Bhagya Lakshmi 24th August 2022 Written Update Rishi’s accident

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th August 2022 Written Update Rishi's accident

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th August 2022 Written Update Rishi’s accident Lakshmi is put into the lockup. She shatters and cries. Shalu confronts Neelam that the latter didn’t support Lakshmi. She tells that Neelam should have been with Lakshmi as a mother and stood firm by her, but Neelam has never supported Lakshmi, she has now stopped everyone from helping Lakshmi. Neelam doesn’t want Virender and Ayush to go to the police station and help Lakshmi. Ayush gets into an argument with Lakshmi. He asks Karishma to accept that Lakshmi didn’t do anything. She tells that they are bearing a huge loss because of Lakshmi. He replies that there is no loss, but she is reaping benefits from the situation. Karishma angrily slaps Ayush. Rishi meets with an accident while running on the road to reach the airport. Lakshmi senses Rishi is in danger, and grows worried. Will Rishi stay safe and reach home to rescue Lakshmi in time? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Lakshmi tells that she didn’t do anything. Ayush asks her not to worry. She doesn’t want to go to jail. She cries and asks him to save her. He apologizes that he couldn’t save her. she asks him to call Rishi. He tells that he will call up Rishi. Lakshmi misses Rishi. Rishi runs on the road to reach the airport. Neelam stops Ayush from calling Rishi. She tells that she wants to talk to the entire family. Malishka knows what would Neelam say now, that Lakshmi won’t come back home. Neelam tells that nobody will save Lakshmi this time. She shocks everyone with her decision.

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th August 2022 Written Update Rishi’s accident:


Neelam tells the family that Lakshmi has stained their respect. Virender tells that the family respect will get stained when they don’t save Lakshmi, she is their bahu. Neelam counts her favors on the family. She tells that she has done a lot for the family respect, she will not tolerate Lakshmi bringing disgrace to the family. She tells that nobody will save Lakshmi. Virender tells that it will be worse if they don’t save their bahu. She tells that Lakshmi isn’t their bahu, but a bad luck, a problem and a curse for them. She asks him to find a way to save the business, but not think of saving Lakshmi. Shalu comes home and hears Neelam. Neelam tells that Lakshmi shouldn’t come out of the jail, she should get blamed for the incident, Lakshmi can never be her bahu.

She shouts on everyone. She tells that its her decision that nobody will save Lakshmi. She asks them not to go against her decision. Lakshmi is pushed inside the lockup. The cell mate asks her what did she do that she got into the lockup. Lakshmi doesn’t want to talk to her. Rishi throws his bag and runs on the road. He wants to be with Lakshmi, who needs him. He prays that she stays strong. Lakshmi cries and recollects Rishi and her moments. She gets troubled by the cell mate. Rishi feels tired of running. He meets an accident. He shouts Lakshmi’s name. Lakshmi feels Rishi is in trouble. She prays for his safety. The people gather and rush Rishi to the hospital. Rishi wants Lakshmi to keep courage. He just thinks of her. Doctor attends Rishi. Manager reaches there on knowing about his accident.

He tries to contact Ayush and Virender. Ayush sees Shalu at the door. Shalu steps inside. She asks Neelam why is she blaming Lakshmi, when the latter isn’t at home to defend herself. She tells that Lakshmi really regards Neelam as her mother. She asks Neelam why did she decide against Lakshmi, when she knows that Lakshmi is innocent. She asks if Neelam feels nothing for Lakshmi. Neelam asks how dare she talk to her in this tone. Shalu tells that she worries for Lakshmi who stays with Oberois and tolerates a lot. Karishma reminds her status and age. She asks Shalu not to misbehave with elders.

Shalu asks how could they let the police arrest Lakshmi. Karishma asks her to shut up. Shalu asks Dadi and Virender how did they let Lakshmi go away. Neelam tells that they aren’t helpless to answer her. Malishka and Kiran are happy seeing the drama. Shalu tells that Lakshmi is helpless. Kiran asks her to go and help her sister. She tells what Lakshmi has done to ruin their reputation. She calls Lakshmi unlucky. Shalu lectures them. She tells that she wants to ask them why they never take a stand for Lakshmi. She is hurt. She asks Ayush didn’t he do anything. Ayush tells her that he understands her feeling, he tried a lot to stop Lakshmi’s arrest but he couldn’t help. He apologizes.

Shalu tells that Lakshmi isn’t alone, because she is right, the truth is with her, nobody can harm Lakshmi. She tells that she will go and help Lakshmi. Ayush tells that he will come along. Karishma asks him not to move. Neelam asks him if he wants to go against her decision for Lakshmi and Shalu’s sake. Karishma and Neelam stop him. Shalu tells Ayush that he shall save his family reputation, she will save her sister. Ayush asks Virender what’s happening here. He apologizes for talking in loud tone. He tells that he can’t see Lakshmi suffering, she is innocent. Karishma tells that they are bearing a huge loss because of Lakshmi. He taunts her for taking an advantage of the situation. She angrily slaps him. She tells that Malishka is great to tolerate Ayush’s misbehavior, but he won’t talk in front of Neelam.

Virender tells that Ayush is saying right, he knows to identify people well. Neelam asks him if he knows Lakshmi well. He tells that he understands Lakshmi, she is right. She asks them not to help Lakshmi. She goes mad in anger. She asks them not to dare inform Rishi. She tells that Rishi is working hard for the business, he should be kept away from this matter. She warns Ayush. Shalu reaches the police station. She states that Lakshmi is innocent. Inspector tells that the court will decide it. She asks his permission to meet Lakshmi once. Rishi gets treated. He thinks of Lakshmi and takes her name. Lakshmi too weeps thinking of Rishi.

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