Udaariyaan New Entry 2nd August 2022 Spoilers

Udaariyaan New Entry 2nd August 2022 Spoilers

Udaariyaan New Entry 2nd August 2022 Spoilers Udaariyaan episode spoiler – Amanpreet Handa’s entry Fateh tells Tejo that it is okay if she cannot become a mother and he doesn’t want a baby or become a father. Gurpreet drops a tea cup in shock. Fateh and Tejo become frightened. He proposes a deal to Jasmine. She wishes to hear about it. Fateh demands that she must give birth to her baby in their house. Jasmine thinks about it. Amanpreet Handa laughs wickedly and sets his hair.

Yeh Hai Chahatein episode spoiler – Rudraksh’s makeover:
Armaan’s gardener goes on a 1 month’s leave. Ruhi asks Rudraksh and Saransh if the gardener has gone who will go in his place. Saransh says that another gardener will come. Ruhi informs Rudraksh that he has to become a gardener. He is stunned. Armaan’s aunty questions Preesha for looking happy after meeting Ruhi. She says that she feels she has some relation with her. Rudraksh gets a makeover at MK studio. Preesha and Pihu also reach there.

Spy Bahu episode spoiler – Sejal caught red-handed:


Sejal searches for a clue in Maera’s room. Maera and Yohan come together and see Sejal touching Maera’s wardrobe. She is shocked. Maera questions her why she doubts her so much. Sejal tells Yohan that she lost her ring in this room. Yohan refuses to believe her and scolds Sejal for touching Maera’s things. Maera prepares to leave the house but Yohan stops her. She wipes her fake tears in front of Sejal. Sejal is alarmed.

Sirf Tum episode spoiler – Suhani accepts the challenge:

Suhani tells Ranvijay that she is not scared of him like his men. She says that she has proof of all his black deeds. Suhani says that he zipped a lot of people’s mouths with his power and money but she is not one among them. Ranveer drinks and says that Suhani has not seen his hatred yet. She promises herself to overcome every obstacle thrown at her by Ranveer.

Sasural Simar Ka episode spoiler – Ishita’s plan fails:

Simar offers to serve food to Ishita’s parents. Ishita says no and throws the food away from their plates. It falls on Geetanjali Devi and she is stunned. Simar shows everyone a video of Ishita mixing something in the food. Everyone is taken aback. Geetanjali Devi questions Ishita’s parents about the kind of values given to her. Ishita’s father gives her a tight slap.


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