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Bhagya Lakshmi 12th September 2022 Written Update Rishi caught

Bhagya Lakshmi 12th September 2022 Written Update Rishi caught

Bhagya Lakshmi 12th September 2022 Written Update Rishi caught Lakshmi stops the goon from stepping over a woman. She pushes him away. She tells that she will not let him disrespect Neelam or any other mother. She tells that she will not let any wrong happen with anyone, until she is there. Ayush, Virender and Rishi feel proud of brave Lakshmi. Lakshmi and the family are terrified. Balwinder and Malishka watch the drama. Monish angrily slaps Rishi. He threatens that if anyone tries to run away, then the person will not be able to save own life. He gives a final warning to Lakshmi, and asks her to come back. Lakshmi and Shalu try to escape and get help to save the people. Monish summons Lakshmi, threatening that he will shoot Rishi. Monish shoots at Rishi, much to Neelam and Virender’s shock. Lakshmi is seen running back to the court room to save Rishi. Will Lakshmi be able to save Rishi? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Monish tells that his men will now torture Rishi to settle the scores. ACP tells that he is responsible for securing Oberoi family, who is also taken as hostage by the terrorists. Dadi gets this news. She gets scared for their lives. Monish tells that they will give a surprise gift to Rishi. Lakshmi asks what do they mean. The judge gets into an argument with Monish. He tells the crimes done by Monish. He remembers the hearing when he punished Monish for his crimes. Monish tells that he will take revenge. The judge isn’t scared of him. Monish tells that he will spread his terror by blasting this court. Rishi tells that Monish or anyone else can’t decide about the people’s lives. Monish promises to terrify Rishi.

Bhagya Lakshmi 12th September 2022 Written Update Rishi caught:

The goon catches a lady, and threatens her. The lady asks Monish to spare her, she is pregnant. She hates Lakshmi, who tried to poison the food and kill many lives. She gets angry on Lakshmi who is responsible for her husband’s critical state. She tells that she wants to see Lakshmi getting punished. Monish tells that he can’t believe that innocent Lakshmi actually enjoys killing people. He offers her to join his gang. Ayush scolds him. Monish pushes the lady away and scolds her. Lakshmi cares for the lady. The lady blames Lakshmi for the bad happenings in her life.

She asks Lakshmi not to pretend good, because she is responsible for ruining many lives. The goon tells that he will stop the lady’s drama. He goes to kick the lady’s stomach to harm her baby. Lakshmi stops the goon and pushes him away. She saves the lady. She scolds the goon asking if he doesn’t have any mother. She tells that she won’t let anything wrong happen with any woman, especially a mother. She asks the lady not to get scared, the goons do wrong with them because they let them do wrong. Monish tells that they will enjoy and kill the people slowly, the people will die one by one. He wants to see how brave Lakshmi is. Lakshmi asks him what does he get after ruining lives. She lectures Monish.

She tells that he won’t have anyone on his side because of his inhumanity. Monish catches her. He tells that everyone will get encouraged because of her nonsense. He threatens of killing Lakshmi. Rishi asks Monish to not dare touch his wife. Monish likes them fighting for each other. He tells that they will not be able to showcase their true love again. Malishka asks Balwinder to give his shoe. He asks her did she go mad. Malishka wants Monish to kill Lakshmi. She aims the shoe at Monish to anger him, so that Monish kills Lakshmi. She hits Monish with the shoe. Monish asks them who has thrown the shoe.

Balwinder tells that Monish will kill him. Malishka tells that Monish will kill Lakshmi. Monish is allergic to leather. He starts coughing when he checks the leather shoe. The goon gets water and pill to help Monish. The people try to run out of the court room while the goons are distracted with Monish. Rishi asks Lakshmi to just go with the family. Lakshmi waits for Rishi. Rishi and his family get caught by the goons again. Monish asks Rishi if his wife has run away. Monish angrily beats up Rishi. Neelam and Virender get worried seeing Monish venting his anger on Rishi.

He announces to call Lakshmi back in the court room. He tells that if Lakshmi doesn’t come back, then Rishi will get killed. He asks the people not to attempt to escape. ACP makes a plan to enter the court. The police team finds a big gang of terrorists in the court. They call for more backup. Monish tells that Lakshmi doesn’t love Rishi, else she would have not run away. He laughs that Rishi is actually cheated. Rishi tells that a wrong person can never understand a right person, only a good hearted person can understand Lakshmi, unlike Monish who has no humanity.

He tells that Lakshmi came in front to save his mom, she didn’t care for her life, she fights for the family always. Monish asks why did she not come back. Rishi asks him to be thankful that Lakshmi didn’t come, else she will bring a storm along with her. Monish and his gang laugh hearing his filmi dialogues. Monish tells that he isn’t shooting Rishi, because of his daringness. He wants to see what storm Lakshmi brings. Judge asks him to surrender. Monish tells that he is the judge of their lives now.

Rishi laughs at Monish’s filmi dialogues. He tells that the hero always wins in films, and the villain dies in the end, same way Monish will die today. Monish angrily stares at him. Lakshmi wants to go to save Rishi. Ayush tells that it can be a trap, they can think of some plan. Lakshmi tells that Rishi is all alone, she wants to go to him. ACP finds them safe. He asks them to go out. Lakshmi tells about the Oberois stuck inside. Rano asks Shalu and Bani to come with them. Inspector tells that goons are looking for the people at the other exit also, they should hide somewhere until the situation gets in control.

Malishka tells that Lakshmi doesn’t love Rishi, but just acts madly. Abhay catches Malishka and takes her aside. He asks her why did she come back. Malishka tells that she will go and save Rishi. He asks her is she mad. She tells that she loves Rishi, she will take Lakshmi to the terrorists and just save Rishi. She doesn’t care for Lakshmi. Balwinder hears her plan. He applauds her smartness. He tells that she is a good thinker, but it won’t happen as she assumes. Abhay asks who is he. Balwinder introduces himself. Balwinder asks Malishka not to go to the terrorists and just save her life first.

He tells that Lakshmi loves Rishi, she will go and save Rishi, she doesn’t need Malishka. Abhay scolds Balwinder on seeing him argue with Malishka. Balwinder threatens him. Abhay asks Malishka why is she tolerating Balwinder. She asks Balwinder to stop the nonsense. Balwinder demands Abhay to apologize for insulting him. He warns her saying he will expose her truth. Abhay doesn’t think Balwinder will reveal anything. Monish tells Rishi that Lakshmi has tried to kill people, so even she is evil, her end will also be bad. He calls Lakshmi there. Lakshmi doesn’t come there. Monish tests Rishi’s love and asks him to call Lakshmi. Rishi denies his command.

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