Yeh Rishta 31st August 2022 Spoilers Abhira meet

Yeh Rishta 31st August 2022 Spoilers Abhira meet

Yeh Rishta 31st August 2022 Spoilers Abhira meet Yeh Rishta episode spoiler – Abhira’s meetup The Birlas prepare to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami. Akshara tells Kairav that her visa has come and she will go to India. Abhimanyu asks Shefali if she needs him to leave tonight. Akshara tells Kairav that this time when she will meet Abhimanyu everything will turn good. Abhimanyu says that no one but he is eagerly waiting to meet Akshara.

Rajjo episode spoiler – Arjun slams Rajjo:

Rajjo tells Arjun that she saw him half naked but not fully naked as she was here only. She says that she didn’t see him kissing. Arjun shouts at her and says that his mother speaks truth about the labourers that they suck their master’s blood. She says that every labourer doesn’t suck their owner’s blood. Rajjo apologizes to Arjun and jumps off the balcony. Arjun shouts in fear.


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode spoiler – Savi calls Vinayak:

Vinayak tells Virat that the doctor aunty and Savi are very good as they both saved him. Patralekha cries. A man comes with a group to meet Sai and she asks him what is he doing here. Vinayak gets a call on his mobile and Virat asks him who is calling him so late in the night. He feels happy to get Savi’s video call and informs Virat about it. Patralekha and Virat are stunned.

Yeh Hai Chahatein episode spoiler – Vidyut doubts Kanchan-Pihu:

Rudraksh asks Raj if he ate or drink something. Vidyut says that Raj had consumed green tea which was brought by Pihu’s mother which means that all this is done by them. Rudraksh asks Vidyut why will Pihu’s mother do this and he says that she wants to seek revenge from him. Kanchan gets angry seeing her dead plant. Digvijay praises Armaan for harming Raj but he says that he didn’t do anything. Kanchan kicks out Prem for being irresponsible.


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