Swaran Ghar 23rd August 2022 Fanaa Parineetii Appnapan

Swaran Ghar 23rd August 2022 Fanaa Parineetii Appnapan

Swaran Ghar 23rd August 2022 Fanaa Parineetii Appnapan Bade Achhe Lagte Hain episode spoiler – Pihu’s interview Sara says that Pihu is just 5 years old and they cannot let her give the interview alone. Nandini says that Pihu is not alone and she has both her grandmothers along with her. Pihu and Nandini sit for the interview. The reporter asks Pihu if her father loves her. She becomes silent. Priya informs Ram about the feeling of catching Pihu for the first time in her arms.

Ajooni episode spoiler – Dolly harms Ajooni:

Dolly gives a sleeping pill to Ajooni and says that she will feel good after taking it. Ajooni takes it and goes into a deep sleep. Dolly places a smokey thing around the room. Ajooni gets up because of the smoke and starts coughing. She asks Dolly to open the door. Ajooni is unable to breathe and falls unconscious.


Fanaa episode spoiler – Pakhi hunts for Agastya:

Pakhi ventures out on her bike to search for Agastya. She wonders where is her Dodo and what Meera must have done to him. Agastya manages to run but feels dizzy. He gets overshadowed by a gang of Dahi handi gang. Pakhi reaches the spot but cannot see him. Agastya takes Pakhi’s name and falls unconscious.

Parineetii episode spoiler – Parineet awaits Sanju:

Parineet decides to check Neetii’s phone to see if Sanju has called her back. She prays to god that Sanju must have called back. Rakesh sneaks into Neetii’s ward. Rajeev feels lonely without Neetii. Rakesh takes out a knife and plans to kill Neetii.

Appnapan – Badalate Rishton Ka Bandhan episode spoiler – Barkha collapses:

Nandita informs Nikhil that she has come to meet him outside his house. Barkha gets an attack. Badal, Gagan and Manna panic and struggle to open the door. Harsh laughs at his victory. Gagan asks Badal to break open the door. Pallavi calls Nikhil and asks him if he is at home as she is feeling something is wrong. He gets scared.

Swaran Ghar episode spoiler – Ajit’s proposal:

Ajit tells Arjun that one gets a different level of happiness by fighting their own battle. He says that he doesn’t want to lose that happiness. Arjun supports him and says that he knows that he will handle everything. Ajit is determined to win. He says that he will confess his feelings to Swaran and not let anyone come in between them.


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