Kundali Bhagya 5th August 2022 Written Update Prithvi returns

Kundali Bhagya 5th August 2022 Written Update Prithvi returns

Kundali Bhagya 5th August 2022 Written Update Prithvi returns Karan asks Preeta what did she say, does she like it when he is around her. Preeta cries and leaves from the kitchen. She collides with Prithvi, who is in disguise of a Sardar ji. She doesn’t recognize him. She apologizes to him and goes. Prithvi finds her crying and wonders what’s the reason. Raja finds Arjun with Rishabh. He keeps an eye on them. Rishabh hugs Arjun with love. Karan gets emotional. Raja realizes that they are brothers, and tells that a brother wanted to get the other one killed.

Earlier in the show, Karan goes to the kitchen. Preeta gets scared seeing him suddenly. She tells that she felt scared. He tells that heartbeat runs faster when a person feels scared. He compliments her for the dance with Rishabh. He asks her to say thanks. She thanks him. He stops her and compliments her beauty. He tells that Rishabh might have already complimented her. He asks why does she feel nervous when he is around.

She tells that she doesn’t like him, she doesn’t like his presence because he appears a bad man to her. She angrily scolds him. He corrects her bindi. She asks what is he doing. He tells that he just corrected the bindi, it was stubborn. She remembers Karan and her romantic bindi moment. She makes Arjun away and rebukes him for touching her when he could have told her to correct it herself. She asks what does he want. He answers saying you. Preeta looks at him, bewildered.


Kundali Bhagya 5th August 2022 Written Update Prithvi returns:

Rishabh stops the goons. Raja tells that they are waiters. Rishabh tells that they shouldn’t get the boxes to the party hall, guests will get disturbed. He asks them to go through the backside way. Raja tells that he didn’t know the other way. He goes by an excuse. Sameer and Shrishti have an argument. Rishabh asks them not to fight. Shrishti goes to call Preeta. Rishabh asks Sameer to consider himself lucky and keep Shrishti happy. Sameer is troubled by his marriage. He feels he loves Shrishti, but she is troubling him a lot. Preeta asks Karan what does he want. He tells that he was asking her to move aside, he wants the sweets that’s made for her, he isn’t interested in her, she is married after all. She tells that he should stay away from her. She doesn’t like when he is around.

He asks her what did she say, does she like it when he is around. She asks him to stop flirting with her. He tells that he doesn’t like her, so he isn’t flirting with her. She warns him against talking to her badly or misbehaving. She tells that she will complain to Rishabh. Shrishti meets them. Karan sets her hair and tells that she looks good now. She thanks him. He asks Preeta to see, Shrishti is a well behaved girl. He tells Shrishti that he corrected Preeta’s bindi, and she misunderstood him. Preeta asks Shrishti will she let anyone touch her hair. Karan asks Preeta to learn manners from Shrishti. He tells that he likes Shrishti, but he loves the sweets. Preeta tells Shrishti that she should have slapped Arjun. Shrishti asks her not to misunderstand Arjun all the time. She doesn’t find him bad. Preeta gets angry.

Kritika goes to her room. She feels hurt by the heavy earrings. She keeps it there and goes. Prithvi enters her room. He feels happy to be back in the Luthra house. He sees Kritika’s picture. He thinks she would be missing him a lot. He takes a disguise. He finds Kritika coming. He hides from her sight. She suspects that someone is in her room. She checks the cupboard. She doesn’t find anyone. She leaves. He takes a Sardarji’s disguise. Rishabh asks Arjun to have a drink. Karan thanks him. Rishabh tells that he offers to a few people, Arjun is lucky. He hugs Arjun.

Raja and Vishnu look on surprised. Karan asks Rishabh what’s his problem, he shows attitude sometimes and then love. Rishabh asks why is he overreacting, when he just hugged him. Karan calls Rakhi there. Rishabh asks why is he calling Rakhi. Karan tells Rakhi that she invited him in the party, Rishabh is calling him a strange man, its an insult. Rishabh smiles seeing his naughtiness. Rakhi asks Rishabh what happened to him, why did he insult their guest. Rishabh tells that he didn’t see anyone naughty like Arjun. Rakhi asks Rishabh to talk to Arjun with love, say sorry to him. Rishabh agrees.

Anjali doesn’t understand what’s happening. Sameer asks Rishabh what happened to him. Rishabh tells that Rakhi has scolded him because of Arjun. He finds Arjun happy with the family. He wonders why is Arjun so happy, when he isn’t a Luthra. Anjali stays around Arjun. Sameer asks Rishabh to enjoy the party. Rishabh likes the family laughing. Karan enjoys his time with the family members. He tells that he is feeling happy and positive when he is with them. Mahesh tells that everyone enjoys the Luthra parties. Karan jokes that Rakhi deserved a man better than Mahesh. Bani and Biji laugh. Karan thinks to control his feelings. He knows Rakhi is the sweetest mom in the world.

Rakhi tells him that she has scolded Rishabh a lot. Karan tells that Rishabh troubles him a lot. She tells that Kavya is just like him, she loves Rishabh but gets him scolded. He tells that Kavya is really sweet. Rishabh tells Preeta that everyone has planned a lot for them, he has planned something for them. He gathers the family members. He takes them for a happy family performance. Karan and Preeta come across, and dance. Preeta gets restless and remembers her exactly same dance moves with Karan in the past moment. Preeta cries and runs away. Shrishti gets puzzled and stares at Karan. Raja tells the goons that Arjun had paid Vishnu for Rishabh’s accident, when Rishabh is Arjun’s own brother. Preeta senses Karan when Arjun is around.

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