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Udaariyaan 8th September 2022 Written Update Shock for Rupy

Udaariyaan 8th September 2022 Written Update Shock for Rupy

Udaariyaan 8th September 2022 Written Update Shock for Rupy The Sandhus bring Naaz home. Naaz identifies everyone and meets them fondly. Sandhus are shocked to know about Jasmin’s daughter Naaz. Fateh rages that Jasmin has done this to them, she has revealed the truth to Nehmat. Tejo tells them that Jasmin has abandoned her daughter Naaz and left, just like she has done 6 years before. The family criticizes a mother like Jasmin. Tejo tells that Naaz doesn’t know about Jasmin’s leaving. Naaz charms everyone by her innocent talks. Satti tells Naaz that she will stay with them from now. Naaz wants to meet Nehmat. She learns that Nehmat lives with Tejo in her big house. Satti happily feeds Naaz.

Rupy doesn’t want any drama in the house. Tejo calls him. She tells that Jasmin has left them by her wish, they can’t find her back, they should forget Jasmin. He asks about Nehmat. She tells that the truth has hurt Nehmat’s heart. She wants to take care of both the girls and make their future bright. Satti takes Naaz to Jasmin’s room, and shows her belongings. Lovely confesses that Nehmat is also Jasmin’s daughter. Her Bahu learns the secret. She tells that she is also a part of the family. Abhiraj asks his wife not to tell anything to Nehmat. Rupy tells that its no use now, since Nehmat already knows the truth, all thanks to Jasmin.

Naaz misses Jasmin. She feels sleepy. Satti tells that Jasmin will get late. She makes the girl sleep. Rupy tells that Jasmin has revealed the truth to Nehmat to ruin Tejo and Fateh’s happiness. He is confident that Tejo and Fateh will pass this test. Tejo breaks down thinking of Naaz and Jasmin. She tells Fateh that she feels terrible knowing Yash has tortured Jasmin. Fateh tells that Jasmin deserved what she got. Tejo defends Jasmin, who just wanted a family for Naaz. He tells that Jasmin’s decision is wrong, she has left her daughter. She wants to be with Nehmat. Rupy tells the family that Tejo has given good upbringing to Nehmat, Naaz won’t know about Nehmat’s truth. He is worried to tell Naaz that Jasmin abandoned her.

Fateh and Tejo take care of Nehmat. They are glad that she still regards them parents. Rupy reads the letter Jasmin left for him. He learns a shocking truth that Nehmat isn’t her daughter, she didn’t give birth to Nehmat. Fateh and Tejo promise to always love Nehmat. Nehmat tells that they are the best parents. Rupy learns that Tejo knows this truth already. He is shaken down. Jasmin wants Rupy to choose their blood Naaz instead Nehmat. Rupy breaks down. He realizes Tejo really has a big heart that she accepted Nehmat knowing she is someone else’s daughter. He feels proud of Tejo. Tejo tells Nehmat that she will always be her mother. They have a family union. Rupy decides to not tell Nehmat’s truth to anyone, Nehmat is now Tejo’s daughter. He keeps the secret. Nehmat asks about her real parents. Her question leaves Fateh and Tejo speechless.

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