Kundali Bhagya 17th August 2022 Written Update Karan’s vow

Kundali Bhagya 17th August 2022 Written Update Karan's vow

Kundali Bhagya 17th August 2022 Written Update Karan’s vow Rakhi asks Arjun to stop Rishabh. Karan calls her mom while pacifying her. He says sorry for calling her mom. Rakhi asks Arjun to call her mom, because she likes it. Karan tells her that she should trust Rishabh. She tells that she believes Rishabh, but she can’t permit Rishabh to go alone, the family can’t lose Rishabh. Karan reminds his promise, that he won’t let anything happen to Rishabh, until he is alive. He asks Rakhi not to worry for Rishabh. He also promises Kavya, finding her too scared. He pacifies her and asks her not to worry.

Preeta and Rishabh are surprised seeing him behaving like Karan. Sherlyn tells Prithvi that they have to leave right away, Luthras have called the police. He doesn’t want to run away without fulfilling his motive. She tells that they must leave before the police comes. He tells that they can hide anywhere in the house, they will get caught if they leave, they should take someone from the family as hostage, then they can secure themselves. Sherlyn tells that they can’t find any family member, they all are hidden.

He asks her to think who can it be, Preeta. She asks him doesn’t he think of anyone else than Preeta. He tells that Rishabh will ask the police to not follow us, he won’t want Preeta to fall in danger. She asks him if Preeta will come out to get kidnapped. He tells that he will find Preeta and kidnap her. The goons don’t find Luthras anywhere. The goon Vishnu gets an idea of revealing about Arjun hiring them to kill Rishabh, then they can divide and rule over them. Sameer looks on puzzled.


Kundali Bhagya 17th August 2022 Written Update Karan’s vow:

Vishnu tells Raja that they should announce that Arjun hired them to kill Rishabh. Sameer doesn’t hear them well. Vishnu tells that he will make an announcement and divide Rishabh and Arjun. Raja likes the idea. Prithvi stops them. He asks them to just follow his orders. He tells that he will call Luthras on their knees. Sherlyn catches Biji. Prithvi announces in the mic about Biji, who is in their clutches. Shrishti hears this and is shocked. Prithvi asks the Luthras to come out if they want to save Biji. Shrishti wonders who are the goons. Prithvi’s voice just reaches Shrishti. Rishabh asks Kavya to promise, she will lock the door and not open it for anyone. Kavya promises him.

Karan asks Preeta to not come out of the room, and take care of Rakhi, Mahesh and Kavya. Karan goes with Rishabh. Preeta tells Kavya that she will never play hide and seek with her, because she came out, she did cheating. Kavya tells that she won’t do cheating now. Preeta asks Kavya to go and hide, and not come out. Kavya agrees to play. Prithvi tells Biji that nobody loves her, nobody came to save her life. Biji tells that the family loves her. Prithvi tells that he will shoot Biji. Rishabh and Karan come downstairs. Prithvi asks them about the entire Luthra family. He wants everyone in his sight.

Prithvi calls himself smart. Karan tells that Prithvi is really smart, he has come here by mistake. He tricks Prithvi and engages him in talks. He fights the goons. Sameer and Rishabh also beat the goons. Vishnu tells that he will run away with the jewellery and cash. Bunty stops him. Shrishti catches Vishnu and takes the bag. Sherlyn takes the bag from Shrishti and thanks her. Shrishti asks Sameer to fight with the goons. Sameer takes a gun and catches Prithvi at gun point. Biji stops Sherlyn and takes the bag from her. Sherlyn asks her to leave her hand. The ladies beat up Sherlyn.

The police arrives in time. Prithvi asks who called the police. Shrishti tells that she has called the police. Preeta and Luthras come downstairs to see the goons’ arrest. Prithvi sees a knife fallen there. He catches Preeta at the knife point. Rishabh gets worried. Prithvi asks Shrishti to say sorry to him, else he will cut Preeta’s throat. Shrishti apologizes. He tells that he will leave before police comes, he is a professional and powerful too. Rishabh and Karan get angry seeing him hurt Preeta. Rishabh asks Prithvi to stop it. Prithvi mocks him. Goons catch Rishabh to keep him away. Karan handles the situation maturely. He tells that he doesn’t love violence, Preeta’s life is in danger, so he thinks he should help Preeta. He tells Preeta that he cares for the family, not her, so he will help her.

He asks them to leave until he counts to three. Prithvi takes his warning lightly and asks him what will he do now. Karan fights Prithvi, and saves Preeta. The fight scene till goes on. Police finally gets inside. Prithvi escapes from Karan’s sight. Rishabh asks Preeta is she okay. Karan also asks Preeta is she okay. Preeta tells that she is okay. Rakhi tells that Rishabh and Arjun are hurt. She asks Preeta to do the dressing to their wounds. Karan tells that Anjali will do the dressing. Preeta asks Rishabh to come with her. Prithvi and Sherlyn try to save themselves from the police. They hide inside a guest’s car. Rishabh and Preeta meet Kavya, and find her scared.

They tell Kavya that everything is fine. Rishabh cheers up Kavya. He asks Kavya to go to Rakhi and play. Kavya runs. Rishabh gets hurt. Preeta asks him to show the wound. She gets stressed seeing the deep wound. Rishabh emotionally sees Preeta while she does the dressing to his wound. Biji comes to borrow the first aid kit for Arjun’s dressing. Preeta asks Biji to take it. Rishabh tells that Arjun has won everyone’s heart. Preeta tells that the family is so good that they have a place in heart for a stranger also. Rishabh asks her if he is the only one she liked on their first meet.

She tells that there is nobody better than him. He thanks her for the compliment. He also compliments her. Anjali gets worried for Arjun’s wound. He asks her not to treat him like a robot. He tells that if anything happened to her, then Nidhi would have killed him and gave him a new face. Anjali asks why did he refuse to Preeta’s help. He tells that he doesn’t trust Preeta, she can hurt his wound even more. She asks why did he save Preeta’s life. He answers that he was saving his family from the goons.

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