Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 26th July 2022 Written Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Spoilers Ajooni Channa Mereya

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 26th July 2022 Written Update Vidhi stands in the long queue at a famous sweet shop. She waits to buy the sweets for the bhog. Her parents wait for the bhog in the temple. Pandit tells that Vidhi won’t be able to get the bhog on time. Vidhi gets confused about the bhog. A person in the shop recognizes her and gives the bhog that goes to the temple every day from the shop. Vidhi looks unsure. She runs to the temple with the sweets. She passes the box to a lady, who takes the credit for getting the bhog on time. Vidhi tells her mom about the grand marriage happening in the city, due to which all the sweet shops were crowded. She wonders if there is any prince palace in their Indore. Dev’s entry happens in his palatial house. He goes to meet his step-sister Chitra.

Chitra doesn’t want to meet him. She asks him to leave her alone. He tells that he will never leave her alone. He asks the problem so that he can solve. He enquires if Vikram told her anything. She complains about Vikram’s Mausi. She wants to look the best in her wedding. He cheers her and asks her to always keep the glow of her joy on her face. He treats her as a princess. Priya is also his stepsister. She asks him why doesn’t he love her as he loves Chitra. He tells that he loves her equally. Priya tells that her relatives aren’t attended well, there is no time left, the beauticians didn’t arrive till now. She is upset over her insult. Dev asks her not to worry, the problem will be solved. She doesn’t believe him.

Vidhi is surrounded by problems. Dev calls Vidhi’s aunt Urmila to book the beautician service. Urmila runs to Vidhi to make her communicate in English. Vidhi informs Urmila about Dev’s call for the beautician. Urmila tells that her assistant has taken a leave. She insists Vidhi to come with her. Vidhi asks for some money in return of her help. Urmila angrily scolds her. Vidhi’s dad is against her job. Urmila complains about Vidhi’s money demand, but insists them to send her along. Vidhi wants to help Urmila. Vidhi’s mom gives her some money to travel in an auto rickshaw. Urmila reaches Dev’s house. She calls Vidhi.


Vidhi tells that she has lost her way. Urmila asks her to reach on time. Vidhi reaches the place, while Urmila goes inside. Vidhi looks for the auto rickshaw, and tells the guard that she left the uniform in the rickshaw. She greets Kaalu, the sweetshop owner. She gets an entry because of him. She enters Dev’s house and goes to find Urmila. Urmila asks Vidhi why did she get late and not wear the uniform. Vidhi tells that she forgot the uniform. Vidhi goes to get some hot water. She looks for the bathroom. She asks the guests for help. Dev is shocked to see Vikram’s Mausi Amy. She tells that she wanted to see his shocked reaction, she is giving surprises to life these days.

She tells him that Chitra will be coming to her house after the marriage. She asks Dev if he can do anything for Chitra’s happiness. She asks hm to get down on his knees and remove his branded sherwani. He asks Amba about her misbehavior. She threatens him about his sister’s happiness. He removes the sherwani. She asks him to give his hand to her for the old times sake. Dev holds her hand. Amba laughs aloud. Vidhi reaches the room and finds them together. She apologizes. She asks for the hot water. Dev tells that he will help. He gets glad that she came and saved him from Amba. Vidhi drops the bowl by mistake because of Dev. She wonders what would she tell Urmila. She addresses Dev as uncle ji. Dev gives his costly ring for the loss. Vidhi brings the ring home and shows it to her parents.

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