Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd August 2022 Written Update Lakshmi’s arrest

Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd August 2022 Written Update Lakshmi's arrest

Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd August 2022 Written Update Lakshmi’s arrest Neelam asks Malishka to remember her word. She tells that she didn’t expect this from her, because she had given the responsibility to her, she can’t tolerate the family respect getting stained. Rishi talks to a reporter on call. He learns about the police getting involved in the case, and targeting Lakshmi, police will handle the case really strict. Rishi is shocked. Lakshmi confronts Malishka. She wants to know if Malishka is behind the incident. She tells that whatever has happened in the hotel, it will just benefit one person and that’s Malishka.

Malishka asks how will it benefit her. Lakshmi drags her and asks her to look at herself in the mirror, because the mirror shows the person’s truth. Malishka doesn’t confess the truth. The police comes home. Inspector asks Lakshmi to come with them to the police station right away. Lakshmi cries miserably, and Virender worries for her.

Earlier in the show, Ayush tells Lakshmi that she can do anything when it comes about Rishi, she is a superwoman, she can do anything for him, this is a little trouble they are facing, they will handle it easily. He protects her. She tells that so many people are hospitalized because of her, she wants to apologize to them. He asks her what did she do that she will apologize. He asks her not to feel guilty. Kiran asks Malishka not to call Rishi, he shouldn’t know this. Malishka tells that he would know it somehow. Kiran tells that Lakshmi won’t have a way to stay in the family. Malishka praises Kiran and herself. She tells that Lakshmi has forced her to do such a thing. Kiran asks her not to worry, and prepare to get married to Rishi. They see Neelam at the door.


Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd August 2022 Written Update Lakshmi’s arrest:

Lakshmi tells Ayush that she regrets to break Rishi’s trust. He tells that he also broke Rishi’s trust. He is suspicious that its someone’s conspiracy, its not their mistake, someone would have added something in the food, because they all tasted the food before serving it to the critics and the customers, but nothing happened to them. He tells that someone is wrong. Inspector asks the doctor about the patients. Doctor tells that they got the poison in the food sample. Inspector tells that he will investigate the matter. Doctor tells that he will share the next reports. Uday tells the inspector that Lakshmi made the food and served it to the critics, even the customers got harmed, its an attempt to murder.

He asks Inspector what will he do now. He thinks Neelam can’t save her Bahu Lakshmi by using her money and power. On the other side, Neelam tells Malishka that she didn’t expect this from her, she didn’t want her to get blamed. She asks Malishka why did she do this, why did she let this happen, knowing Lakshmi has made a big blunder. Malishka is relieved that Neelam didn’t hear Kiran and her talk. Neelam asks her why didn’t she handle the matter. She knew that Lakshmi isn’t lucky for them. She asks why didn’t Malishka do anything, what was she doing there. Kiran tells that she consoled Malishka who was blaming herself for breaking Neelam’s trust.

She explains that Lakshmi is cunning, Malishka can’t win in front of Lakshmi. Neelam tells that Malishka isn’t at fault, but she should be alert. She doesn’t want to have any battle with Lakshmi. She calls Lakshmi her mistake. She tells that she is tolerating Lakshmi. She asks Malishka not to worry. She is glad that Malishka is feeling guilty and crying for the loss of Oberois’ reputation. She wishes Lakshmi accepts her mistake and apologizes to them. Malishka apologizes to Neelam. Neelam asks her to be careful next time. She doesn’t tolerate anyone staining the family respect. She doesn’t forgive the person who hurts their respect. She asks Malishka to remember this.

Malishka thanks Kiran for handling everything. Lakshmi sheds tears feeing guilty that she couldn’t keep her responsibility well. She tells that Rishi had trusted her, but she broke his trust. She feels sorry. Rishi awaits her call to know the update of her work. He wants to know if everything is fine. He feels restless. He thinks to catch the first flight in the morning and go home. He gets a reporter’s call. Reporter tells that he has called him to inform about the incident. Rishi asks him what happened. Reporter asks him if he knows nothing, being the owner of the hotel. He informs Rishi about the food poisoning case. He tells that Mayank is handling everything, police is going to handle the case against Lakshmi really strictly. Rishi is shocked.

Ahana meets Lakshmi. She consoles her. She tells that Virender and Rishi trust Lakshmi. She asks Lakshmi not to worry, Rishi will come and help her in fixing the problem. She tells that they will handle the problem. Ahana encourages her to keep the belief. Lakshmi thanks Ahana and hugs her. Ahana tells that Lakshmi deserves their support. Malishka overhears them. She thinks Lakshmi has her well-wisher with her. She tells Lakshmi that Rishi is really protective about his reputation and name, this mistake will ruin the reputation, he will get much angry knowing this. She assures that she will explain Rishi.

Ahana asks Lakshmi to come with her to her room. Lakshmi tells that Ayush is also alone, and sends Ahana there. Malishka tells Lakshmi that Rishi can get angry and punish her, but she/Malishka will explain him. She asks Lakshmi not to feel scared or worry. Lakshmi tells that she isn’t wrong, so she isn’t scared. She asks Malishka did she do this. Malishka asks her if she lost her mind. She tells that she is supporting her. Lakshmi tells that this will just benefit Malishka, if Rishi gets upset and punishes her, then it will be Malishka’s benefit. Malishka tells that she is sharing Lakshmi’s pain.

Lakshmi asks her not to pretend. She tells that she is innocent, but not foolish. She asks Malishka to see her fake personality in the mirror. Malishka tells that she doesn’t see anything wrong. Lakshmi rebukes her. They get into an argument. Malishka blames her for ruining Rishi’s reputation. She tells that Rishi will see Lakshmi’s true face and know she is really unlucky for him. Rishi calls up Ayush. He tries to contact the family and know the matter. Ayush recollects the incident. He tells that Lakshmi can never do such a thing. He suspects Malishka. Police arrives home.

Neelam tells Karishma that she was afraid of the police coming. Inspector asks for Lakshmi. Malishka thinks it will be her show today and nobody can save Lakshmi now. She talks to the inspector to know the matter. He tells about the attempt to murder case on Lakshmi. Malishka gets really happy. She thinks Lakshmi won’t get saved now. She projects herself as a good person. Lakshmi tells that she is Lakshmi Oberoi. Malishka acts of protecting Lakshmi. Inspector asks them not to trick the police by confusingly mixing their identifies. Lakshmi apologizes and tells that she is Lakshmi.

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