Bhagya Lakshmi 19th August 2022 Written Update Lakshmi ousted

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th August 2022 Written Update Lakshmi ousted

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th August 2022 Written Update Lakshmi ousted Ayush and Lakshmi take the people to the hospital, and attend them till the treatment is done. Rishi learns about the huge problem faced at the hotel. Even the Oberois learn about the mess, and get worried for their hotel reputation. They pray that the people survive over the critical food poisoning. Neelam accuses Lakshmi for the mess. She tells that Lakshmi is really inauspicious for the family. She adds that since Lakshmi came home, they lost their happiness and peace. Kiran is glad knowing the bad occurring.

She tells Malishka that finally she has removed the thorn from her family. Lakshmi and Rishi return home. Lakshmi tries to explain him. He asks her to shut up. He calls it over. He tells that their relationship is over, he is removing her from the house and his life as well. He tells that their relation is over from now. Lakshmi sheds tears, while Malishka gets overjoyed. Is this Malishkas dream that Rishi ousted Lakshmi from the house? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Malishka stops Mukesh and asks him where is he running. He tells that he will go and tell Ayush about the man who added something in the food. She slaps him and blames him. She tells that the people are suffering from food poisoning. She threatens him of police. He tells that he didn’t do anything such. She asks him how will he convince everyone, he won’t get saved. He asks what can he do. She calls him a criminal. She scares him. He agrees to do anything she says if she saves him.


Bhagya Lakshmi 19th August 2022 Written Update Lakshmi ousted:

Malishka suggests Mukesh to run away, else the people will beat him so much that he dies. She asks him to never come back, and not take her name, else she will tell everyone that he added something in the food. He doesn’t understand. She tells that they will go and tell the truth to Ayush. He agrees to run away and save himself. He runs away. She thinks Lakshmi’s fate has lost to her today. Ayush and Lakshmi rush the people to the hospital. Ayush goes to inform the family. He calls Virender and tells about the big problem at the hotel. Lakshmi cries praying to Ganesh ji.

She tells that Rishi has trusted her, his reputation and family name shouldn’t get spoiled. Ayush reveals the entire matter to him. Virender is shocked. He asks him to just get Lakshmi home, he isn’t experienced to handle the matter, manager will come and handle things. He suggests that Ayush doesn’t utter a single word in front of the media. Ayush finds Lakshmi praying. He also goes to pray. He tells her that they have to leave, Virender has called them home. Lakshmi tells that they have to handle things here. Ayush tells that Mayank will come and handle everything. She doesn’t want to go. He asks her to just trust Virender and come with him. Neelam gets informed about the mess.

She asks Malishka where was she when this was happening. She fears that the family respect will be ruined because of Lakshmi. She doesn’t know how she handles the situation. She prays that the media doesn’t know anything. Malishka happily calls the reporter to give the sensational news. She asks him to come to the Oberoi hotel and capture the drama live. She thinks Lakshmi will get finished by this move. Neelam wants to talk to Lakshmi.

She learns that Lakshmi didn’t come home till now. Virender asks her why is she so angry. She scolds him. She blames Lakshmi for the chaos in the hotel. He asks her how did she come to know. She tells that the world will get to know this. Karishma asks her what did Lakshmi do. Neelam tells that Lakshmi has put their name and respect on stake, and even their business will be ruined. Sonia asks what’s the matter. Neelam tells that the foreign clients had sent food critics to review the hotel and the food, Virender had sent Lakshmi to make the food, a big deal was due, Rishi and Ayush didn’t listen to her.

Ahana tells that Lakshmi is a great cook. Neelam asks her to stop it. She tells that Lakshmi is the reason for the tension. Mayank calls Virender. He tells him that there is no threat to anyone’s lives, but the doctor is saying an unusual thing, the food had poison in it, it might be a reaction of the wrong spices mixed together, it’s a case of food poisoning. Virender tells that Lakshmi can never make any mistake. He tells the family that some poison was mixed in the food. Karishma tells that it’s a criminal offence. Neelam tells Virender that Lakshmi has come as a curse on them, she is not auspicious.

He tells her that Lakshmi can’t make such a big mistake, she can never risk anyone’s life. He adds that something is wrong. Malishka plays a sobbing Lakshmi to satisfy her senses. She doesn’t want the family to trust Lakshmi this time. She laughs madly. She calls Kiran to share the good news. Kiran is sure that it would be bad news, because fate always supports Lakshmi. Malishka tells her that it’s a bad news for the Oberois. Kiran asks her why is she sounding happy if it’s a bad news.

Malishka tells that Oberois will get ruined, Lakshmi will leave the house, she will get away from their lives. Kiran asks how did this miracle happen. Malishka tells her that Rishi chose Lakshmi than her, he has hurt her ego, so she has ruined Lakshmi’s name, she hired Balwinder to spoil the food, she got the poison added in the food, the people suffered from food poisoning, and now Lakshmi will get punished. She asks Kiran to come home and see the big drama. She tells that her every happiness is incomplete without her. Kiran tells that she is reaching soon. Ayush and Lakshmi leave for home.

She wants to know how did the problem arise. He asks her to call Rishi and take his advice by sharing the problem, they can tackle the situation easily. She tells that she can’t make Rishi worry, when he is away. He tells that its not about business, the situation is really going out of hand. He asks her to call Rishi. Rishi and Lakshmi call each other at the same time. Ayush asks her to relax, everything will get fine. Guddu gets scared that police will arrest Balwinder and even him. Balwinder tells that nobody will know about his crime. He calls Malishka. Guddu tells that she won’t answer the call.

Balwinder tells that he can’t call Rishi and Lakshmi to ask. Guddu tells that Malishka is selfish, she fooled him. Balwinder asks him not to make him stressed. He tells that if Malishka cheats him, then he will kill her. Rano hears them and grows worried. Balwinder sees someone at the door. Neelam chants against Lakshmi. She tells that there was poison in the food, its only because Lakshmi is inauspicious. Malishka comes there to watch the drama. Neelam argues with Virender, that he accepted Lakshmi as his daughter again. She asks him to realize his big mistake, he should see the outcome of his mistake and remember it.

Kiran arrives. Neelam gets quiet and tries to conceal the matter. Kiran asks the reason for their silence. She asks them if she should go back. Karishma and Malishka stop her. Karishma tells that there is just one topic in the house. Kiran asks what did Lakshmi do now. Sonia tells about the problem created by Lakshmi. Kiran tells that its Ayush’s mistake, they should have let Malishka handle everything. Ahana comments that Malishka doesn’t know cooking. Kiran tells that she could have supervised the chefs, and not done this thing which Lakshmi has done. Karishma tells that Lakshmi has controlled both her children.

Ayush brings Lakshmi home. Karishma taunts Lakshmi for her victory. She asks Lakshmi to celebrate after ruining their family name. Lakshmi tells that she cooked the food safely and checked everything before serving to the critics. Neelam tells that wrong happens around her, because of her bad fate. Ayush defends Lakshmi. He believes that she can never do wrong. He tells that he was also at the hotel when this happened, he doesn’t know how this happened and who did it. Virender asks him not to worry. Neelam asks him how will he fix up things. She tells him that their family name and respect will be ruined totally. She asks Virender not to support Lakshmi. She shouts on Ayush when he tells that its not Lakshmi’s mistake.

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