Udaariyaan 23rd August 2022 Jasmin extreme move

Udaariyaan 23rd August 2022 Jasmin extreme move

Udaariyaan 23rd August 2022 Jasmin extreme move Udaariyaan episode spoiler – Jasmin stabs Yash The nurse threatens Tejo that she will file a police complaint if she continues her investigation and will rot in jail. She blames her for stealing the baby. Tejo is alarmed. Jasmin takes a knife in anger and goes towards Yash. She stabs something.

Saavi Ki Savaari episode spoiler – Saavi in trouble:

Saavi gets to know that auto drivers can fall to any level to win the competition. She confidently steps in a male dominated competition and gets threatened by a male driver. He warns her that she is nothing compared to him as she is the only female amongst them. The guy cheats and tries to defeat Saavi. She gets trapped in the mud and prays to God to send someone for help. Nityam reaches there.


Imlie episode spoiler – Malini’s earring:

Chini finds Malini’s earring and asks her if carrying it is in fashion. Malini says that she forget to wear it but Chini asks if she remembered to wear her earring after the bomb blast. She enquires about her other earring. Imlie gives the earring to the police and says that it belongs to the girl who planned the blast. She says that she saw the lady in security’s uniform.

Pandya Store episode spoiler – Rishita cancels the ceremony:

Rishita desires to celebrate her baby’s naming ceremony and doesn’t want Dhara to create any trouble. The priest calls for Dhara’s baby and Rishita feels upset. Dev asks her to stop the drama and let the naming ceremony take place as Dhara wishes. Rishita refuses to conduct her baby’s naming ceremony and gets up. Everyone is shocked.

Rajjo episode spoiler – Rajjo-Mannu’s separation:

Rajjo wants to run but Arjun refuses her. She pushes him and runs. Mannu forbids Rajjo from running and warns that she will break all the ties with her if she continues. Rajjo is devastated. Heavy rainfall followed by floods hit the village and Rajjo gets separated from her mother. She tries to save her mother but Mannu flows with the heavy current.


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