Kundali Bhagya 6th September 2022 Written Update Preeran moment

Kundali Bhagya 6th September 2022 Written Update Preeran moment

Kundali Bhagya 6th September 2022 Written Update Preeran moment Preeta and Karan get into a banter again. She tells that she understands everything, he shouldn’t act much smart, she knows he is trying to get benefits by using Kavya’s name. She taunts that he is fulfilling his motive. Karan asks Kavya to see her mumma, she is scolding him so much. Kavya asks Preeta not to scold her friend, he is a big boy, Preeta shouldn’t scold him. On the other hand, Kritika sees Sherlyn in the corridor. Prithvi sees their interaction and gets worried. He doesn’t want Sherlyn to get caught by Rishabh. Kritika wants to alert the family that Prithvi and Sherlyn are in the house for some unknown motive. Ahead in the show, Kavya gets locked in the locker. Karan gets hugely challenged to step back when he could easily save Kavya. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rishabh, Mahesh and Sameer see him playing with the ball, and recall Karan playing with the ball in the same way. They remember their moment with Karan, who asked Mahesh for his golden pen to sign a contract saying its lucky for him. Karan asks for Mahesh’s golden pen, and leaves them shocked. Mahesh gives his golden pen to Karan. Rishabh and Sameer are shocked by the series of the coincidences. Karan is still the same Karan, and talks in the same way. Karan congratulates them for the partnership. He goes to get blessings from Bappa. Sameer tells Rishabh that Arjun resembles Karan so much like he is Karan himself. Rishabh is clueless, but gives it a thought.

Kundali Bhagya 6th September 2022 Written Update Preeran moment:


Karan sees Preeta and gets a smile on his face. He recalls their moments. They see Kavya falling down the stairs, and run to save her. Karan saves Kavya from falling down. Preeta asks Kavya is she okay. Kavya tells that she isn’t hurt. Karan calls her a liar. She tells that she will tell him later. He takes Kavya to the room. Preeta follows them. Karan asks Kavya is she hurt. Preeta asks the same. Karan tells that Kavya wants to have water. He sends Preeta away. Kavya asks Karan why did she lie to Preeta. He asks her why did she lie to Preeta that she isn’t hurt.

He tells that she can tell him all her secrets, because they are friends. Kavya asks when did they become friends. He tells that they have become friends now. Preeta watches them. Karan asks Kavya to say thanks to him, because he saved her from falling down. Kavya tells that she doesn’t want to thank him, its difficult for her. Karan tells that its difficult for Luthras. Kavya shows her wound to Karan. Preeta worries for Kavya. She panics and scolds Kavya. Karan tells that this is Preeta’s problem. He asks Preeta not to scold Kavya. Preeta asks him not to scold her by using Kavya’s matter.

Karan and Kavya defend each other, and ask Preeta not to scold them, its totally wrong. Preeta asks them to stop it. She cares for Kavya’s wound. Kavya asks Arjun to do the aid. Karan does the aid with love. Karan and Kavya bond. Preeta smiles watching their happy moments. Prithvi runs to some room and locks the door. Kritika follows him and knocks to ask who is inside. He gets terrified. She is also scared that she has seen Prithvi in the house. Prithvi’s friend opens the door. Prithvi hides from her. She asks about Prithvi. His friend saves him in time.

He tells her that she might love that person a lot, so she is seeing him by her heart. He fools her that she has seen her soul mate. Kritika gets tricked. She asks him what is he doing. He tells that Rakhi asked him to purify the room, he is a pandit, but not wearing such custom clothing. He sends away Kritika. Prithvi thanks him for saving him. Prithvi and his friend step out of the room. Janki and Biji come home with the sweets. Kareena lectures them that they have come so late. Biji stops Kareena and Janki from arguing. She asks Kareena to send Girish to get the sweet boxes from the tempo. Kareena angrily thanks them for coming. Biji tells that she can make Janki befriend Kareena, but its not easy to handle her.

Janki refuses to befriend Kareena. Kavya calls Arjun smart. Preeta tells that she would have done a better dressing. Kavya feels hurt. Karan asks her to hold his hand tightly, then her pain will get away. Kavya tells that her pain really got less on holding his hand, he is really a magician. Rishabh comes there and finds Karan and Kavya’s sweet bonding. Karan tells Kavya that she will get fine soon. Rishabh tells that he has a feeling that Arjun has some daughter, he is so polite with kids, he isn’t revealing about his daughter to them. Karan asks him to guess, how many kids does he have.

Rishabh tells that maybe Arjun has one or two kids, but he isn’t sure, since Arjun never disclosed about his marriage. Preeta recalls Arjun’s strange proposal. Kritika sees Sherlyn roaming in the corridor. Prithvi gets worried seeing both of them coming face to face. He asks his friend to save him. He pushes him towards Kritika. He hides Sherlyn till then. Kritika asks the guy how did he fall. He tells that he just slipped. He tells her that he has seen somewhere just now. She tells that there is no one around. He tells that its an aura.

She tells that she had seen Sherlyn, she hates Sherlyn a lot, his theory won’t work here, why would she see someone she hates the most. He tells that love and hatred are strong emotions, they visualize the people they love and hate, the mind creates such illusions. He asks Kritika to accept it. Kritika tells that Sherlyn might have got hidden. Kavya asks Preeta to get her favorite food, she is feeling hungry. Preeta goes to make it. Karan knows that Rishabh questioned about his family. He isn’t able to tell him that he is with his family. He loves Preeta and hates her too.

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