Kundali Bhagya Preeta Karan Luthra 15th August 2022

Kundali Bhagya Preeta Karan Luthra 15th August 2022

Kundali Bhagya Preeta Karan Luthra 15th August 2022 Karan and Preeta collide. Preeta gets hurt in the party. Karan holds her. They both have a moment. Karan asks Preeta not to feel bad, but he feels that her marriage will not stay for long. He tells that there are many divorces happening these days. Preeta cross questions him to leave him speechless. She asks him about his marriage. She asks Karan why didn’t he marry yet. Karan wants to tell her that he is married to her, but his revenge goals stop him from expressing his feelings. Karan and Preeta argue about their families. He tells that he has to find Anjali and handle her. He addresses her as Preeta Luthra, and then Preeta Karan Luthra. He asks her if she will object to this name. To his surprise, she tells that this name was her identity before.

Radha Mohan:


Mohan lifts a door to stop the rainwater from entering the borewell. Gungun is stuck inside. He asks Gungun to stay strong. He doesn’t want anything to happen to Gungun. Radha and Mohan try to save Gungun. Mohan doesn’t want the rainwater to dampen the soil inside. Radha wants to help Mohan. She feels dutiful towards him. She also assists Mohan in saving Gungun. She makes a barrier to block the water.

Channa Mereya:

Aditya is getting married to Simran. He receives a huge shock when he sees the bride’s face after the marriage completes. He can’t believe that he got married to Ginni. His marriage dreams with Simran break. Ginni prepares to bear the criticism from Aditya and his family. Ginni risks her life just to save Goldie’s life. She wants to tell Aditya that Goldie is Simran’s husband, Goldie would have committed suicide if he lost Simran. She wants Simran to stay in Goldie’s life. She removes Simran from Aditya’s life. Will Aditya accept Ginni as his wife?


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