Kumkum Bhagya 2nd August 2022 Written Update Abrupt

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd August 2022 Written Update Abrupt

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd August 2022 Written Update Abrupt Prachi tells Ranbir that there isn’t any game going on, its their life. Ranbir replies that he knows its not any game, because she can lie in a game, but not in reality. He asks her if she still loves him, and expects her honest answer. Prachi tells him that she still loves him, it’s a yes. Ranbir gets delighted. Prachi cries that she shouldn’t come between Ranbir and Rhea, he is Rhea’s husband. She tells Shahana that she was thinking of Ranbir and stepping ahead towards him, but she shouldn’t do this, after all he is her sister’s husband. Pallavi and Rhea overhear this and get happy seeing Prachi cry. Prachi tells Shahana that she must leave the house and go away. Rhea is overjoyed, while Pallavi is shocked by Prachi’s decision. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Ranbir kisses Prachi. Rhea seeks support from her brother Aryan. She tells that they are siblings, even then she doesn’t have any support from him. She shares her sorrow with him. She tells that he has everything, a perfect life unlike her. He asks her if she is angry on him. She asks him if she should be angry on him.

He asks her what does she mean. She tells that Abhi loved her a lot, he was her world and she was the world for him, she didn’t see Pragya until the age of 20, Pragya just loved Prachi, she didn’t love her ever. Aryan asks her what’s bothering her. She tells that he has come for Prachi’s baby shower and congratulated her, but he forgot her. She reveals that she is also pregnant. Aryan hugs her and apologizes that he had no idea about this. She thanks him. She cries that she isn’t happy at all. He asks her to tell him everything so that he can help her. He promises to fix everything.


Kumkum Bhagya 2nd August 2022 Written Update Abrupt:

Rhea tells Aryan that she is also Ranbir’s wife just like Prachi, she is also pregnant with Ranbir’s child, but Prachi and her life have much different. She isn’t happy, and has nobody with her. She asks Aryan to be with her in sorrow. She tells that she has tied Rakhi to him, he shouldn’t forget this ever, that she is his sister. Aryan feels bad for her. Ranbir and Prachi have a hug, and break it. They revive their old moments. He asks her why is she behaving that he made a mistake by hugging her. She tells that he didn’t commit any mistake, but he should step back. He asks her is he any goon that she is shooing away. She tells that he shouldn’t step ahead. She hits her hair on her face again, and he gets hurt.

She makes him sit, and cares for him. Ranbir and Prachi have an eyelock. He asks her to answer his question if she wants to relieve his pain. She tells that there isn’t any game going on. He tells that she can lie in the game, but not here, just they are here to speak and listen to each other, they can know each other well. He asks her does she still love him. Prachi closes eyes. He makes her meet his eyes and asks her again. Prachi says yes. He smiles happily. They have a hug.

Suddenly, Prachi recollects Rhea’s words. She feels guilty that she is snatching Rhea’s husband. She breaks the hug again. Ranbir feels guilty that he did wrong to hug her again, maybe she didn’t like it. Prachi cries and leaves the room. Shahana finds her crying and rushes after her. She asks Prachi why is she running. Prachi apologizes that she was running and not thinking of her baby’s betterment. Shahana hugs her and asks her to calm down. Prachi tells that she will not react and think wrong, else her baby will get affected, she has to think of her baby as a mother and also of Rhea’s baby.

She adds that she cried a lot during the puja kept for Rhea’s baby, and today Rhea would be crying seeing the puja kept for her. Rhea watches her and wishes that Prachi cries a lot and dies. Prachi tells that Rhea is her twin sister, she begged her for Ranbir. She feels responsible for Rhea’s baby. Shahana asks her what about her baby. Prachi tells that she will raise her child alone, she can’t do wrong with Rhea’s baby. Rhea is glad that her idea is working. She thanks her artificial fake baby. Prachi tells that she won’t let Rhea’s baby grow without a family, the baby deserves a father and family.

Pallavi comes there and stays behind to overhear them. Prachi tells that she changed and got selfish because she got Pallavi’s love for the first time, she was feeling happy that her baby is getting blessings from everyone, but her dream broke when her eyes opened. She admits that she was tending close to Ranbir, she shouldn’t do this, knowing he is her sister’s husband, she should leave the house. Pallavi is shocked. Shahana asks Prachi why is she forgetting that she is also Ranbir’s wife and carrying his child. Prachi tells that he is Rhea’s husband too, she has to make a sacrifice for her sister, she will raise her child alone, and leave Ranbir for Rhea.

Shahana tells that Pragya raised Prachi alone, but even then Prachi missed her dad. Aryan goes to Ranbir, and confronts him for marrying both Prachi and Rhea. Ranbir tells that he was helpless to marry Rhea, its not his mistake. Aryan knows that Ranbir is good at heart, he married Rhea to stop her from suicide, the entire family would have been in a huge mess. He apologizes to Ranbir. He tells that Rhea was playing a victim card and manipulating him, she didn’t change at all. He asks Ranbir to be careful of Rhea. Rhea shares her happiness with Rhea and Aaliya. They ask her the reason for her happiness.

Rhea tells that Aaliya’s idea is working, Prachi is going to leave the house because of her guilt. She reveals that she heard Prachi talking to Shahana, Prachi was crying and telling that she will make a sacrifice for Rhea and leave the house, she will unite Ranbir and Rhea. Aaliya can’t believe it. Rhea tells that Prachi is going to leave in the morning. She hugs Aaliya and loves her for the awesome plan. She apologizes for her anger vent out that day. She tells that she just has Aaliya with her, finally her plan will get successful, she has won and she will get her happiness.

She tells Shaina that she can achieve anything she wants, Prachi will never suspect her fake pregnancy. She tells that she will have her life, her rules. She laughs. She acts upset for a while that she ruined her sister’s family. Shaina asks Rhea to let Prachi leave first and then celebrate well. Rhea asks her to get out. Pallavi reaches Dida to get help. She appears tensed. She tells Dida that she heard Prachi talking to Shahana, Prachi wants to leave the house. She asks Dida to stop Prachi from leaving. She worries for the baby going away from the house, remembering Vandy’s words that Prachi’s baby will bring good luck for the family.

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