Anupama 6th September 2022 Spoilers Anuj’s memory loss

Anupama 6th September 2022 Spoilers Anuj's memory loss

Anupama 6th September 2022 Spoilers Anuj’s memory loss Anupama episode spoiler – Anuj’s memory loss Anupama hears a loud sound and gets up abruptly. She sees Anuj fallen on the floor and calls G.K. Barkha, Adhik and Ankush come running. Anu gets up and asks what happened to him. Anuj is placed on the bed. The next day he sees a bruise on his hand and asks Anupama about it. He says that it feels like he had fallen somewhere. Anuj asks Anupama how is Kinjal and if she had her delivery. Anupama is shocked.

Rajjo episode spoiler – Kalindi provokes Madhu:

Rajjo tells Arjun that she will not trouble him anymore and asks him to go. He locks the room and leaves. Kalindi provokes Madhu that Arjun has locked the door as if he is hiding something. Madhu becomes angry and walks towards Arjun’s room. She breaks the lock and sees Rajjo inside. All the family members are stunned.


Anandibaa Aur Emily episode spoiler – Emily’s wine soup:

Emily prepares soup for Kalindi and Anandibaa. Gunjan tells Pinky that it will be fun to see Emily giving a wine soup to Anandibaa instead of carom seed’s soup. Emily removes the curtain kept between Kalindi and Anandibaa. They look at each other in anger.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho episode spoiler – Good news for Amba:

Amba asks Dev if he has appointed someone to look after other issues as he has hired for his account maintenance. Dev is puzzled. She says that they have to seek permission for getting married. Dev is stunned. Satyavati asks Amba why she didn’t get married. She says that she is waiting for someone. Satyavati informs her that she is looking for a bride for Dev. Amba is surprised.


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