Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th July 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th July 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th July 2022 Written Update Digivijay asks Saaransh if he isn’t lying, then what he and Rudra are doing at Nieve Resort, Shimla, exactly when Thakurs came here for a vacation. Saaransh goes speechless. But then says that even he and Rudra came to Shimla for a vacation. He tells Digivijay how he and Rudra would know that Thakurs are also here. Armaan starts clapping. He asks Prisha to see that Rudra didn’t teach Saaransh to respect women but for sure taught him to lie. He calls Saaransh a liar and says that Rudra and Saaransh came to Shimla to trouble Prisha.

Rudra says he and Saaransh didn’t come to trouble Prisha. Armaan asks Rudra what is all this then, love? He accuses Rudra for using his children in his cheap acts. Ruhi comes there with Sharda. She defends Rudra, saying that her father is not bad. Sharda recalls Saaransh telling her that Rudra might be in some trouble as some voices are coming from there. She also recalls telling Ruhi about the same. Flashback ends. Sharda tells Rudra that they came to surprise him but got surprised themselves seeing all this.

She goes to Armaan and warns him to not say anything against her son. Sharda says that there is no one else in this world like her son. She looks at both Armaan and Digivijay with accusing eyes and says that such cheap thinking can be of some evil men only. Sharda asks Armaan to ask this from himself. This shocks Prisha. She says her son knows only to love and can’t ever do anything wrong with his love. Armaan accuses the whole Khurana family of being involved in Rudra’s conspiracy. Sharda angrily calls Armaan an insolent person. She asks Armaan if he would have talked to his mother the way he is talking to her.


Sharda asks Armaan to talk to her with respect. She also asks Armaan if he has bought the whole Shimla. Sharda further asks Armaan if he can visit Shimla for a vacation, can’t her family have a vacation. She says that this Nieve Resort is very famous. Sharda tells Armaan that her family came to enjoy their vacations, not to tolerate his nonsense. Digivijay tries to speak in between but an angry Sharda shuts him down. She tells Digivijay that it’s her and her family’s decency that they are tolerating his family’s nonsense. Sharda angrily asks Armaan to bring proof before accusing her son.

She looks towards Prisha and says that her son and her family are her pride. Sharda goes to Prisha and emotionally kisses her forehead. This confuses Pihu and Kanchan. Sharda tells Prisha that even she knows that Rudra is not such a cheap man. She requests Prisha to tell the truth to everyone. Sharda tells Prisha that Rudra can’t even think about doing such cheap things. She tries reminding Prisha how much Rudra loves her. Prisha gets confused. Sharda tells Prisha that Rudra is not able to live without her. She addresses Prisha as “bachhe” and asks her to say something. Armaan feels angry.

Rudra recalls Dr. Awasthi, telling him that Prisha should not be forced to recall her past as it can harm her badly. Rudra signs Sharda to not force Prisha to recall anything. Tears flow down Sharda’s eyes. Armaan feels tense thinking that Sharda will ruin his plan by her emotional drama. He fears seeing Prisha getting affected by emotional Sharda. Armaan says enough is enough. He says first Khuarnas made a mistake themselves and now lecturing them. He asks Prisha to come with him as they can’t hear more lies.

Armaan pretends innocence and says that he is going because he doesn’t have the habit of increasing the matter. He warns Rudra to stop his cheap acts, otherwise he will bring a court order to keep him away from Prisha. Hearing this Saaransh gets worried, but Ruhi and Rudra feel angry. Rudra breaks down after Armaan takes Prisha away from him. Ruhi tells Rudra that they trust him and will also make Prisha trust him. On Saaransh’s questions, Ruhi tells him that she forgave him and Rudra. Saaransh thanks Ruhi. Saaransh tells Ruhi and Sharda that Prisha recalled only a little about the past.

Sharda asks Rudra how all this happened. Rudra tells Sharda that he felt dizzy after drinking coffee from the resort cafe. Saaransh tells that after this he brought dizzy Rudra to his room and got shocked seeing that Rudra slept so early. Rudra says it means that Armaan spiked his coffee. Saaransh says it’s possible as Armaan brought his whole family to Rudra’s room. Khuranas stop Rudra from getting extra angry. Sharda tells Rudra that if they have to prove Armaan wrong, then they will have to give the proof of their innocence or else Prisha will hate him more.

On the other hand, Prisha tells Thakurs that she doesn’t remember how she reached Rudra’s room. She also tells Thakurs that after dinner, she felt dizzy and then Armaan dropped her to her room. Prisha asks Armaan if he is sure that he dropped her to her room only, last night. Prisha’s words shocks Armaan. He lies to Prisha that he obviously dropped her to her room only. Armaan further lies to Prisha that he went to his room, after confirming that she entered her room.

Prisha asks why she doesn’t remember how she reached Rudra’s room. She says if Rudra would have forced himself on her, then she should have remembered something. Prisha says she doesn’t remember anything. Armaan tells Prisha that Rudra would have mixed something in her dinner and then would have taken her from her room to his room using the master key. He manipulates Prisha by telling her that Rudra might have drugged her because of which, she might not remember anything. Armaan keeps on provoking Prisha against Rudra. Prisha recalls the fake and morphed videos that Armaan showed her to make her against Rudra.

Unaware of the truth, Prisha trusts Armaan. Prisha says she won’t tolerate anymore and will teach a lesson to Rudra. She says this time, Rudra even involved his children in his cheap game plan. Armaan and Digivijay get scared when Prisha says that she will file a police complaint against Rudra. Armaan asks Prisha to not involve the police in all this. He tells Prisha that being a celebrity, Rudra has bought police and even got bail easily the last time. Armaan tells Prisha that the only way to be safe from a monstrous person like Rudra is that they need to leave Delhi.

Prisha tells Armaan that Rudra can reach anywhere. She says she won’t run and tolerate anymore. Armaan and Digivijay get scared by Prisha’s decision to file a police complaint against Rudra. Armaan fears that he might himself get trapped by Prisha’s decision. After this, Police reach to arrest Rudra. Police tell Rudra that they came to arrest him as he tried to misbehave with Prisha and force himself on Prisha. This shocks Khuranas. Rudra tries defending himself. Police officer asks Rudra to say anything in his defense after reaching the police station. Sharda tries defending Rudra.

Prisha comes and says that she filed this complaint. Khuranas gets shell-shocked hearing this. Digivijay and other Thakur family members arrive and accuse Rudra for forcing himself on Prisha. Rudra tries defending himself. Rudra says that all this is done by Armaan. Before Rudra could attack Armaan in anger, Prisha comes in between and protects evil Armaan. This shocks Khuranas. Prisha asks Rudra to not dare touch her husband. This gives another shock to everyone, even Thakurs. Prisha asks the inspector to arrest Rudra. This worries Khuranas, while Thakurs smile.

Saaransh sees a man and runs to him. He takes the envelope from this man. Saaransh stops the police from taking Rudra with them. Through Rudra’s blood report, Khuranas proves to police that Rudra was given high level drugs. Rudra asks police how he can bring Prisha to his room, when he himself wasn’t able to stand because of high level drugs in his blood. Saaransh tells everyone that he himself saw Rudra sleeping in deep sleep last night. He shows Rudra’s blood reports to Prisha. Rudra asks Prisha if she trusts him now that both of them have been cheated.

Rudra tells Prisha that someone intentionally did it, who wants to make him fall in her eyes and wants to do bad to her. He tells Prisha that someone is trying to trap him and increase their misunderstandings. Armaan says Rudra is lying. He says maybe Rudra took drugs after bringing Prisha to his room. Armaan says maybe Rudra bought a fake report from the lab technician and might have bought (bribed) the police too. This angers the inspector. Inspector tells Armaan that he is making false allegations against his police team. He asks Armaan what proof he has that Rudra bribed or bought them.

Inspector warns Armaam to use his words wisely. He tells everyone that they can’t arrest Rudra as he has proved his innocence. Inspector taunts Armaan to go to Delhi police as according to him Shimla police can be bought or bribed. Police team leaves after freeing Rudra. Digivijay accuses Rudra of conspiring against Thakurs. As Thakurs start taking Prisha away, Ruhi holds Prisha’s hand and screams “Mumma”.

In the next episode, Rudra will break down for not being able to bring back Prisha’s memories. Pihu will see little Ruhi crying in between the road. She will run to Ruhi and take her to Thakur house. Ruhi will convince Prisha to let her keep visiting and meeting her. Later, Thakur’s Gardener will take 1 month’s leave. Ruhi will ask Rudra to go to Thakur’s house as their new gardener.

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