Kumkum Bhagya Savior Ranbir 29th August 2022

Kumkum Bhagya Savior Ranbir 29th August 2022

Kumkum Bhagya Savior Ranbir 29th August 2022 Ranbir reaches Prachi to save her life Ranbir and Shahana meet a girl on the way and ask about Prachi. The girl tells that she knows where is Prachi. Shahana goes to the goon’s place and meets the others girls. The girl tells Shahana that goons keep the beautiful girls nicely, they find Prachi really beautiful. Prachi asks Ranbir doesn’t he like to see her crying. He tells that he hates it because he loves her.

Saavi Ki Savaari episode spoiler – Sonam-Nityam’s marriage:

Sonam accuses Saavi of being jealous of her as her alliance gets fixed. She warns her that if this alliance breaks she will put all the blame on her. Saavi feels worried. She goes to meet Nityam Dalmia at his office. She offers him the change. Nityam declares that Saavi is a robber as she traps people in her talks and later robs them. Saavi tells Nityam that her sister Sonam’s alliance is being fixed with him. He is alarmed.


Fanaa episode spoiler – Agastya-Pakhi join hands:

Agastya tells Pakhi that he has an idea. He says that with the help of the crayon he will alert Thakur sir and convey that there is a threat to his life. Pakhi moves the fan and the red color spreads in the air. Everyone starts coughing. Agastya manages to write a message for Thakur and gives it to him with a lot of struggle as his security guards try to pull him back. Pakhi shows a thumbs-up to Agastya.

Naagin S06 episode spoiler – Pratha meets her daughter:

A lady informs Pratha that there is something special in her baby which isn’t found in other kids. She says that it is a god’s gift which she herself experienced when she held her daughter in her arms. Shesh Nag realizes that two powerful Naagins have connected with each other but doesnt know at which place or time. He says that it is the most divine and wonderful moment in the universe. Pratha picks up her daughter and kisses her.


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