noise of the mind. Tejo apologizes to Fateh. Fateh tells Tejo that he should be the one apologizing to her.

Tejo tells Fateh that she has learnt that he didn’t kill their child. She again apologizes to Fateh. Fateh and Tejo hold each other’s hands and the former wipes the latter’s tears. Tejo tells Fateh that 9 months ago she wanted to meet him to tell him that she is pregnant. Fateh tells Tejo that Jasmine told him that she wants to meet and tell him something. He also tells Tejo that till he reached, the whole godown was surrounded by fire. Tejo tells Fateh that while being surrounded by fire, she saw him and Jasmine outside together. She tells Fateh she misunderstood that he and Jasmine tried killing her and her child.

Fateh tells Tejo that he and Jasmine were trying ways to save her from fire but failed. Tejo gets emotional thinking that Jasmine actually wanted to save her. Fateh tells Tejo that Jasmine used to get irritated and annoyed with Angad, which is why she probably wanted to save her. Tejo tells Fateh that it’s of no use now as they already lost their child. Fateh tells Tejo that he broke down and shattered, knowing that she was pregnant at the time of getting burnt by fire. He also tells Tejo that he couldn’t even properly cry on knowing about their unborn child’s death. Fateh further tells Tejo that their Amrik died while exposing Angad.


Tejo caresses Fateh’s face and apologizes to him. She blames herself for Amrik’s death. Fateh wipes Tejo’s tears. He asks Tejo to not blame herself as she isn’t at fault in all this. Fateh tells Tejo that life and time has played a big and weird game with them and everyone lost something or someone of theirs. He tells Tejo that they should forget about whatever happened and should live happily together with whatever they are left with. Fateh also tells Tejo that if she is with he can forget all his pain. He further tells Tejo that he knows her worth as he got her back, after losing her badly.

He asks Tejo to promise him that she will forget all her bad memories and become old Tejo. Tejo tells Fateh that it’s a little difficult but she will try. Later, the Virk family visits Sandhu house. Khushbeer hugs Tejo and says that he got his daughter back. Tejo apologizes to Gurpreet, saying that she lost Amrik because of her. She tells Gurpreet that she understands the pain of losing own child. Gurpreet hugs Tejo and asks her to have courage, saying that no one’s will comes before God’s will.

Khushbeer asks Tejo to start afresh. Gurpreet requests Fateh to return home. Fateh recalls Gurpreet challenging him to take care of mentally unstable Tejo without anyone’s help. He asks Gurpreet if she is asking him to return now when Tejo has regained her memory. Gurpreet tells Fateh that she decided to convince him to return home, when she didn’t even know that Tejo regained her memory. Khushbeer tells Fateh that Gurpreet has already realized where his happiness lies. He also tells Fateh that they were going to tell him about Gurpreet’s realization but before that Tejo met with the fire incident and regained her memory.

Gurpreet tells Fateh that she always considered Tejo as her daughter but she went wrong for some time. Fateh tells Gurpreet that he wouldn’t have to leave his house, if this would have been the truth. Tejo keeps getting confused. Khushbeer asks Fateh to forget whatever happened as God made everything alright. He says Virks came to take their son and daughter-in-law back. Khushbeer apologizes to Rupy for whatever happened and requests him to let him take his son and daughter-in-law back home. Rupy tells Khushbeer that he has left the final decision on Fateh and Tejo.

Gurpreet requests Fateh and Tejo to return home. Tejo asks Gurpreet when did she and Fateh get married again after divorce. Satti tells Tejo that she and Fateh got married 1 week ago. This shocks Tejo. Tejo says she doesn’t remember her and Fateh’s second marriage. Tejo says she wasn’t mentally stable or knew about her own identity, when Fateh married her. She says this isn’t a legal marriage. Tejo returns her nuptial chain to Fateh. She apologizes to Fateh and refuses to accept their marriage. This shocks everyone and hurts Fateh.

Tejo apologizes for hurting everyone with her decision. She says how can she accept a marriage, about which she doesn’t even remember anything. Tejo says she won’t leave her father’s house. She apologizes to Fateh and tells him that she isn’t his wife. Nimmo tries to instigate Gurpreet against Tejo. Gurpreet requests Tejo to not punish Fateh for what she did with her. Confused, Tejo tells Gurpreet that she isn’t taking revenge from anyone. Gurpreet tells Tejo that Fateh brought her to Virk house by marrying her a week ago, against her wish. She also tells Tejo that everyone together performed her griha pravesh.

Tejo requests Gurpreet to understand that she doesn’t remember anything about whatever happened in the last 9 months. Remembering whatever happened 9 months ago, Tejo starts to feel unwell. Everyone gets worried for Tejo. Seeing this, Fateh shuts everyone. He asks everyone to not trouble Tejo. Gurpreet asks Fateh to make Tejo understand that they got married to each other. She says she will make everything alright once he brings Tejo back to Virk house. Fateh says he doesn’t want to force this marriage on Tejo. Fateh says he will also not accept his and Tejo’s marriage and will wait for Tejo till she herself will accept him as her husband.

He says his love for him is adoration and worship. Fateh says he married Tejo to only give a name to their relationship, otherwise his and Tejo’s love doesn’t need any stamp. He also says that if Tejo loves him, she will accept their marriage and relationships one day for sure. Fateh further says that he will wait even for 7 births, if he will have to. Except Nimmo, everyone gets emotional hearing this. Fateh asks Tejo to do whatever she feels comfortable with. He asks Tejo to take her nuptial chain back from him, whenever she feels it should be with her. Fateh also asks Tejo to not worry, if she never feels like taking the nuptial chain back from him. He tells Tejo that he will keep her nuptial chain with him forever as her memory or sign, in the second case.

Fateh asks Tejo to live happily and freely like old Tejo Sandhu as they missed her a lot. He says his family was always hers and will always be. Fateh asks Rupy if he can keep visiting Sandhu house. Rupy says yes. Fateh asks Tejo to always remember that they are best friends. Fateh takes a leave from Sandhus. Virks also leave behind Fateh. At night, Fateh wakes up Jasmine by pouring kerosene on her. Scared Jasmine sees Fateh with a matchbox and screams. With scream, Jasmine’s nightmare breaks.

Sweety’s mother gets angry seeing Jasmine at her house. She asks Jasmine to get out of her house. Sweety asks her mother where Jasmine will go so late at night. Sweety’s mother asks Sweety to leave with Jasmine if she cares so much for her. Jasmine requests Sweety’s mother to let her stay at her house for some days. Sweety’s mother doesn’t agree and pushes Jasmine away. Jasmine feels angry. She decides to give the same amount of pain to Fateh that today she is going through. On the other hand, Tejo recalls both Virk and Sandhu families telling her about her and Fateh’s marriage that happened a week ago.

She feels stressed recalling everything. At Virk house, Fateh recalls the time and moments he spent with Tejo and misses her. Tejo wonders why she can’t remember Fateh and her marriage. Fateh says his love has reached that stage, where he doesn’t have the desire to get Tejo and not even have the fear of losing her. Tejo thinks Fateh very well knows that she won’t ever accept a marriage which is formed without family’s permission. She wonders how Fateh got so helpless that he married her without family’s permission. Fateh says that Tejo has settled in his soul and now only death can separate them.

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