Bade Acche 26th August 2022 Upcoming Ram Priya union

Bade Acche 26th August 2022 Upcoming Ram Priya union

Bade Acche 26th August 2022 Upcoming Ram Priya union Priya is really happy that Ram proposed her for a reunion. She also dreams of a happy family with Ram and Pihu. She decides to tell Ram that Pihu is his own daughter. She gains strength to fight Kanika and Vedika, and then Nandini. Krish informs her about the trio plotting against her. Priya finds a way and controls Kanika. She doesn’t let Kanika ruin Ishaan’s future by leaking the video of his confession. Vedika confronts Kanika to know why the latter didn’t show the video to Ram and police. Kanika stays tight-lipped. Priya asks Kanika to answer Vedika. This time, she doesn’t lose. She tells Nandini that she has won the game played by Nandini. On the other hand, Brinda gets close to the truth when she meets the doctor and learns the results of Ram and Pihu’s DNA test. She learns that the both samples matched, and Pihu is indeed Ram’s daughter.

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Arjun has a loving family. Rajjo gets to see Arjun’s strong bonding with his family and realizes that she doesn’t have so many relation. She hides in Arjun’s room, and witnesses Arjun and Urvashi’s romantic moments. Urvashi tells Arjun that very soon they will get engaged, she can never tolerate that someone comes and snatches him from her, she loves him and can’t afford to lose him. She shares her feelings with him. Arjun hugs Urvashi. Rajjo doesn’t come in their sight. She tries to leave from Arjun’s house. She finds Arjun and Urvashi’s engagement happening, and a huge celebration beginning in the family. Pushkar spots Rajjo leaving and stops her to know about her. Rajjo has no idea that Pushkar is her dad.


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