Kundali Bhagya 16th August 2022 Written Update Preeta attacked

Kundali Bhagya 16th August 2022 Written Update Preeta attacked

Kundali Bhagya 16th August 2022 Written Update Preeta attacked Prithvi pushes Mahesh. Kareena pushes Prithvi back and scolds him for hitting Mahesh. Rishabh catches Prithvi and bashes him up. The entire family fights with the goons. Prithvi throws a vase, that hits Karan’s photo frame. Rishabh angrily beats Prithvi. Preeta pushes Arjun and goes to see if her family is fine. She finds the family fighting. Karan drags her to the room to secure her. She asks him what is his problem. He tells that she shouldn’t shout on him always, she isn’t any fairy that she throws such tantrums, he isn’t interested in her. She doesn’t want him around.

He tells that he doesn’t want to talk to her. She wants to go to her family. He asks her what will she do going there, does she know martial arts, how will she save them, she should save herself first. She tells that he is being insensitive because its not his family. He tells that its his family also, Anjali is also there. He calls her Preeta Karan Luthra. He asks her if she will call it wrong and argue with him now. She tells that its also her name, it used to be her name before. He asks her not to worry, he can understand that her family is stuck. She tells that its his family.


He tells that Anjali is his everything, he is worried for her, he has to go and save her, he will save Luthras, they have to tackle the goons smartly. Bani brings her friend there. The lady compliments Preeta and Karan, and wishes them for their anniversary. They blesses their jodi. Bani tells that Arjun is their guest, Preeta is Rishabh’s wife. Sherlyn sees them, and passes by to get away with the assets.

Karan fights with the goons. Preeta screams seeing him. He asks her where is she doing here. She tells that she is going downstairs. He tells thar there are many goons there, what can a girl do alone. She asks him not to lecture her just because she is a girl. She tells that girls can do anything these days. She gives him instances of successful girls. She tells that girls are more strong than boys. Karan finds Rakhi crying for Rishabh. Rishabh tries to console Rakhi. Karan feels sad seeing Rakhi tears. He tells her that he has promised her before, until he is alive, he won’t let anything happen to Rishabh. Rakhi gets emotional, while his love for Rishabh surprises Preeta. Karan has a family moment with the family.

Preeta falls in danger when Prithvi finds her and catches her at the knifepoint. He threatens Rishabh that he will kill Preeta if he doesn’t accept their demands. Rishabh worriedly runs to save Preeta. He held her hand to save her dignity. Arjun too runs to save Preeta, because he was chosen by his Kundali to become Preeta’s husband Karan. Both Rishabh and Karan run to save Preeta. Who will save her life? Keep reading.

Kundali Bhagya 16th August 2022 Written Update Preeta attacked:

Sherlyn finds Rishabh bashing up Prithvi. She shouts and asks them to stop. She angrily throws a vase down. She points the guns at the Luthras, and calls their game over. She threatens to kill them. Prithvi and goons get back in form. Sherlyn asks them to give the jewellery. Rakhi refuses. Sherlyn asks the goons to take the jewellery from the women. Rishabh asks the goons to take anything they want and leave. Kavya comes there. Rishabh stops Sherlyn from taking Kavya.

He tells that they shouldn’t take the child along. Sherlyn asks for Kavya’s necklace. The goons snatch Kavya from Rishabh. Rakhi asks them to leave Kavya, and take the jewellery from her room locker. Sherlyn tells that they have already robbed her locker. Karan tells the guest that he has to leave, its important. He asks Preeta to be with Bani and the guest. He assures that he will handle everything. Preeta asks Bani to stay safe. She follows Karan. He hears her footsteps and gets cautious. He prepares to attack. He stops seeing Preeta. He asks her what is she doing here.

She tells that she is under control, she can handle the goons. He tells that she is a girl. She asks him not to lecture him, girls can do anything. He calls her stubborn. She asks him not to get friendly like he knows her since years. Sherlyn asks Kavya to give the necklace. Kavya tells that she won’t give her favorite necklace. Sherlyn tells that Kavya isn’t much cute to melt her heart. She demands the necklace. Rishabh shouts asking the goons to spare Kavya. Rakhi and Rishabh try to stop the goons. Prithvi enjoys the drama. Goon threatens of shooting Mahesh. Kavya bites Sherlyn’s hand and runs.

Prithvi stops Kavya. Rishabh asks him not to harm his daughter. Preeta reaches there and asks the goons to leave her daughter. Karan tries stopping her, but she runs downstairs. Anjali comes to Arjun. She tells that she is ready to attack the goons with a knife. Karan is worried for Preeta. Preeta asks Prithvi to give her daughter. She begs the goons. Rishabh asks Preeta to leave. Prithvi gets emotional seeing Preeta cry. Sherlyn thinks if Prithvi’s heart still beats for Preeta. Prithvi gives Kavya to Preeta. He finds Sherlyn staring at him. Karan wonders how did the goon give Kavya so easily. Prithvi catches Kavya again and this time, at the knifepoint. Everyone is terrified. Karan breaks his silence. He yells and runs downstairs to fight. Anjali tells that even Arjun made a mistake.

Karan throws a lamp at Prithvi and hits him. He gets into a fight with Prithvi. Luthras also gain force and fight the goons. Preeta protects Kavya. Prithvi falls down. He sees a gun fallen on the floor. He decides to not let his plan fail this time. He picks the fun. He shoots in the air to freeze everyone in their places. Luthras try to run away and save themselves. Prithvi finds Luthras missing. He grows mad. Anjali pulls Arjun inside the room. He asks her to behave herself. She asks him why is he getting so confusing. He tells that he is still Karan.

She asks him to know that he is doing wrong. He asks her not to judge him. He asks her what does she want to ask. She asks what was he doing, he was fighting the goons. He asks why is she getting angry. He tells that he can’t see his family in trouble. She is worried for him that he can’t control his emotions. He tells that his personality is like that. She tells that she understands everything, he goes mad for Preeta, he was fighting the goons for Preeta’s sake. She calls him wrong to forget his revenge. He tells that he doesn’t care for Preeta, but Kavya and family. He is thankful that the goons ruined the anniversary party. He tells that he has done everything for his family, not for Preeta, he hates Preeta.

He asks her to help him in making the goons out of the house. She remembers his words. She doesn’t know what to believe, because he loves Preeta. Rishabh asks the family not to go out of the room. He tells that he will go alone and handle the goons. Mahesh doesn’t permit him to go alone. Rishabh tells that Sameer is with him. Mahesh asks him not to go. Rishabh tells that they have to face the goons. Rakhi angrily slaps Rishabh seeing his stubborn behavior. She then breaks down into tears and hugs him. Karan reaches there and finds Rakhi panicking for Rishabh. Rakhi tells that she already lost Karan, she can’t lose Rishabh. Rishabh tells that nothing will happen to him, he can’t risk the family. They see Arjun at the door.

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