Kundali Bhagya 2nd August 2022 Written Update Amazing

Kundali Bhagya 2nd August 2022 Written Update Amazing

Kundali Bhagya 2nd August 2022 Written Update Amazing Preeta and Rishabh meet in the party and wish each other happy anniversary. Rishabh tells that his family is more happy than him in his anniversary celebrations. He finds Kritika the most excited person. He tells that she seems to wish him till the day ends. Kritika tells that his anniversary is like a festive for the family. Arjun makes an entry in the party in a special way. The light flickers when the Luthras’ very own Karan comes home. Karan meets the Luthras by throwing tons of swag, reminding them of how Karan used to make an entry in the house parties. He pulls Rishabh’s leg by telling him that PReeta is around, when Rishabh is there to welcome him. He asks Rishabh if Preeta has decided to divorce him on the anniversary day. Rishabh is left shocked, while Karan calls it a joke to laugh upon.

Earlier in the show, Shrishti and Sameer argue. She accuses him for mistreating her. He tells that he is getting late for office, he will go to office. Bani tells that she will talk to Rishabh. Biji asks her not to involve Rishabh. Bani calls Sameer’s behavior wrong. The party begins in the Luthra house. Shrishti tells Biji that she doesn’t like to work, she isn’t lazy like Kritika.

Kritika hears Shrishti. She also acts to taunt Shrishti. Biji tells that they all know Shrishti speaks nonsense. Kritika tells that they know it, that’s why they got Shrishti home. Shrishti gets angry on Kritika’s taunts. She tells that she wishes to beat Kritika. Rishabh meets the family members, and receives their wishes. Karan makes an entry in the Luthra house, in a special way.


Kundali Bhagya 2nd August 2022 Written Update Amazing:

Karan makes a dashing entry in the party. He gets the winds along. The Luthras get surprised with the stormy winds. Karan wants the storm to ruin Rishabh and Preeta’s lives. He decides to make the memorable special day the worst day of their lives. The lights go off, until he steps inside. He gets the spotlight on him. He tells that he didn’t ask for the spotlight, but he will use it when he got it. he wishes Rishabh happy anniversary. The lights get on, and the Luthras welcome him with affectionate hugs. Rishabh thanks Arjun for coming. Karan meets the entire family happily.

Rakhi tells that she is okay, she was waiting for him. She asks about Anjali. He tells that girls take time to get ready, he got ready and came early. He asks where is Preeta, if Rishabh is here, did she decide to divorce Rishabh on their anniversary day. He laughs and apologizes for his bad joke. Everyone takes his words lightly. Kritika is happy to see Arjun again. Karan recalls his memories with Preeta. Every corner of the house reminds him of Preeta. He roams in the house and reaches Preeta’s room. He finds her getting ready for the party. He flows in emotions and enters her room, shocking her.

She asks him how did he come to his room. He holds her with all his rights and behaves just like Karan, leaving her surprised. She remembers the similar moment with Karan. She asks how dare he touch her. Karan comes to his senses and apologizes to her. Shrishti and Kritika get into a big argument. Kritika apologizes. She feels guilty that Shrishti is doubting Sameer because of her prank. Shrishti asks her to feel guilty. She rebukes Kritika. Kareena overhears their argument and lectures them. She asks them not to spoil Rishabh’s anniversary party. Shrishti asks Kareena to tell this to Kritika.

Kareena asks her to get quiet. Rishabh tries to stop their fights. He tells Kareena that he can never get angry on her, he regards her a mother and can never be upset. He asks her to call Shrishti her Bahu or daughter, and give her some respect. Kareena agrees to him, because its big day today. He asks for a hug. He hugs her and tells that he loves her a lot. He asks Shrishti and Kritika not to fight. Preeta asks Arjun didn’t his parents give him any values and teach him manners. She asks him to answer her. He asks her to stop behaving wild, her nails are sharp and hurting him.

Preeta tells that its her bedroom, where he walked in. He tells that he knows it, because she was getting ready in her bedroom. She tells that she feels terrible talking to him. He tells that she talks bitter like a bitter gourd. He reminds her of Karan again. She asks him to shut up, he has no right to call her by any nickname, just friends and family can give her a nickname. He asks if they aren’t close. She shouts no, and asks him to apologize. She asks how did he change the saree style. He tells that it was bad. She changes her saree style. She asks does she get ready to impress him, does he think so.

He tells that he didn’t say that. She demands him to say sorry. He refuses. She asks him to say sorry when he has done a mistake. Rishabh comes there and asks Arjun what is he doing in his bedroom. Karan tells that he is also invited in the party, he came to the room by mistake, he was saying sorry to Preeta. She asks when did he say sorry. Karan lies that he just apologized. Rishabh compliments Preeta and asks her to come along. He applies her the kajal dot, just like Rakhi does to ward off the bad sight. Karan gets jealous and angered, watching their cut moment. Rishabh asks Arjun is he okay. Karan asks for water. He keeps an eye on Rishabh and Preeta, who leave from the room, holding hands.

Karan angrily crushes the glass by his hands. Rishabh asks Preeta not to get angry seeing Arjun. Preeta tells that she is okay, she isn’t angry. She wants to go and get her phone from the bedroom. Rishabh asks Preeta to inform Arjun about the media waiting for him. Preeta goes back to her room to pick her phone. She finds Arjun’s hand hurt by the glass pieces. She asks him how did he get hurt. He answers with a taunt that he won’t blame her. She rushes to get the first aid kit and take care of his wound. He tells that he isn’t too hurt that he needs the care. She still does the aid. Karan slips into their old memories.

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