Swaran Ghar 6th September 2022 Update Love triangle

Swaran Ghar 6th September 2022 Update Love triangle

Swaran Ghar 6th September 2022 Update Love triangle Ajit decides to confess love to Swaran. He is glad that Arjun has returned the land to him, and now the dhaba is only his property. Ajit, Arjun and Swaran celebrate like good friends. They have a dance. Arjun surprises Ajit by calling his family at the dhaba. Ajit is much indebted to Arjun. They become the best of friends. Arjun’s past comes out when Swaran mentions to Bebe about her best friend Sapna, who committed suicide after her lover cheated her. Swaran hates the person who cheated Sapna. She doesn’t know that Arjun is Sapna’s lover. Arjun wants answers from Swaran about Sapna. He has a feeling that Swaran knows about Sapna. Swaran tells that Sapna has passed away. Arjun realizes that Swaran is replacing Sapna’s memories in his heart. He begins to fall in love with Swaran.

Even Ajit deeply loves Swaran. He lacks courage to confess his feelings. Whenever he tries to speak, he gets interrupted by someone. Swaran doesn’t know that both Ajit and Arjun like her. She just loves Kanwaljeet. She tells Bebe that she is really lucky to have good friends, and she had a life partner like Kanwal, who was always devoted to her. She wishes that her fate is always good. Bebe blesses Swaran. Ajit wants Swaran to know that he loves her since the first time they met in childhood. Ajit’s feelings for Swaran is true. She means the world to him. Even Arjun is heartbroken and in search of love. He also starts showing feelings for Swaran. A love triangle will be seen between Ajit, Swaran and Arjun. Stay tuned.

Reviewed Rating for Swaran Ghar 6th September 2022 Update Love triangle: 3/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section below.



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