Udaariyaan 9th September 2022 Update Nehmat seeks Jasmin

Udaariyaan 9th September 2022 Update Nehmat seeks Jasmin

Udaariyaan 9th September 2022 Update Nehmat seeks Jasmin Nehmat questions Fateh and Tejo about her real parents. They fail to tell her that she is a criminal’s daughter. They believe that their values will always keep her on the right path. Fateh lies to Nehmat that she is Amrik’s daughter. Tejo also shares that Amrik and Jasmin are Nehmat’s parents. Nehmat is glad to know that her maternal and paternal grandparents are the same, she is really their family. She learns that Naaz is her sister, Jasmin is her mom, who left her and never looked back. She asks Tejo if a mother can abandon a child. Tejo tells that every mother loves her child. Nehmat recalls the way Jasmin had bluntly revealed the truth of her parents.

She feels hurt that Jasmin misled her against Fateh and Tejo. Fateh realizes that Jasmin has hurt Nehmat’s emotions. He doesn’t want to forgive Jasmin for this. Nehmat tells that Jasmin has rebuked her instead embracing her as a mother. She grows upset. Fateh and Tejo ask her to accept Naaz as her sister. He thinks Naaz isn’t aware of the truth by now. He tells that Jasmin knew they have adopted Nehmat and love her a lot, so she never intervened in their lives. He tells that even Jasmin loves her. Fateh and Tejo try to cheer up Nehmat by making latenight kulfi outing plan. Nehmat doesn’t agree. She tells that she wants to meet Jasmin to get her answers. Fateh and Tejo find her emotionally disturbed because of Jasmin. He tells that with time, she will understand the truth and accept it.

Nehmat still can’t believe that Jasmin left her forever. Satti and Rupy worry for Naaz, who would ask them about Jasmin when she wakes up in the morning. Satti calls Jasmin heartless to leave both her daughters. Rupy doesn’t tell her Nehmat’s birth truth. Tejo tells Nehmat that Jasmin has handed her over to them, knowing they are childless and would give their total love to her. She asks Nehmat to stop thinking of Jasmin’s decision. Tejo takes care of Nehmat. Fateh and Tejo stay with Nehmat until she sleeps. Satti gets disturbed when Naaz questions her about Jasmin.


Satti feels difficult to lie to her. She grows upset that Jasmin doesn’t care for anyone’s feelings. On the other side, Rupy meets Tejo and shows Jasmin’s letter in which she stated Nehmat’s birth truth. Tejo wonders why did Jasmin write this truth to shatter their lives once again. She tells Rupy about Nehmat’s real father, who is a criminal and he is jailed since years. Rupy is shocked on knowing this. Tejo asks him to keep the secret, else Nehmat won’t be able to tolerate her real roots. Fateh meets Rupy and asks him to meet the family. Rupy wants to avoid the talks and leave. Tejo tells that Fateh knows Nehmat’s real parents. Rupy assures that he will never tell the secret to anyone.

Fateh makes him vow that nobody will ever know about Harvinder. Nehmat is troubled that Jasmin left her. She isn’t able to forget this. She wants to get her answers from Jasmin. She is hurt that Jasmin abandoned her after her birth. She wants to know the real reason once. Fateh and Tejo feel sad for Nehmat. Satti calls them and tells about Naaz, who is asking about Jasmin again and again. She tells that Naaz wants to meet Nehmat after knowing they are sisters. Fateh tells Tejo that it will be good if they bring the girls together, they can at least see Nehmat’s reaction on meeting Naaz. He knows Jasmin can’t come back to answer Nehmat’s questions.

Tejo can’t see Nehmat in pain. Fateh suggests that they visit Sandhus and Naaz. Fateh and Tejo take Nehmat to Sandhus, where she receives much love. Naaz finds the love of a family on seeing Nehmat happy with them. She tells Nehmat that she is really happy on knowing the truth that they are cousin sisters. She insists Nehmat to play with her. Nehmat feels upset when Naaz shares her strong bonding with Jasmin. She is dejected that Jasmin left her. Naaz awaits Jasmin, unaware that the latter will never come back. Fateh and Tejo grow worried thinking of both Nehmat and Naaz, anxious to see Jasmin.

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