Kundali Bhagya 25th August 2022 Written Update Karan rages

Kundali Bhagya 25th August 2022 Written Update Karan rages

Kundali Bhagya 25th August 2022 Written Update Karan rages Karan knows he is also taking a big risk and becoming Rishabh’s business partner. He wants to cheat Rishabh and snatch his happiness. He thanks Rishabh for his offer. He tells that fate is bringing them together, they are going to become business partners, its all because of Preeta. Rishabh tells that she is his lucky charm. Karan holds Preeta responsible for everything. He hugs Rishabh. Prithvi finds Arjun dual-faced. He wonders how did Rishabh give a big offer to Arjun. Karan asks him how dare he come to the conference room without permission. Prithvi asks him to say thanks. He suggests that Arjun doesn’t trust Rishabh, who might cheat him in business.

He tells that Rishabh might be emotionally connected to Arjun. He praises Arjun. He asks him what did he do to fool Rishabh. He tells that Rishabh is a big fool. He also feels connected to Arjun who is really smart. He admits that he did a lot to get Luthras property, and still lost everything. He asks how did Rishabh come with the offer himself. He asks Arjun to put a pressure on Rishabh and make all the Luthra family members beg on the road. Karan turns raged up. Prithvi tells that Preeta will get much money if she goes to beg on the road. Karan slaps him and asks him not to take Preeta’s name. He threatens Preeta to not say anything against Preeta. Prithvi doesn’t understand if its Arjun’s hatred or some other feeling for Preeta, seeing his confusing behavior. What will Prithvi do now? Keep reading.

Kundali Bhagya 25th August 2022 Written Update Karan rages:


Preeta gets down her car and helps an old lady. The lady tells that she was asking many people to help, but no one came. She blesses Preeta that she gets her love back even if her love has gone away from her. Preeta gets upset. Prithvi tells that he isn’t weak. He asks Arjun why does he get violent on hearing Preeta’s name. Karan tells that he has a personal revenge with Preeta. Prithvi questions him to know. Karan tells that he doesn’t want to hear Preeta or Luthras’ name, they aren’t close to his heart. Prithvi tells that he isn’t able to see the other face behind Arjun’s face. Karan asks him to shut up. He tells that he is Arjun Suryavanshi, Prithvi doesn’t need to know anything about his revenge and wishes.

He asks him to stay away. Prithvi tells that he isn’t scared of him. He asks him why is he going against Preeta and Luthras, he wants revenge on them, either by joining hands with Arjn or going against him. He asks him the reason for his revenge. Karan asks security to throw our Prithvi. He warns Prithvi. Prithvi tells that Arjun will regret a lot. Anjali gets to see Prithvi, and realizes their enmity. Preeta is lost thinking of the old lady’s words. Prithvi tells the guards that he will become a boss soon and then throw them out. He clicks their pictures to remember their faces.

He tells that he will teach a lesson to all of those who insulted them. He sees Preeta and remember how she slapped him. He gets angry. He finds her walking totally lost. He hides from her. He tells that he is still her lover, he can always forgive her, he can’t hate her seeing her innocent face. Preeta meets Rishabh. He is surprised to see her. She apologizes for disturbing him. She tells that she should have informed him and come. He tells that he is really happy to see her in the office.

She tells that she got the tiffin for him, he does a lot for them, but she does nothing, so she thought to get the lunch. He feels great. He tells that he really likes that she got the lunch for him. He asks her to give him company. She doesn’t want to talk much. Karan gets to see the files messed up. He thinks Prithvi had come to his cabin with a motive to check, he would have taken something.

He checks his files. Anjali meets him and asks him why did he oust Prithvi. Karan tells that Prithvi knows the truth that he knows Raja and gave the supari to harm Rishabh, he knows his revenge motives against Preeta and Rishabh, but he doesn’t know the reason for it. She asks him to take Prithvi seriously. Karan tells that he is Arjun, the real Karan, nobody knows him, but he knows everyone. She asks him not to underestimate anyone, Prithvi can cause a harm to him. Preeta leaves from the office. Rishabh stops her to surprise her. He jokes and hands over her phone. He asks the driver to drive carefully and drop Preeta home. Preeta laughs hearing his instructions. Rishabh tells that he worries for Kavya and Preeta also. She thanks him.

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