Udaariyaan 26th July 2022 Written Update Tejo in danger

Udaariyaan 26th July 2022 Written Update Tejo in danger

Udaariyaan 26th July 2022 Written Update Tejo in danger Jasmin is scared for her life. She feels threatened because of Fateh’s warning. Fateh wants her to leave Moga and go away from his life. He doesn’t want Jasmin to bother Tejo again. He knows her evil intentions of burning Tejo to draw her mentally unstable, but cleans her name in front of Tejo for the sake of family peace. Jasmin’s drama comes to an end. She feels much troubled in the state of pregnancy. She decides to trouble Fateh and ruin his happiness. Tejo doesn’t accept Fateh and her marriage. She has no memories of their happy times and marriage.

Fateh recalls their happy times. He can’t help himself enough. He sinks in Tejo’s memories. Tejo wants to recall the lost memories. She can’t believe that Fateh went against his family to marry her. She wonders what was the reason that he got so helpless. Fateh tells that they are really inseparable now. Jasmin steals some samosa from the dhaba. She gets caught before running away. The goons who once tried to kidnap Tejo get to see her on the roads again. They go to kidnap Tejo by fooling her. Tejo fights them. She worriedly shouts for help. Will Fateh come to her rescue? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Tejo feels stressed recalling everything. At Virk house, Fateh recalls the time and moments he spent with Tejo and misses her. Tejo wonders why she can’t remember Fateh and her marriage. Fateh says his love has reached that stage, where he doesn’t have the desire to get Tejo and not even have the fear of losing her. Tejo thinks Fateh very well knows that she won’t ever accept a marriage which is formed without family’s permission. She wonders how Fateh got so helpless that he married her without family’s permission. Fateh says that Tejo has settled in his soul and now only death can separate them.


Udaariyaan 26th July 2022 Written Update Tejo in danger:

Satti finds Tejo sitting tense. She tries making Tejo eat or drink something. At Virk house, Gurpreet apologizes to Fateh for separating him from Tejo. Tejo requests Satti to help her remember what happened in the last 9 months. She says her head is bursting, thinking what she did and how she was in the last 9 months. Tejo asks Satti why Fateh got forced to marry her, without family’s acceptance. Fateh tells Gurpreet that she wasn’t wrong. He also tells Gurpreet that because of her challenge, he was able to repent for not trusting Tejo 9 months ago.

Fateh further tells Gurpreet that he will have to face consequences of not trusting Tejo 9 months ago. He requests Gurpreet to pray that Tejo realizes his love for her soon. Gurpreet blesses Fateh and prays for him to get his love Tejo back. She prays that Tejo soon recalls and realizes Fateh’s deep and unconstitutional love for her and comes back to him. Fateh feels emotional and a little relaxed. At Sandhu house, Satti tells Tejo that she will tell her everything about the last 9 months but on the condition that she (Tejo) won’t stress her mind and listen to everything very carefully. Tejo agrees to Satti’s condition.

Satti tells Tejo that she never hurt anyone but only herself. Flashbacks of mentally unstable Tejo hurting herself are shown. Tejo gets a little shocked knowing this. After this Satti walks out of Tejo’s room and returns with the whole Sandhu family. Everyone sings a song, “Yunhi Kat Jaayega Safar Saath Chalne Se” from the film, “Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke”. Through various props like chakri, chunri and old videos of Fateh and Tejo, Sandhus tries telling Tejo, what all happened 9 months ago. Jasmine on the other hand is seen sitting angry in a cab. She says that Fateh is not her love and she will definitely take revenge on Fateh.

Jasmine blames Fateh for her condition. She gets out of the cab. While walking on the road, she slips down. Jasmine recalls how Fateh threatened her and Sweety’s mother ousted her from her home. At Sandhu house, Tejo gets shocked seeing that she behaved just like a child in the last 9 months. Tejo asks her family how they took care of her in this condition. Satti tells Tejo that not they, but Fateh took care of her just like a bird protects her children from all kinds of storms. She says that the family just supported Fateh in all this. This information stuns Tejo. Lovely tells Tejo that even Jasmine did much for her.

On the other hand, angry Jasmine keeps on thinking how to get revenge on Fateh and separate him from Tejo. Tejo at Sandhu house says that she forgot about Jasmine in her pain. She asks her family where Jasmine is. Jasmine asks God why he/she gave her a child and snatched Tejo’s child from her. She says it means that only she (Jasmine) has the right to both happiness and Fateh. Jasmine angrily tells God that even he/she can’t snatch her rights to happiness. At Sandhu house, Satti tells Tejo that Jasmine broke down on Amrik’s death as both of them started loving each other unconditionally.

Tejo tells Sandhus that she doubted Jasmine as Angad told her that Jasmine is taking advantage of Amrik’s helplessness. Tejo asks Satti if she didn’t feel bad knowing that she doubted Jasmine. She says that she doubted her younger sister who took so much care for her. Before Satti could tell Tejo that Jasmine is pregnant with Amrik’s child, Rupy stops her. Rupy tells Tejo that Jasmine went to Sweety’s house and will remain there for the next 2-3 days. Tejo asks why. Rupy tells Tejo that Jasmine went to Sweety’s house because she learnt that she (Tejo) is doubting her and Fateh of trying to kill her. Tejo recalls accusing Fateh and Jasmine of trying to kill her and her unborn child.

Rupy tells Tejo that Jasmine felt very bad and didn’t wish to trouble her (Tejo) by coming in front of her. Lovely tells Tejo that Jasmine has changed a lot and takes good care of everyone. She also tells Tejo that Jasmine took good care of her when she wasn’t mentally stable. Tejo blames herself for everyone’s troubles. Tejo’s grandmother and Satti tells Tejo that she isn’t at fault and shouldn’t blame herself for anything. Satti tells Tejo that she will bring Jasmine back home the next day. Tejo asks Satti to give her her phone as she badly wants to talk to Jasmine. Tejo’s grandmother asks Tejo to talk to Jasmine next morning as Jasmine might be sleeping at this time.

Tejo says today her younger sister has to live outside home because of her. She ap apologizes to God for this. On the other hand, Jasmine tells God that she does feat any person or situation. She says she herself decides her own situation. Jasmine says she has her own house, then why she will wander on roads. She says that she will get back to her house, live a good lifestyle, have good food and wear good clothes. Jasmine thinks that she will do whatever she wants to as she has a lot of money. She thinks of asking for her share of money. Jasmine says she doesn’t fear Fateh. She feels happy thinking that Tejo herself didn’t value Fateh and his love.

At Sandhu house, Tejo’s grandmother explains to Satti and Rupy that Tejo might feel bad knowing that Jasmine is pregnant, while her own child died. She says that Tejo will be happy for Jasmine but won’t be able to express it wholeheartedly or properly, being in her own child’s loss’s pain. Tejo’s grandmother asks Satti and Rupy to keep Jasmine’s pregnancy hidden from Tejo, for some time. She says that they will bring Jasmine back in the upcoming 3-4 days. Tejo’s grandmother also explains to Satti and Rupy that slowly they will tell Tejo about Jasmine’s pregnancy. She says that Jasmine maybe in her childishness spit out in front of Tejo that she and Fateh was going to get married for her and Amrik’s child’s responsibility.

Tejo’s grandmother says this way Tejo will get unnecessarily troubled, upset and disturbed. She tells Satti and Rupy that they will have to take every step carefully as Tejo might blame herself for everything. Tejo’s grandmother says Fateh loves Tejo unconditionally and they should think about him too. She says that Tejo is Fateh’s wife and Fateh can’t live without Tejo. Tejo’s grandmother tells Satti and Rupy that they will have to take every step wisely as Tejo, Fateh and Jasmine’s lives are at stake at present. Rupy says Fateh would be yearning for Tejo at this time and this night will be very difficult for Fateh. He says Fateh will keep yearning for Tejo, till she accepts him wholeheartedly.

Fateh reaches outside Sandhu house, in front of Tejo’s room’s balcony. He wishes to be near Tejo and understand what is thinking about right now. Tense Tejo comes outside on her room’s balcony. Fateh hides from Tejo. Tejo and Fateh recall the happy times and moments they spent with each other. Both Fateh and Tejo miss being with each other badly. Tejo keeps trying to recall her last 9 months and falls asleep. Fateh requests God to give him a sign, if what he is thinking is right. Chakri from asleep Tejo’s hand reaches Fateh. Fateh feels happy getting this positive sign from God.

Jasmine reaches outside Sandhu house and hides seeing Fateh there. She wonders where to go now and fears what Fateh will do on seeing her. Jasmine walks away and scolds her unborn child by calling him/her useless. She says everyone has forgotten her child and doesn’t need him/her anymore. At Sandhu house, Rupy and Satti decide to bring Jasmine from Sweety’s house the next day. Satti thinks of meeting Sweety’s mother and thanking her for taking care of pregnant Jasmine.

On the other hand, Jasmine hides in a car to save herself from heavy rain. Jasmine feels irritated with the foul smell in the dirty car. She feels angry and recalls Fateh burning her passport at the airport. Jasmine also recalls Fateh threatening her to go away from Moga and everyone, otherwise he will give her crime confession recording to police. Jasmine decides that she won’t leave Moga like last time and celebrate Fateh’s ruination. She says that she will take a big revenge on Fateh this time, that he will remember her even while dying.

In the next episode, Jasmine will get caught while stealing samosas. The dhaba owner will suggest handing Jasmine to the police. This will scare Jasmine. On the other hand, the old criminal goons, whom Fateh had fought with for harassing the mentally unstable Tejo in the past, will recognize Tejo. On finding Tejo alone, they will try to attack and harass Tejo. Tejo will start beating the goons with her bag. She will also scream for/to get help.

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