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Kumkum Bhagya 2nd September 2022 Written Update Prachi’s marriage

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd September 2022 Written Update Prachi's marriage

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd September 2022 Written Update Prachi’s marriage Pallavi tells Ranbir that his dad and she have decided to get Prachi and Sid married. Prachi is shocked by her decision. She tells that she won’t get married to Sid or anyone else, because she is married to Ranbir. She is hurt that Ranbir isn’t taking a stand for her. Ranbir is heartbroken and thinks Prachi is really carrying Sid’s child. Pallavi convinced Ranbir to let the baby get the real father, Sid. Ranbir doesn’t know what to say. He stays speechless. Pallavi shouts on Prachi, and tells that she is not asking her, but telling her decision, its an order that Prachi will get married to Sid. Prachi breaks down into tears, and is deeply in pain over the forced marriage decision. Will Ranbir take a stand for his wife? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Ranbir and Aryan dance in the function. Ranbir and Sid exchange some angry stares. Sid wants to tell him the truth. Shahana finds Prachi decked up and compliments her. Prachi feels tensed. Shahana comforts her by telling how Ranbir has professed love for Prachi and promised to never leave her. She tells that the family has seen their love.

Prachi gets glad. Pallavi pacifies an emotionally hurt Ranbir and hugs him. Rhea and Aaliya wait for Prachi. Prachi comes there. Aaliya calls her a devil. Ranbir and Prachi perform the aarti together. Aaliya pushes Sid towards Prachi. Shahana sees this and pushes Rhea towards Sid. She makes Sid and Rhea perform the aarti together. Prachi makes a prayer that Bappa brings the truth out.

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd September 2022 Written Update Prachi’s marriage:

Prachi wishes that the truth comes out, Bappa brings the truth out in the open and proves her innocence. Ranbir wishes Bappa takes away his pain and gives him some relief. Rhea prays that she gets rid of Prachi for once and all. She wants to rule over the house. Aaliya tells Pallavi that she has thought right, her decision should get into effect. Pallavi asks Vikram to come with her. She sees Prachi and Sid together. Vikram asks her the matter. She tells that she wants to suggest something, she really cares for Prachi’s child, she doesn’t know the reason for her affection, she wants Prachi to stay well and the baby stays safe. He tells that she will feel and wish good for a pregnant lady, its natural.

She tells that its blood attachment, Prachi’s child is of the family. She wants to discuss about Prachi after whatever happened last night. She asks him to listen to her first and then react. Aaliya tries to overhear their conversation. Vikram refuses to Pallavi’s decision. Aaliya wonders what did Pallavi say that Vikram got angry. Vikram tells that Pallavi’s suggestion is illogical. She tells that she can’t delay the topic. He tells that today isn’t the right day. She tells that its an auspicious day, something good will happen. Sid looks for Ranbir. Ranbir keeps an eye on Prachi.

Sid asks Ranbir to talk to him once and let him explain. Ranbir refuses. Aaliya signs Rhea to stop Sid. Rhea asks Ranbir to come with her. Rhea and Ranbir perform the dance together. Dida makes Rhea away. She brings Prachi to Ranbir. Ranbir and Prachi have a moment. Rhea tells that Ranbir can’t like Prachi’s dance. She gets angered and challenges Prachi for dance.

Rhea wants Ranbir to like her dance. She dances to please him. Rhea and Prachi have a dance competition for Ranbir’s sake. Ranbir just sees Prachi. Sid asks Ranbir to give him two minutes and hear him out once. Ranbir goes with him. Shahana finds Prachi getting dizzy after the dance. She takes Prachi with her. Ranbir rebukes Sid for cheating the family. Sid asks him to listen to him once. Rhea asks Ranbir to come with her, Pallavi is calling him. Pallavi summons the entire family to her room. Aaliya waits for Aryan. Aryan comes and asks her why was she finding him. Vikram and Pallavi ask Aaliya to stay quiet. Vikram tells them that Pallavi has thought something for the family betterment. Rhea is tensed.

Vikram tells that unexpected and unfortunate things happen in life, but every sorrow carries a message for the future happiness and peace. He tells that they might find the decision odd, but the decision is taken for the future. Rhea asks them if they have decided well. Pallavi tells that she doesn’t want to delay it further. Ranbir asks her decision. She tells her decision to get Prachi and Sid married. Ranbir is shocked. Prachi wakes up from her sleep. She feels uneasy. Shahana takes care of her. Prachi tells that she feels someone is snatching her identity. She rushes to talk to Ranbir to bring her mind at peace.

Aaliya tells that Pallavi and Vikram are mature parents, they really care for the children’s better future. Sid is also in shock with the decision. Dida tells that she doesn’t find the decision right, it can be Pallavi’s decision but not of Vikram. Sid tells that he doesn’t think he should marry Prachi. Ranbir asks him to not act, he would be happy to marry Prachi. He asks is Prachi not good for him. Rhea tells Ranbir that Sid will marry, because there isn’t any reason to not marry Prachi. Pallavi tells that there is one reason for the marriage, that’s Prachi is pregnant with his child. She adds that Prachi and Sid should get married. She tells that she doesn’t want complications in relations.

Aaliya threatens Sid by showing his sister’s picture. Sid thinks marriage will be fixed later on, till then he will fix the matter. Pallavi tells that the marriage will happen in a week. Dida doesn’t like it. Aaliya supports Pallavi. Pallavi tells that they will lose their name if they delay this marriage. She adds that her decision is final, its taken for the family’s betterment, engagement will happen tomorrow. Ranbir cries. Pallavi tells that the elders will accept Sid and Prachi’s relationship.

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  1. This track is ridiculous!!
    Can Ekta not show any positivity?
    All her shows are so toxic……people having multiple wives/husbands?? Since when is this encouraged in Hinduism?
    She needs to retire….. her days are done!!


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