Parineetii 18th August 2022 Shocker for Pari Spoilers

Parineetii 18th August 2022 Shocker for Pari Spoilers

Parineetii 18th August 2022 Shocker for Pari Spoilers Parineetii episode spoiler – Shocker for Parineet Parineet brings an injured Neetii to the hospital. The doctor asks her to call Neetii’s husband. Parineet makes a call. Rajeev comes running and she is shocked. He shouts Neetii’s name and asks what happened to my wife. Parineet is taken aback. She realizes that Rajeev and Sanju are the same. What will be Parineet’s reaction on Rajveer aka Sanju’s huge lie? Keep reading.

Ajooni episode spoiler – Ajooni saves Aman:

Dolly adds red chilli in the food made by Ajooni. Ravinder asks Bebe if it is food or poison. Dolly declares that Aman taught everything to Ajooni. Aman is shocked. Harvinder is pissed off and adds a lot of red chilli in the food and asks Aman to consume it. Ajooni says that she has made the food so she will bear the punishment.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai episode spoiler – The sorry game:

Payal asks Indu to apologize to Ritesh. She becomes angry. Ritesh tells Rahul that he will not say sorry to Indu. He says that if she says sorry first then he will think. Indu says that he will say sorry first because he started it but she will not apologize. Ritesh is shocked to see Indu at his doorstep.

Udti Ka Naam Rajjo episode spoiler – Rajjo’s revenge:

The medals were a broken dream for Rajjo. She comes to know that her mother was a runner too and wonders who broke her dream. Rajjo vows to not leave that person. She runs her way to the academy and realizes that it was the place of their destruction. She jumps across the wall and the coach is impressed. In the flashback he is seen telling Rajjo’s mother that the baby is not his and asks her to get out of the academy. The coach supports Rajjo’s talent.


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