Yeh Rishta 8th August 2022 Written Update Kunal gives hopes

Yeh Rishta 8th August 2022 Written Update Kunal gives hopes

Yeh Rishta 8th August 2022 Written Update Kunal gives hopes Akshara is seen trying to wear an anklet while talking to a florist over the call. Abhimanyu comes and holds Akshara’s feet. He starts making Akshara wear the anklet. This converts into a romantic and touchy moment between Abhira. Akshara gets shy and stands up. Both Abhimanyu and Akshara get a call at the same time. They leave to attend their own phone calls. Later, Akshara goes to handover some jewelry to Anisha. Shefali asks Akshara to help her with Anisha’s hairstyle.

Suddenly, the straightener stops working. Shefali goes to bring another one from her room. Anisha gets a notification or text from someone. Seeing Akshara busy on her own phone, Anisha uses the opportunity and goes towards the window. She starts talking to a person, who is sitting in a car downstairs, using sign language. Akshara, through the mirror, sees Anisha talking in sign language with someone outside, through the window. She feels shocked. Shefali returns with another straightener.

Manjiri on the other hand tells Mahima that their Anisha is getting married in a very good family. She wishes that God will always keep Anisha’s life full of happiness. Mahima wishes that the present function of Anisha and Kairav’s marriage go smoothly and Akshara also be able to fulfill her responsibility properly. Manjiri tells Mahima that Anisha’s marriage is the whole Birla family’s responsibility, not Akshara’s responsibility alone. Mahima leaves saying that Akshara’s responsibilities are doubled because she is related to both Kairav and Anisha.


Manjiri feels worried for Akshara. Akshara on the other hand, worries thinking about who Anisha was talking to. She suspects that it can’t be any person from the casting call. Anand and Harsh gather everyone downstairs. Harsh tells everyone that Dr. Kunal Khera is coming home today, in some time to meet and examine Abhimanyu’s injured hand. This information makes everyone happy. Abhimanyu gets overwhelmed, hopeful and hugs Harsh in happiness. This moment makes everyone stunned and emotional. Suddenly, Abhimanyu separates from Harsh, realizing what he did just now.

Akshara and Manjiri hug each other and express their happiness. Manjiri also hugs Abhimanyu and leaves to offer bhog to Lord Krishna. Everyone except Abhira leaves from there. Akshara holds Abhimanyu’s injured hand in hope. Neil announces that the groom’s family has arrived. Mahima asks Akshara if she completed all preparations, saying that she doesn’t want to listen to Suhasini’s scoldings. Akshara with a little tension tells Mahima that she made all the preparations. She says she still will check if something is left by chance.

Goenkas reaches Birla’s main door. They get shocked seeing Akshara standing with a gun in front to welcome them. Akshara cutely threatens her maternal family to not dare show any tantrums to her in-laws’ family. Goenkas also cutely replies to Akshara, saying that they won’t show any tantrums and will be happy with anything given to them. Suddenly, Akshara points the gun at her in-laws’ family. She asks her in-laws to welcome her maternal family with respect. Akshara also asks her in-laws to not keep any shortage in Goenkas’ hospitality. Abhimanyu tells Akshara that they agree to her order. He makes Akshara lower down the gun.

Akshara says she was very tense about this matter and thus ended it in a few seconds. Mahima and Anand welcome Goenkas and take them inside. Abhimanyu tells Akshara that her welcome was cute, effective and unique just like her. He thanks Akshara for making everyone happy. Abhimanyu tells Akshara that Kairav teased and troubled him a lot during their wedding. He leaves telling Akshara that now he will rag her brother. Abhimanyu addresses Kairav as “Jila”. On everyone’s questions, Abhimanyu explains that Jila means Jija+Saala (brother-in-law). Kairav also addresses Abhimanyu as “Jila”.

Everyone laughs hearing all this. Akshara sees Anisha going somewhere. Mahima asks Akshara to bring Anisha. Akshara says okay to and follows Anisha outside. Outside, Akshara finds Anisha talking to a person sitting inside a car. She recalls Anisha telling her that casting people are again and again trying to convince her for some role, even though she said no. On the other hand, Abhimanyu makes Kairav recall how he, in alone, asked him to keep Akshara happy. Kairav says he remembers everything. Abhimanyu says it means that he doesn’t need to repeat anything. Kairav tells Abhimanyu that he doesn’t need to repeat anything.

Abhimanyu tells Kairav that he is really very sweet. He tries to ask Kairav to take care of Anisha but fails knowing that Kairav can be fully trusted with his sister. Kairav laughs and promises Abhimanyu that he will take care of Anisha and always keep her happy. Kairav tells Abhimanyu that he thought that he would threaten him to keep his sister happy but he instead is acting funny. Abhimanyu tells Kairav that he is very serious and won’t tolerate seeing his sister unhappy. Both Abhimanyu and Kairav turn funny and laugh with each other.

Harsh informs everyone that Dr. Kunal is about to reach the Birla house within 5-7 minutes. Abhimanyu starts calling Akshara. Akshara thinks about talking to Anisha later on. She also thinks about asking Anisha to tell Abhimanyu, Parth or Neil if someone is troubling or harassing her. At the same time, Akshara’s phone rings with Abhimanyu’s call. Abhimanyu asks Akshara where she is. Akshara gets shocked seeing that Anisha and the mysterious man disappeared suddenly.

Akshara excuses herself from Abhimanyu and disconnects the call. Akshara tries searching for Anisha. Anisha comes from behind Akshara. She rudely asks Akshara if she is following, suspecting or keeping a watch on her. Akshara says no. She tells Anisha that she came behind her thinking that she (Anisha) is tense and needs help. Akshara asks Anisha who was the guy she was talking to secretly. She also asks Anisha why she isn’t telling anyone if that mysterious guy is troubling her. Anisha tells Akshara that the guy she was talking to is her friend. She asks Akshara if she has any problem with her friend.

Akshara asks Anisha why anyone will have issues with friends. She also asks Anisha to invite her friend to the engagement as he will meet both families. Anisha keeps on misunderstanding Akshara. She tells Akshara that she is doubting her just like Suhasini. Akshara wonders if Anisha really feels that she (Akshara) is doubting her or just wants to distract her. Abhimanyu comes outside and notices the tension between Anisha and Akshara. Anisha tells Abhimanyu that her friend brought the surprise she planned for Kairav. She says Akshara is doubting her, that she will again run away from home. Anisha tells Abhimanyu that Akshara was following her.

Akshara gets shocked by Anisha’s words. Anisha goes inside. Akshara tells Abhimanyu that she didn’t say anything to Anisha. Abhimanyu asks Akshara to not focus on all this for now. He asks Akshara to come inside as Dr. Kunal Khera arrives. Excited Akshara jumps and hugs Abhimanyu. Anisha returns home and Mahima and Suhasini scolds for going outside in the engagement outfit. Akshara defends Anisha saying that Anisha went to the garden to get matching flowers for her outfit. As Suhasini and Mahima leave, Akshara tells Anisha that she isn’t doubting her but instead thinking that she (Anisha) is tense. Anisha leaves without a word, shocking Akshara.

Akshara thinks about telling Kairav about Anisha but stops thinking to let everyone be happy for now. Abhimanyu and Akshara keep on waiting for Dr. Kunal. Abhimanyu gives the microphone to Akshara to sing for Kairav and Anisha. Akshara takes the microphone and is about to fall. She somehow saves herself by falling on Abhimanyu, but the microphone falls near Dr. Kunal Khera’s feet. Everyone gets excited and hopeful seeing Dr. Kunal Khera. Akshara recalls all doctors giving up on Abhimanyu’s hand injury. Abhimanyu and Dr. Kunal shake hands with each other. Abhimanyu thanks Dr. Kunal for coming.

He introduces Akshara to Dr. Kunal. Teary eyed Akshara folds her hands and thanks Dr. Kunal for coming. Both Birla and Goenka family thank Dr. Kunal Khera, for coming to examine Abhimanyu’s injured hand. Anand asks Dr. Kunal to attend his daughter’s engagement. Abhimanyu praises Akshara’s singing in front of Dr. Kunal. He also tells Dr. Kunal, that the Birla hospital’s music therapy department is headed by Akshara. Dr. Kunals says nice. Akshara runs to the house temple and thanks God for sending Dr. Kunal Khera for Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu thanks Akshara for bringing Dr. Kunal Khera (the miracle doctor) to help him with his injured hand.

Akshara tells Abhimanyu that it’s because of the whole family’s prayers. Both Abhimanyu and Akshara get emotional and hug each other. Harsh folds hands in front of Dr. Kunal, and also requests him to help his son Abhimanyu by fixing his injured hand. This makes everyone, including Abhimanyu emotional. Even Manjiri folds her hands and thanks Dr. Kunal, for coming to help Abhimanyu. Dr. Kunal requests Goenkas and Birlas to not make him uncomfortable by again and again thanking him. Mahima asks everyone to start with the rituals quickly as only then Abhimanyu will get the time to talk with Dr. Kunal. Suhasini wonders why Mahima is in haste about everything.

Rituals start, Swarna and Mahima perform Anisha and Kairav’s veneration respectively. Akshara starts singing. She keeps hoping for good for Abhimanyu’s hand. Kairav and Anisha, make each wear the engagement rings. Dr. Kunal gets emotional hearing Akshara’s song and seeing her and Abhimanyu’s love bond. He says he wants to leave and will meet everyone tomorrow. This stuns everyone. In the next episode, Dr. Kunal will tell Abhimanyu that there 99% chances that his hand will get fine and normal again. This increases Akshara and Abhimanyu’s hopes and makes them happy.

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