Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th July 2022 Written Update Shocker for Rudra

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th July 2022 Written Update Shocker for Rudra

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th July 2022 Written Update Shocker for Rudra Rudra recalls Saaransh telling him that he isn’t worthy of Prisha, so she won’t live with him. He also recalls stopping in between while raising his hand on Saaransh in anger. Rudra feels apologetic for hurting his kids. He goes to see his kids. Rudra finds Saaransh sleeping and Ruhi missing. Worried Rudra wakes up Saaransh and asks him about Ruhi. Saaransh says he doesn’t know where Ruhi went. Rudra suddenly sees Ruhi’s letter kept on the side table. Rudra reads Ruhi’s letter in front of Saaransh.

Through the letter, Ruhi tells Rudra and Saaransh that she loves them a lot but can’t see them fighting with each other. She tells Rudra and Saaransh that they have to fight with Armaan to get Prisha back. Ruhi tells Rudra and Saaransh that if they keep fighting with each other only, then they won’t be able to find Prisha. At last Ruhi tells Rudra and Saaransh that she is leaving as now only she will have to do something to get Prisha back. Shocked and worried, Rudra and Saaransh wonder where Ruhi went alone. At Thakur house, Pihu meets Prisha and successfully convinces Prisha to go for a family trip to Shimla.

Armaan gets happy when Pihu tells him that Prisha agreed to go to Shimla for the family trip. He evilly smirks thinking that Rudra will keep finding Prisha in Delhi, while he and Prisha will be in Shimla. At Khurana Mansion, everyone tries to find Ruhi but doesn’t find her anywhere inside or nearby home. Rudra scolds the guard and servants for not seeing Ruhi going out of the house. Guard defends himself saying that his shift started just now. Saaransh comes and tells Rudra that even Sharda is not at home. Rudra receives Sharda’s call. Sharda tells a tense Rudra that Ruhi is with her.


Rudra asks Sharda why she and Ruhi suddenly disappeared without telling anyone. Sharda tells Rudra that Ruhi was crying the whole night because of his and Saaransh’s argument. She also tells Rudra that she tried stopping Ruhi, but she told her that Rudra and Saaransh won’t stop arguing with each other and thus left the house with her. Sharda says she did what she thought was right for Ruhi’s health. Rudra says he is very apologetic for arguing with Saaransh in anger. He asks Sharda to make him talk to Ruhi. Sharda tells Rudra that Ruhi doesn’t want to talk to either him or Saaransh.

Saaransh requests Sharda to make him talk to Ruhi as he will apologize to her. Sharda tells Saaransh that Ruhi is angry right now and won’t talk to anyone. She asks Saaransh to talk to Ruhi later, when she will bring her back home after some time. Sharda asks Rudra to not worry as she is with Ruhi. Rudra asks Sharda where she and Ruhi are right now. She tells Rudra that Ruhi has restricted her from telling their location to him and Saaransh, as otherwise they will reach them. Sharda asks Rudra and Saaransh to improve themselves first after which she will bring Ruhi back. Rudra disconnects the call asking Sharda to take care of her as well as Ruhi.

Vidyut says Ruhi is enjoying with Sharda by making all of them tense. Raj says Ruhi isn’t enjoying it but has left home by getting hurt. Vidyut asks why little kid Ruhi will get tense. Seeing Rudra, Vidyut says maybe Ruhi would have got scared and panicked witnessing Saaransh and Rudra’s argument. Raj and Vidyut ask Rudra if they can help him in any way. Rudra asks Raj and Vidyut to go to their college, saying that he will reach out to them, if he will need any kind of help from them. In their thoughts, Rudra and Saaransh blame themselves for hurting Ruhi. Saaransh get determined to get Prisha back home as soon as possible.

At Thakur house, Pihu and Digivijay tell an upset Prisha that they will surely join her in Shimla the next day. Kanchan and Digivijay aske Prisha and Armaan to spend time with each other too as it’s important and good for them only. Prisha smiles a little on Pihu’s insistence and leaves with Armaan. Saaransh sees all this, and wonders where Prisha is going with Armaan. He gets tense and asks the guard where Prisha went with Armaan. Guard tells Saaransh that Prisha and Armaan together went out of town on a holiday for some days. Saraansh asks where. Guard says he doesn’t know where.

Saaransh hides seeing Pihu coming outside. He understands that Armaan and Prisha went out of town alone. Saaransh runs to Khurana house and meets Rudra. Rudra apologizes to Saaransh for how rudely he behaved with him yesterday. Saaransh asks Rudra to leave this for now. He tells Rudra that something wrong has happened. Rudra asks Saaransh what happened. Saaransh tells Rudra that he went to Armaan house to meet Prisha and find out some solution. Rudra gets worried for Prisha. Saaransh tells Rudra that Armaan took Prisha alone somewhere out of town for some days. Rudra gets angry and tense hearing this.

Rudra thinks of an idea. He calls Raj and tells him that Armaan took Prisha somewhere out of town. Rudra asks if he can find out where Armaan took Prisha. He asks Raj if he can get this information out of Pihu. Raj disconnects the call saying yes. Rudra explains his plan to Saaransh. Raj wonders how to talk and find out Prisha’s location from Pihu as he refused her friendship offer earlier. Raj gets determined to help Rudra anyway. He smiles after getting an idea. Raj doesn’t let any girl sit with him and waits for Pihu. Pihu sits with Raj on not finding any place. Raj thinks about how to get Prisha’s location from Pihu.

In Shimla, Armaan and Prisha reach the Shimla resort. Prisha texts Pihu about the same. Raj sees Prisha’s text on Pihu’s phone. He thinks about how to view Prisha’s text on Pihu’s phone. Raj pushes Pihu’s stuff on the floor and apologizes to her. Pihu tells Raj that it’s fine. She bends down to pick-up her stuff. Raj reads Prisha’s text from Pihu’s phone. Pihu sees her phone in Raj’s hand. Raj tells Pihu that her phone was probably ringing. Raj runs outside the classroom and calls Rudra. He tells Rudra that Prisha is in Shimla. Rudra disconnects the call thanking Raj.

Rudra impulsively asks Saaransh to come with him. Saaransh tells Rudra that he always remains in haste and plans incompletely. Saaransh reminds Rudra how he impulsively planned to buy Mrs. Khanna’s house, Armaan failed his plan and humiliated him. Saaransh asks Rudra if he has thought of what they will do after reaching Shimla. Rudra thinks of a plan. In Shimla, Prisha asks Armaan why he didn’t book 2 rooms. Armaan asks Prisha why they need 2 rooms, when they are husband and wife. Seeing Prisha angry, Armaan asks Prisha to relax as he has booked 2 rooms only.

He tries to be good in Prisha’s eyes. Prisha doesn’t look happy with Armaan’s behavior. She goes to freshen up. Armaan plans to share a single room with Prisha tonight. At Khurana Mansion, Rudra explains to Saaransh that according to the doctor’s instructions, they will recreate an old memory in front of Prisha. He tells Saaransh that he is Prisha’s first child and they need to bring out Prisha’s love for him. Rudra explains to Saaransh that they can try recreating a memory of him with Prisha. Saaransh agrees to go with Rudra’s plan. Both father-son reaches Shimla.

Saaransh and Rudra start calling all 5-star hotels of Shimla to get Armaan and Prisha’s information but fail. Rudra calls Vanshika and asks her to go to Thakur house and try to find out which hotel Prisha and Armaan are staying at, in Shimla. Vanshika tells Rudra that she will try her best. In Shimla, Prisha irritates Armaan that she is feeling low without Pihu and her parents. Armaan determines to make Prisha his own tonight at any cost. He thinks that Prisha is a very traditional woman and won’t look back at Rudra, if she gets intimate with him once. At Thakur house, Pihu, Armaan and Digivijay watch “Ek Villain returns” film trailer.

Vanshika reaches Thakur house in pest control staff uniform/getup. She convinces Digivijay to let her come inside his house to give pest control service as asked by his colony committee. Digivijay allows Vanshika. Pihu discusses Shimla resort/hotel with her parents. Kanchan says Prisha was praising the resort she is staying in. She asks Pihu which resort is it. Vanshika is hopeful of getting/hearing the resort name, where Armaan and Prisha are staying.

In the next episode, Armaan will be seen happily standing in a room decorated by flowers. He will think that once he gets intimate with Prisha, then Rudra and his kids won’t ever be able to separate Prisha from him. Rudra will get shocked, when Saaransh tells him that he is gonna recreate the fire incident which he faced in the past. Saaransh will tell Rudra that the fire incident is not that dangerous, if it can bring back Prisha’s memory. Later, Rudra will be seen sitting with Saaransh on a bench by covering his face with a hoodie. Prisha will see that a thick fire stick is going to fall on Saaransh. She will scream Saaransh’s name in tension, seeing that the firestick fell on Saaransh’s foot. Saaransh will smile hearing his name from Prisha’s mouth. Worried Rudra will get shocked.

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